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LJSmith Stories Damon Elena Tumbleweeds

LJSmith Stories Damon Elena Tumbleweeds

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Published by magick_reader

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Published by: magick_reader on Mar 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cut from 
The Vampire Diaries: 
Shadow Souls 
for space. Elena and Damon have had an argument while driving to the Gateway to the Dark Dimension.Damon has stopped the car at a crossroads, and now Elena is pacing angrily.Tumbleweeds are all around them 
 piled up in suspicious mounds. Elena is  furious at Damon, who has scarcely spoken to her all day. She can 
t understand why he won 
t even look at her.
Elena walked blindly to cool her cheeks until she heard Damon
s voicebehind her.
re getting too close to them. There are a few tumbleweeds onthis part of road, too, you know.
 Elena turned around and said, with a need to reestablish control,
llcome back if you
ll call the Highway Patrol and tell them that there
ssomething big
maybe a trapped car
under a bunch of tumbleweeds onCrantz Highway 
about three or four miles west of Silverado.
  To his credit, Damon didn
t play around. He immediately said
All right,
 and pulled out his mobile.At the same moment a car going probably the same speed Damon hadbeen doing on Crantz flew by them on Silverado
too fast to avoid the medium-large tumbleweed that was directly in its path. The tumbleweed must have been related to the Old Witch Grass variety Elena had heard about. Because it went BANG when the car hit it
leaping up
2in fire and smoke, and then . . . it rained down thousands of tiny malach onDamon and Elena. These malach weren
t like the huge one that had attacked Matt andfurrowed his arm with its sharp teeth. These were tiny, like miniature leeches,each with a mosquito-like proboscis that felt like a tiny steel drill. They madeno sound except a soft pattering, like rain, as they showered all around Elena.But an instant after the tumbleweed exploded, Elena felt the first little sting onher neck. And then another sting and another
and suddenly the pain waseverywhere. The jabbing of a hundred needles at once.She had her eyes and her mouth tightly shut and her hands pressed overher face, but this meant she couldn
t run. She couldn
t even cry out at thepain.
Elena! Over this way!
 Elena took a few steps and stumbled, almost falling. She could still feelnew stings all over her body. The malach were small enough to hangsuspended in the air, or blow with the slightest breeze. Elena
s mind was goingthrough options wildly, so fast that she felt numbed and bewildered.
Elena! Follow my voice! Get to the car!
 Elena took a few more stumbling steps, and then stopped. She didn
twant to run into another tumbleweed and set it off, and she didn
t dare takeher hands down or open her eyes. A malach in an open eye . . . sheshuddered.
3But even standing perfectly still, she felt new stings by the dozen.
, she needed to get to the car. But by what path?Suddenly she jumped as she felt a hand touch her shoulder. Then sherealized it was Damon. He
d come for her, despite having to walk through acloud of malach the whole way, and with him he
d brought protection, theprotection of Power. It was opened out over them like an umbrella, keepingmost of the stingers off 
not all, but most.
 This way,
he said, and added briefly,
s probably better not to open your eyes yet.
 No kidding, Elena thought, and she was grateful for his assistance as heguided her back to the car, circling tumbleweeds which were no longerstationary, according to Damon, but were rolling toward them, trying to cutthem off from the car.When they reached the vehicle, Elena realized that they 
d left the frontdoors open. Malach had fallen inside, but fortunately not too many 
the anglewas wrong when that other car had hit the tumbleweed that had exploded.Elena got in the car, clenching her teeth against the pain of the hundredsof pricks as her body made contact with the fabric of the seats. She couldn
tbear to put a seatbelt on.Damon drove slowly on Silverado.
Where are you going? We need to get these malach out of us, fast!
I know. I
m looking for a turnoff, a trail into woodlands or somethingwhere we can have privacy,
Damon said.

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