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‘Al-Masdar Online’ visits the Emirate of Ansar Al-Sharia in Abyan

‘Al-Masdar Online’ visits the Emirate of Ansar Al-Sharia in Abyan

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Published by Defenderofthelands

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Published by: Defenderofthelands on Mar 21, 2012
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‘Al-Masdar Online’ visits the Emirateof Ansar Al-Sharia in Abyan
The attacks on the units of the army in the province of Abyan returned the talk about Ansar Al-Sharia Jamaat to the interface. Weeks before colleague Ali Al-Awaridi visited the cities of Zinjibar and Jaar as part of the convoy of freedomteam in the province of Abyan the stronghold of Ansar Al-Sharia which seeks todeclare its proclaimed Islamic Emirate. And he here highlights on the activity of the group and its supporters think.****During our visit to the affected province of Abyan as part of the convoy of freedom team we toured the cities of Zinjibar and Jaar accompanied by somemilitants who call themselves ‘Ansar Al-Sharia’ and claim that they belong to ‘Al-Qaeda’.We found in them one who is really a member and carries the ideology of Al-Qaeda, and other in a mission serving a certain agenda, and a third who isavenging from the ruling regime who made his endure all types injustice, and afourth type who the harsh life conditions to the arms of those who know very wellthe art of exploitation in the name of religion and Sharia and have a high ability toconvince and do brain wash.We met in Zinjibar and Jaar and on the road leading to it, Chechens, Afghans,Serbs and Africans also we met persons from various regions in Yemen sayingthat they all came for one goal which is establishing an Islamic Khilafah that ruleswith the Sharia and spreads justice and prosperity.
Among them were people of criminal records also some of the members of thefreedom convoy confirmed to us that they know personally people living withthem in the same neighborhood inside the capital Sana’a (most of them fromMasik, Saawan, Daar Salam and Al-Sawad) and they have moral and criminalcases and accusations of dealing with drugs and alcohol which qualifies them to be people of criminal records according to what we were told by their neighbors whowere with us in the convoy.Also came to our attention the way some of them shaved his beard and moustachewhich indicate that they are new to religiosity and also to Al-Qaeda, this was clear from their talk which showed their cultural and religious bankruptcy and excessiveaffectation, to the degree that they were speaking about Islam like we don’t knowanything about it and they present themselves to others as there are the agents of Allah on His land… but despite of that they appeared generous and dealt with usin a good way.Abu Dua and the battle of revengeMost of the first class leadership and alsocommanders of the fighting fronts aregraduates of prisons, who spent two to four years inside the detentions of the PoliticalSecurity and National Security servicesaccording to what we were told be one of thefield commanders of Ansar Al-Sharia in Jaar and Zinjibar who is known as ‘Abu Dua Al-San'ani’.Jamal Al-Haymi who is called ‘Abu Dua Al-San'ani’ is from the Masik neighborhood, he is married from the Ba’mahfid region in Abyan and a father of three children who currently live with him in the Jaar region which has been latelycalled ‘Waqar’.He was arrested by the Political Security in Sana’a in 2006 and stayed four yearsin a solitary cell where he was exposed to all types of tortures and was forcedmany times to eat from the plate that he defecated in, as well as insulting thehonor, all that just because he thought of going for jihad in Iraq against theoccupying American forces that are present there – according to him.
Al-Haymi joined Ansar Al-Sharia to avenge from the state which he said that isgaining now the fruit of what it committed against him and others of injustice andoppression and follies, referring that most of the Jihadi formations that are presentnow on the ground including Al-Qaeda and Ansar Al-Sharia are the natural resultof injustice and oppression that were committed by the security and intelligenceservices that belong to the Saleh family regime.Al-Haymi noted that there are many who honors were violated and their sleepingrooms were stormed and their family and sons were arrested, which is what madethem – according to him – believe that jihad in Yemen with these groups precedesthe jihad in Iraq or any other place.He added: ‘I used to think that jihad should only be against the Jews andChristians but there were among our compatriots Yemenis who insult you andinsult Allah and shock you with electricity for the most trivial reasons’.And according to Al-Haymi he lives now his best days in Abyan with his brothers‘the mujahidin’ from different parts of the world, including Europe and Africa andall the Murabitin in the various fighting fronts, and he is totally convinced with thecurrent situation especially that they are living – according to him – under anIslamic state that implements the Sharia of Allah and rules with He revealed.And he continues: ‘W e are fed up from the government of Kufr, apostasy andtreachery, we want an Islamic government, we are fed up from these Tawagit, andwe want to be ruled by the Sharia of Allah Almighty’.The first appearance of Amir of Waqar After a series of upward communication withfield leaders belonging to Ansar Al-Sharia in the province of Abyan we met Abu Hamza Al-Zinjibari, in the middle of the current Wilayah of Waqar and the former city of Jaar, he waswearing the outfit of war standing next to severalof his personal escorts fully armed with weaponsand some children used as a propaganda to promote something called the coexistence between the locals and Ansar Al-Sharia and thecontinuity of normal life.

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