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SUMMER 2012 - N.O. Nelson Schedule of Classes

SUMMER 2012 - N.O. Nelson Schedule of Classes

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Lewis and Clark Community College on Mar 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Summer 2012
N.O. Nelson
 ARTIntroduction to the Visual Arts (IAI: F2 900)3 Credit $330Introduces an approach to the appreciation and study of art. Presents an overview of many art forms and aframework for describing and understanding art. Prerequisite: None. (PCS 1.1, 3 credit hours: 3 hours lecture, 0hours lab) ART-130-NP1 08:30--10:10AM MTWTH 05/21-06/28 N3 0118Section NP1 meets at N.O. Nelson CampusBIOLOGY Fundamentals of Biological Science (IAI: L1 900L)4 Credit $470Covers a broad overview of life science with lab experience. The course is designed for students with minimalscientific background to introduce scientific terminology and methods of investigation, as well as introduce basicprinciples of the cell, reproduction, genetics, ecology, evolution, and biological diversity. (PCS 1.1, 4 credit hours:3 hours lecture, 3 hours lab)BIOL-130-NR6 05:30--07:45PM TTH 06/12-08/02 N3 0133and 07:55--10:10PM TTH 06/12-08/02 N3 0133Section NR6 meets at N.O. Nelson CampusBiology of Nutrition (IAI: L1 904)3 Credit $330Examines nutrition of the major food categories, and its effects on human physiology and development from early childhood through advanced years. This course involves the study of the various classes of nutrients includingproteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water, and their roles in health and disease. Cultural, social,and psychological influences on food selection and health are also studied. Physiological processes related to thedigestion and absorption of nutrients are emphasized. Prerequisite: None. (PCS 1.1, 3 credit hours: 3 hourslecture, 0 hours lab)BIOL-161-NR1 10:30--01:00PM TTH 06/12-08/02 N3 0118Section NR1 meets at N.O. Nelson CampusHuman Inheritance (IAI: L1 906)3 Credit $330Examines genes through exploring concepts of cell and molecular biology, genetics and heredity, evolution and biotechnology. Genes and their role in protein synthesis, syndromes, human behavior, biotechnology, society, andcancer will be studied. Genetic issues and scientific literacy will be emphasized. Prerequisite: None. (PCS 1.1, 3credit hours: 3 hours lecture, 0 hours lab)BIOL-162-NR1 01:00--03:30PM TTH 06/12-08/02 N3 0133Section NR1 meets at N.O. Nelson CampusCHEMISTRY Fund of Gen, Organic & Biochemistry (IAI: P1 903L)4 Credit $467Presents the basic concepts of chemistry including methods and units of measurement, atomic theory, chemical bonding, chemical reactions, solutions, acids and bases, organic chemistry, and biologically important compoundsand processes. Designed for students who are preparing for various allied health programs and others requiringan understanding of general, organic, and biochemistry. Not a replacement for CHEM 131. Prerequisite: MATH112 or MATH 12B or MATH 124 or placement by exam into MATH 116. (PCS 1.1, 4 credit hours: 3 hours lecture, 3hours lab)CHEM-130-NR1 01:00--03:30PM MW 06/18-08/08 N4 0110and 03:40--06:10PM MW 06/18-08/08 N4 0120Section NR1 meets at N.O. Nelson CampusIntroduction to Chemistry I (IAI: P1 902L)4 Credit $467
Summer 2012
N.O. Nelson
Examines chemical and physical properties of elements and compounds as they are related to atomic structure, bonding and periodic chart; solutions, stoichiometry and acid-base theory. Prerequisite: MATH 116 or MATH 16Bor placement by exam into MATH 131 or above. (PCS 1.1, 4 credit hours: 3 hours lecture, 3 hours lab)CHEM-131-NR1 08:00--10:30AM TTH 06/12-08/02 N4 0110and 10:40--01:10PM TTH 06/12-08/02 N4 0120Section NR1 meets at N.O. Nelson CampusCOMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMSComputer Literacy 3 Credit $350 Acquaints students with, and trains them in the use of, business computer packages, including word processing,database management, spreadsheet, presentation software and Internet access methods. Operating systems arereviewed. Information presented covers the concepts of computer information management systems.