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Published by Michael Minkoff

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Published by: Michael Minkoff on Mar 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From: Info-dk@unibet.comTo:. ComSubject: Unibet account informationDate: Thu, 12 January 2012 15:07:51 +0100Hi Henrik,unfortunately we can not move any VIP points over to your new account as they ended on 21/12 2011thIf you have further questions, please feel free to contact us again.Sincerely,LasseUnibet Support-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------From:Date: 01/13/2012 15:52Two: info-dk@unibet.comSubject: RE: Unibet account informationHi Lasse It was a shame. I have not read the T & C's through which most likely is that VIP Points expire afterx number of months I hope you will make an exception and transfer my VIP points anyway?? That would bethe most sensible of you in the given situation where many players now and choose where they will play inthe future. We're talking, as you probably already sharply observed, of course not poker - but sportsbet. Ican no longer sports betting on my favorite site (Betfred) due to the new legislation. Unibet seems like anobvious alternative ..... but of course only if I feel I appreciate me as a customer - it gives itself.Furthermore, I note that you, Lasse, either sleepy or have been misinformed by some incompetent fool inyour organization regarding what currencies a provider must offer its players. I then sends a copy by mailfrom the gaming authority. Furthermore, I would like to ask ..... I now ONLY provider accounts in USD? Orhave plans to offer accounts in other currencies - like all the other gaming companies are doing. FFS Lasse.... it should be people like you or your organization who knew these things or at least spent time trying tofigure it out - not me as a private player / client. Fuck you are a fool!RegardsHenrikFrom: Info-dk@unibet.comTo:Subject: Unibet account informationDate: Fri, 13 January 2012 19:15:49 +0100Hi Henrik,We can not transfer your VIP points, as they have expired on 21/12-2012. But you're still in the poker cluband therefore you can earn points again. Here, during the January / February we also begin to offer an
entirely new kind of bonuses, namely Rewardbonusser. Here, you play for a certain amount and / or play aparticular game. Once you've done this, then you get a bonus, you have complete control what you want touse.Due. the new Danish license, so it will at Unibet only be possible to have his Danish Unibet Account inDanish Kroner. Unfortunately I can not see any attachment in your email, but we have been informedabout is that under the new Danish license, then Danish Unibetkontoer future only be in Danish kroner.If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us again.Sincerely,CasperUnibet Support-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------From: hotmail.comDate: 01/13/2012 21:32Two: info-dk@unibet.comSubject: RE: Unibet account informationHi Casper You're probably the most incompetent fool ever. On a scale of 1-10, Casper .... how interested doyou think I'm in your rewardbonusser etc when I'm below makes it pretty clear that I want to be valued as acustomer before I in any way want to play at Unibet? You'd better just take a wild guess, Casper - canhardly imagine it is the brain you use to solve such a relatively easy task. Casper, you're looking for anattachment ... who told you there was an attachment in email? dammit ..... impressive when you can be asfar away from the window and still HA work. I HAVE SENT A COPY OF AN EMAIL FROM BETTING OFFICE ......Have a look to what I wrote before you respond and make yourself complete fool of your giant retard.HenrikFrom: Info-dk@unibet.comTo:Subject: Unibet account informationDate: Fri, 13 January 2012 21:42:21 +0100Hi Henrik,Thank you for your inquiry.If you would like to be valued as a customer, then it would be a good start to appreciate the customerservice that is trying to help you.I have seen the email you sent now. But it is nevertheless the case that we know Unibet Danish only allowscustomers to have Danish crowns on their Unibet.Unless you have additional questions, I see this email correspondence as closed!Sincerely,
CasperUnibet SupportFrom:Date: 01/13/2012 22:42Two: info-dk@unibet.comSubject: RE: Unibet account informationHi Casper You knew ha 'your fees again ... unless you've ever gone to school? It tends typically to be thatway on the open market when the customer feel appreciated, he also appreciates the business he is in thecustomer and is therefore typically his money in the business. If the customer does not feel appreciated, he/ she is usually out and act elsewhere. This is an excellent example of poor customer care. Nounderstanding of customer needs and incompetent management and answer even the simplest queries. Iwould even ask me to play with authority and find answers because there are a fool in your organizationand kæfter loud and nice up on that "It is a legal" ..... damn how stupid you are allowed to be. IT IS NOT alegal requirement, you fools! Unibet have chosen to only offer accounts in USD ...... there is a hugedifference!! It had been so easy for you to just say "here at unibet we are some retards who ONLY provideraccounts in GBP - if you want your account in another currency, you must play at our competitors." Then Iraised my money and been gone long ago and I had avoided looking like some fools with intelligence andabilities are almost equal to a person who is severely affected a Down's syndrome.Good luckHenrikFrom: Info-dk@unibet.comTwo:Subject: Unibet account <CID875BFA09E6C9>Date: Sat, 14 January 2012 14:12:57 +0100Hi Henrik,Your recent email to Unibet is extremely inappropriate, especially your comments about Casper.It is possible that you are unhappy with Unibet, but there and then to the language you have chosen, it isnot working.We do not allow you to mess up some Unibet employees in this way. Therefore, your account has beenclosed and will only be reopened when you submit a well-meaning apology to Casper.Sincerely,DanielUnibet Support

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