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Published by Andverod

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Published by: Andverod on Dec 03, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This is a good bar for sitting with your friends and talking, while enjoying
excellent classic cocktails. The music we play is always at background volume,
so you can enjoy your conversation without having to raise your voice. The
drinks are seriously good and seriously classy, but this is not a place to debate
how long you should stir an Old Fashioned. This is a bar.

Drink what you like, but we recommend cocktails above all. Our list is small
but beautiful, and we trust you will ask the bartender for a suggestion. We
always advise ordering the Cocktail of the Day. Who knows when it will be
available again?

We do not have:

bad attitudes, a lack of patience, a door charge, a toilet charge, a wardrobe
charge, any drinks companies paying us to stock crap brands, any products
designed to appeal to the kind of people who watch more than one reality-TV
show, untrained bartenders, energy drinks, low prices, loud music, tea or coffee,
the policy of jamming as many people into the space as humanely possible, any
problem with a beer and a shot of booze, any time for Paris Hilton*, too-small
rocks glasses, too-large cocktail glasses, brandy snifters, sweetened cranberry
juice, much vodka at all, neon straws (unless it\u2019s Tiki Night), disco cocktails,
small measures, any outstanding warrants for our arrest**, any desire to make
non-alcoholic cocktails, or a bar mascot (although we\u2019d quite like to have a

We do have:

Friendly staff, fast bartenders, double-frozen Hoshizaki ice for shaking and
stirring, enormous globes of ice for liquor on the rocks, glassware freezers left,
right and center, gorgeous liquor brands you\u2019ll rarely see anywhere else (be-
cause they don\u2019t have the money to buy their space on the back bar), faith in
humanity, belief in the small of a woman\u2019s back, the hanging curve ball, high
fiber, good scotch, years and years and years of experience, a deep and
abiding love of good liquor, great cocktails and lasting friendships, enough
bitters to make Harry Johnson giggle like a fool, a tailor, owners who work
almost every shift themselves, a belief that good drinks matter and grown-up
people enjoy them, decent late-night snacks, excellent wines and beers, seats for
everyone, late opening hours, a day off occasionally, and a lot of time for you.
Thanks for coming.

Welcome to Door74.We are delighted that you could make it.
Except for Mr. Duff.
Except for Mr. Duff, again
We\u2019re not strict about very much, however life has to havesome rules,
otherwise you might as well go and live in France. Here are ours.
The Golden Rule:
Behave as ladies and gentlemen.
------Thank you.
The House Rules of door 74
Please don\u2019t be loud, rude, or annoying. Especially, don\u2019t try to \u201chit on\u201d
or pick up\u201d other guests. And gentlemen: remove your hats. Thank you.

This is a bar, not your place of work: kindly relax. Please don\u2019t use your
mobile phone, laptop or PDA. If it istruly unavoidable, then do so only
in the restrooms. You may see the staff usingtheir phones and
computers; that is because thisis their place of work.

Enjoy our superb cocktails, but remember this is a bar, not a temple to drinks-related nerdiness. If you find yourself being overly picky or nerdy, please ask the bartender for a glass of cold beer with a shot of good booze on the side. Drink them both. That should fix you.

Please entrust any weapons you may be carrying to the bartender.
Revolvers must have the hammer down on an empty chamber,
automatics must have the clip removed and blades must be sheathed.

If you care to smoke, please do so outside Bar Feijoa, just a couple of meters further up the road, on the corner. door 74is supposed to be hard to find.

For the same reason, please say your goodbyes and arrange your trip
onwards before you leave us.
The Door 74 Autumn Cocktail Suggestions
On Board Yacht Marmion
Our suggestions this autumn are derived from, or inspired by,
the writings of the late Mr. Charles Henry Baker, Jr, of Florida.
The next update kicks in around 15 December, by the way.
Charles Henry Baker Jr. was the greatest bartender that never was - a bartender,
that is.

After a dull life in a dull office job, he used an inheritance to travel the world
extensively from the 1930s onwards, often to places still largely unexplored today.
Everywhere he went, he drank the local cocktails and recorded them in his books

Jigger, Beaker & Glass: The Gentleman\u2019s Companionand The South American
Gentleman\u2019s Companion. But his books are much, much more than just cocktail
recipes. They are beautifully written, humorous and sharply observed travel
writings, and we commend them to you.
What made him an honorary bartender, in our eyes, at least?

Well, he travelled widely, loved extensively, adventured daily, got rich by marrying
a beautiful 21-year-old silver heiress when he was 37, wrote the proposal for his
books on the headed notepaper of his private yacht theMarmion, (onboard which
Ernest Hemingway was a frequent guest) and he was probably responsible for the
first printed occurrences in the English language of the words \u201cho\u201d (as in nasty) and
\u201cceviche\u201d (as in salad). Despite a life of quite heroic alcoholic excess, he lived to be

Mr Baker, we salute you!
We are indebted to the work of Messrs. Frizell and Doudoroff of New York City for their insights into the life of Mr.
Baker, Jr.
On Board Yacht Marmion
all cocktails \u20ac 9,50
Fizz \u00e0 la Violette, Cairo.
Old Tom gin, Cr\u00e8me de Violette, egg white, citrus, cream and soda.

We are most pleased to have a superb Old Tom gin in house (ask the
bartender if you can touch the label) This drink from Mr. Ahmed Sollman of
Cairo swaps Violette into a Ramos, both as ingredient and, intriguingly, as

Tequila por Mi Amante \u00e0 la Don Stephen
Strawberry-infused tequila, strawberries, lemons, and a faint hint of Mexican vanilla.

Mr. Baker was perhaps too busy hunting, fishing and chasing women half his age to explore the applications for his excellent strawberry-infused tequila \u2013 but our own Mr. Duff, free of most of those distractions, was not.

Super-Dry Martini Doble (Best Cocktail in All Bolivia)
Beefeater Gin, Noilly Prat dry vermouth, bitter orange liqueur (as bitters) and Pernod
(as drops).
The signature drink of Se\u00f1orita Maria Angelica Cortesse of La Paz, \u201cwho
proved to be even more beautiful than we\u2019d been told\u201d. Mr. Baker also found
it essential to describe Ms. Cortesse\u2019s \u201csmall delicious body with thoughtful
curves in all the right places\u201d, the old dog.
Monk Antrim\u2019s Manila Hotel Mint Julep No. 1
Fine bourbon whiskey, sugar, mint and a float of Appleton Extra Jamaican rum.

Mr. Antrim crops up again and again in the writings of Mr. Baker, and with
drinks this good who can be surprised? We include this drink for Mr. Fokke,
himself quite the world traveler (but no monk). We ask that, in ordering this
cocktail, you alert the bartender if you hail from Maryland or Kentucky, so
that he may omit the rum. This cocktail must be pre-ordered 24 hours in
advance; give us a call.

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