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APLNG: Talinga CSG Water Management Plan

APLNG: Talinga CSG Water Management Plan

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Published by ABC News Online

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Published by: ABC News Online on Mar 21, 2012
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Talinga CSG Water Management Plan 
commercial-in-confidence Q-4100-15-MP-0001Australia Pacific LNG Pty Limited ABN 68 001 646 331Level 3, 135 Coronation Drive, Milton, Qld, 4064
GPO Box 148, Brisbane, Qld, 4001 • Telephone (07) 3858 0280• Facsimile 1300 863 446 • www.
Australia Pacific LNG.com.au i
Executive Summary
This Coal Seam Gas Water Management Plan (CWMP) has been produced to accompanyan application for an amendment to Condition C18 of the Walloons Environmental Authority(EA) (PEN100067807). Condition C18 states:
The release of treated CSG water is authorised for a maximum period of 18 months and must cease on or before 20 March 2012.
 Temporary continuous discharge into the Condamine River from the Talinga WaterTreatment Facility (WTF) is required to enable management of the treated Coal Seam Gas(CSG) water until construction of a pond for irrigation on Australia Pacific LNG property. Thepond is being constructed to store water for irrigation and to allow discharge of treated CSGwater into the Condamine River in a manner that mimics natural flows. For a range ofreasons, Australia Pacific LNG will be required to discharge continuously to the CondamineRiver until 29
September 2012. These reasons include:Prolonged land purchase negotiations;Cultural Heritage clearance issues for the water pipe crossing of the CondamineRiver from the Talinga WTF to the irrigation property;Predicted wetter than average weather during the coming summer which coulddelay earthworks associated with the pond construction; andA lack of availability of appropriate earthworks contractors due to the significantinfrastructure construction program throughout the Surat Basin.The request for an amendment to the EA is simply an extension of this continuous dischargeperiod and all other conditions and requirements (e.g. treated CSG water quality, monitoring,etc.) will remain in place.Australia Pacific LNG has committed to find the highest and best use of water produced on acase by case basis and is committed to a water management strategy which will encouragecommercial and beneficial uses of associated water to deliver sustainable outcomes. OriginEnergy on behalf of Australia Pacific LNG, has undertaken numerous studies over the pastthree years culminating in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).During the development of the EIS, extensive consultation with internal and externalstakeholders was undertaken to establish a list of 80 water management options, which weregrouped into seven broad categories (see table below):
No. Category Description
1 Existing Five options were identified from existing activities, including evaporation ponds andstream discharge.2 Industrial Supply of treated/untreated water to industry, twenty-two options were suggested, of whichthirteen were for proposed and existing mines and five were power stations.3 PotablewatersupplySupply of treated water to townships such as: Dalby, Miles, Chinchilla, and Condamine,and into existing distribution networks. Options can be divided into seven urban supplylocations and six bulk water supply options.4 Agriculture A number of landholders showed interest in accessing water supplies for existing orexpansion ventures, whilst a large variety of agricultural ventures, owned and operated byAustralia Pacific LNG, were also identified. In total sixteen different options have beenidentified for agricultural water supply.
Talinga CSG Water Management Plan 
commercial-in-confidence Q-4100-15-MP-0001Australia Pacific LNG Pty Limited ABN 68 001 646 331Level 3, 135 Coronation Drive, Milton, Qld, 4064
GPO Box 148, Brisbane, Qld, 4001 • Telephone (07) 3858 0280• Facsimile 1300 863 446 • www.
Australia Pacific LNG.com.au ii
No. Category Description
5 Injection As guided by government legislation and Australia Pacific LNG's sustainability principles,injection options have been explored. Eight options in this category have been specified.6 Other Eight options that did not fit with any of the above categories have been grouped together.These included innovative technologies such as solar ponds and algae production andlarge scale options such as construction water and ocean disposal.7 Salt Eight options were proposed for salt management, many included the sale of salt, whilsttwo options were identified for injection and the existing practice of encapsulation was alsospecified.
A strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis, and a weightedassessment matrix (WAM) was utilised to assess five aspects; regulatory approvalrequirements, minimum environmental and community impact, sustainable practice, flexiblecapacity and achievable implementation within the Project schedule. This was followed bystakeholder consultation and environmental risk assessments to determine potential impacts(both of which are evaluated on an ongoing basis). Australia Pacific LNG has adopted aparallel approach in managing CSG water, these are defined as base case and optimisationcase options. Base case options provide a sustainable water management solution that canbe readily applied using existing technologies and customers. As uncertainties regardingwater quality and quantity, demand and supply are considered to diminish over time, theoptimisation options are considered to provide potential further benefit once technology,negotiations and legislation have evolved. The table below provides a summary of theoptions selected for the Talinga/ Orana development area.
Treated CSG Water ManagementBase Case
Initial constant discharge of treated CSG water to watercourses.Ongoing managed discharge of treated CSG water to watercourses.Beneficial re-use of treated CSG water to Australia Pacific LNG owned irrigation.Beneficial re-use of water in construction and operation activity of the Project.Supply of treated CSG water to landholders for beneficial re-use in existing agriculture.Supply of treated CSG water for trial investigation for aquifer injection.
Injection in areas where suitable receptor aquifers identified. Technical and economicfeasibility to be determined through a structured program of trials.Aggregation of treated CSG water in conjunction with other producers and suppliers(including direct sales).
Saline Effluent ManagementBase Case
Encapsulation of solid salts in a suitable licensed regulated waste disposal facilityA brine concentration and crystallisation trial to determine the viability of selective saltrecovery and resale.
Brine concentration / salt crystallisation for high value sale or transportReinjection into geological strata which is not a water resource aquifer or connected to awater resource aquifer
Ocean discharge via dedicated pipeline to Gladstone area