(Keyboarding recommended.) (PCS 1.1, 3 credit hours: 2 hours lecture, 2 hours lab)CIS-135-NR1 12:30--03:30PM TTH 06/12-08/09 N3 0102Section NR1 meets at N.O. Nelson CampusCIS-135-NT6 05:30--10:00PM T 05/22-08/07 N3 0102Section NT6 meets at N.O. Nelson CampusCOMPUTER NETWORK  AND SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY Computer Technology I4 Credit $452Prepares students for computer usage in advanced technology classes. Operating systems and common softwareapplications used in technology disciplines are covered. Emphasis is placed on preparing the student to use thecomputer in the work setting. (PCS 1.2, 4 credit hours: 4 hours lecture, 0 hours lab)CNET-131-NR6 05:30--09:05PM MW 06/11-08/01 N3 0104Section NR6 meets at N.O. Nelson CampusNetwork Technology I3 Credit $330Provides students with an introduction to networking technologies. Network infrastructure, hardware, protocols,and operating systems are introduced. Prerequisite: CNET 131. (PCS 1.2, 3 credit hours: 3 hours lecture, 0 hourslab)CNET-148-NR6 05:30--08:00PM TTH 06/12-08/02 N3 0104Section NR6 meets at N.O. Nelson CampusECONOMICSPrinciples of Macroeconomics (IAI: S3 901)3 Credit $330Explores the evolution of economic systems, modern economic theory including fiscal and monetary theory andinstitutions, international trade, current economic problems, and comparative economic systems. (PCS 1.1, 3credit hours: 3 hours lecture, 0 hours lab)ECON-151-NT6 06:30--09:50PM T 05/22-08/07 N8 0102Section NT6 meets at N.O. Nelson CampusENGLISHFirst-Year English I (IAI: C1 900)3 Credit $333Focuses on practicing, through the writing process, skills in creating clear, concise, and carefully edited expository essays and summaries. Essentials of grammar, mechanics, and punctuation are stressed. The course alsointroduces/ reviews MLA format, writing with sources, and critical thinking - the bases for analytical writing.
Summer 2012
N.O. Nelson
Prerequisite: Placement by exam or grade of C or better in ENGL 125. (PCS 1.1, 3 credit hours: 3 hours lecture, 0hours lab)ENGL-131-NT6 06:00--09:20PM TH 05/24-08/09 N3 0110Section NT6 meets at N.O. Nelson CampusENGL-131-NT7 06:00--09:20PM W 05/23-08/08 N3 0110Section NT7 meets at N.O. Nelson CampusFirst-Year English II (IAI: C1 901R)3 Credit $333Offers continued practice in improving writing style and processes, utilizing analytical reading techniques appliedto three literary genres. Students learn to use MLA format and to understand plagiarism and its consequences.Finally, students learn the mechanics of library research and research paper writing. Prerequisite: C or better inENGL 131. (PCS 1.1, 3 credit hours: 3 hours lecture, 0 hours lab)ENGL-132-NT1 10:30--12:10PM TTH 05/22-08/09 N3 0110Section NT1 meets at N.O. Nelson CampusENGL-132-NT6 06:00--09:20PM T 05/22-08/07 N3 0110Section NT6 meets at N.O. Nelson CampusHOSPITALITY INDUSTRY Food Service Sanitation1 Credit $110Studies sanitation in relation to food preparation and service; including: sanitation chemicals, equipment,materials, regulations, and inspection standards necessary to ensure sanitary dispensing of food. The studentprepares for and takes the Illinois Food Service Sanitation Manager Certificate examination. Please note: textbook is required on the first day of class. (PCS 1.6, 1 credit hour: 1 hour lecture)HIM-140-N1 09:00--05:30PM FS 07/13-07/14 N3 0123Section N1 meets at N.O. Nelson CampusFood Service Sanitation Review .5 Credit $55Reviews the importance of sanitation in relation to food preparation. Topics emphasized are safe foodenvironments, pest control, and local, state and federal codes. Please note: textbook is required on the first day of class. Prerequisite: Food Service Certificate. (PCS 1.6, 0.5 credit hour: 0.5 hour lecture)HIM-149-N1 09:00--05:30PM F 07/13-07/13 N3 0123Section N1 meets at N.O. Nelson CampusMATHEMATICSPrealgebra4 Credit $454Develops the arithmetic of real numbers; uses ratios, proportions, and percents to solve real-life problems;reviews measurement and practical geometry emphasizing applications to perimeter, area and volume of commongeometric figures; integrates the use of graphing calculator technology. Prerequisite: Placement by exam. A graphing calculator is required for this course. Check with the College Bookstore or the Mathematics Departmentfor recommended models. (PCS 1.4, 4 credit hours: 4 hours lecture, 0 hours lab)MATH-111-NR1 08:50--10:20AM MTWTH 06/11-08/09 N7 0101Section NR1 meets at N.O. Nelson CampusElementary Algebra4 Credit $454Presents a review of real numbers and teaches basic operations on algebraic expressions. Students will solve linearequations and inequalities in one variable including applications; work with linear equations in two variables andgraph their equations; construct equations of a straight line; and solve systems of linear equations in two variablesincluding applications. Prerequisite: C or better in MATH 111 or MATH 11B or placement by exam. A graphingcalculator is required for this course. Check with the College Bookstore or the Mathematics Department forrecommended models. (PCS 1.4, 4 credit hours: 4 hours lecture, 0 hours lab)MATH-112-NR1 08:50--10:20AM MTWTH 06/11-08/09 N3 0114

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