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I Found a Vampire...

I Found a Vampire...



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Published by Lily Rayne Malice

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Published by: Lily Rayne Malice on Dec 03, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"Yes I know… I know…" Meiya said back to her father. She had heard the speech sinceshe was 12. You would think he would have stopped patronizing her and just let her meander through."Meiya I'm serious. I almost lost my job last time I let you in on a site.""I know! And I'm sorry. It wasn't my fault! The floor collapsed and I ended up destroyingthe body of a perfectly mummified king. I'm SORRY!""Don’t remind me. Just go!" Meiya sighed as her father turned back around to the other 'real' archeologists. Sometimes she wished she didn't come on these trips with her father.But as much as she hated him bossing her around she loved the sites they discoveredmuch more. Meiya had often wondered if her father let her come just because she wasgood at discovering things that we're never meant to be discovered. She had a knack for it. Ever since she was 3 when she found out her uncles hair was really a toupee she had been discovering certain secrets. Like her grade 10th teacher sleeping with the principal.Or her grade 12th teacher who drank before marking any paper. But none of her menialdiscoveries ever came close to the amazing ventures she had when she came on sites withher father.Meiya turned around in the large castle, trying to picture the decaying walls and stair cases when they were in their prime. Possibly 17 to 18 hundreds. Maybe 16 hundreds bythe paintings on the walls… but that could be determined by the 'real' archeologists. Dustcoated everything, leaving a trail with each foot step she took Meiya started down thestaircase to the basement. She loved to work her way up from bottom to top. She foundthat usually the best things were always in the basement. As she walked she felt the hotair turn suddenly cooler. There was no light so she reached to her side and pulled theflash light free of its holder. The beam of light accentuated the dust floating through theair, making it look like snow falling through the darkness. Meiya stopped when theceiling started to the new room. She pitched her flashlight across the vast empty room.And empty it was. No paintings, no scary carcasses, no dungeons, no old chains. Nothing! Meiya dropped her shoulders as her frown of disappointment took place. Itdidn't make any sense. Why have a huge castle with nothing in a basement? She took another step down the stone staircase, letting the beam of light travel more of the room.She stopped frozen when her light cast a shadow over something in the room. She stilledher flashlight on the object, her eyes focusing on it. It was a coffin.Meiya drew in a deep breath. She quickly walked down the rest of the stairwell. She paused for only a moment before quickly walking over the casket. It was made of solidstone, white stone. Warn carvings were scrapped into every inch of it. Meiya bent over,examining the work, looking for an opening. The lid was so uniquely placed that itlooked like the stone didn't have a crevice or an opening but Meiya saw it. She set down
her flashlight ontop of the stone, then placed her hands on the edge of the lid, ready to push it back. Meiya paused. She should probably call her father. Meiya bit her lip,looking back up to the stair case. She breathed in quietly then pushed at the lid. At first itdidn't even move an inch. She pushed harder, feeling the strain in her wrists and arms asshe heaved. Suddenly with an ear deafening screech it moved. Meiya froze and looked back to the stair case, expecting to hear her father yell at her for touching something. Butwhen silence echoed back she pushed again. This time the stone moved more freely.When the lid was moved just a foot she quickly grabbed her flashlight and aimed it in thetomb. Her breath stopped in her lungs. It was a man. But it wasn't a decomposed body of a man. It was a perfect man. His hair was long and grown out, deep rich and brown. Hisskin looked like stone, smooth and impossibly pale. His shoulders broad and powerful.Her eyes shot back up to his face as her eyes caught a glimpse of movement.
She thought as her eyes studied his face for that glimmer of movement. Shehad to be mistaken, her eyes playing tricks on her. Suddenly his eyes shot open.Meiya jumped and screamed. She dropped the flashlight. She heard the sickening soundof plastic breaking then darkness. Meiya had never known darkness like that before. Buteven in the darkness the image of his bright blue eyes was still very vivid in her mind.She heard him grown, then heard the scrap of stone against stone."Oh God."Meiya could hear her own heart thudding in her ears. She scrambled back on her handsand knees."Who are you?" Meiya froze when she heard his silk voice. "I said who are you." He saidagain when she didn't answer."M-…" Meiya tried to still her quivering voice. "Meiya." She said clearly."What year is it?" Meiya frowned, her mind racing."What year do you think it is?""You're not the one to ask questions! Now answer me." His voice was harsh and Meiyascampered back even further."2008.""2000!""And 8." She said quietly. She heard him sigh."Why have you woken me?""Woken you?" Meiya breathed in heavily, then let it out shakily. "I didn't 'woken' anyone!
You're impossible! This place hasn't been touched for over 800 years! Maybe more… youshould be a pile of bones! No one, least of all me, should be 'wakening' you!" Meiyaheaved a nervous sigh as silence weighed in on them. "Who are you?" She asked withmore power in her voice than she expected. But before he could answer a beam of light penetrated the darkness."Meiya? You down here?" It was her father. She didn't answer right away. Her eyescaught his image in the light. His cloths were barely hanging on him, all of themdecomposing. His jaw was strong and his eyes penetrating as he stared back at her. Meiya broke their stare and called back up to her father."Yeah! I'll be right up!""Anything of interest down there?" Her father questioned. Meiya looked to the man, his blue eyes staring back."Nothing!""Well come on up! We think we found something up stairs! Some kind of shrine!" Heyelled down."Okay! Sounds good! I'll be right there!""You sure you're okay?" She saw her father take a couple steps down the stairwell."Perfect! No need to worry! Be right there!" She yelled back up quickly to stop him."Alright. You need a flash light?" Meiya bit her lip then quickly jumped up on her feetand walked to the bottom of the stair well."Yea, my batteries just died." She held out her hands for him to toss her his flash light. Hetossed it to her. Then turned and walked back up the stairs. Meiya slowly turned back tothe man, keeping her flashlight to the ground so she could see him and he could see her.Meiya didn't know if her heart had ever beat that hard in her life. "So now what?"There was a loud crack. Then another. Meiya looked up just in time to see light start tosift through the crack in the ceiling. Another sudden crack and she saw with wide eyes asthe roof started to crumble. She barely had time to gasp before she was suddenly upstairsin the man's arms. He swiftly let her down to her feet and turned slightly so she could seethe cloud of dust rising up from the stair case leading down into the basement. Her wideeyes moved back to the man before her. Now in the light set up by the large overheads theteam had brought in she could feel her heart race at just the sight of him. His cloths wererugged and disastrously failing to cover any part of his beautiful body. His hair was pastshoulder length, but it still didn't take away from his beauty."Meiya!?" her father shouted down into the pit of rubble, worry all too evident in hisvoice."I'm here dad." She called over. Once seeing she was safe the worry in his face fell, onlyto be replaced by confusion.

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