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India Terrorist Attack People Response Rallies Manifesto (draft) (mirror)

India Terrorist Attack People Response Rallies Manifesto (draft) (mirror)

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For the Mumbai/New Delhi rallies, Wednesday December 3

Rally in Mumbai, Gateway of India at 6pm
in New Delhi, India Gate 6pm
For the Mumbai/New Delhi rallies, Wednesday December 3

Rally in Mumbai, Gateway of India at 6pm
in New Delhi, India Gate 6pm

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Sriram Venkitachalam on Dec 03, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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have had enough.Enough of terrorist attacks that threaten our lives and that of our loved ones and ripapart the fabric of our cities and our society;Enough of politicians of all parties who fiddle while terrorists burn, then seek to appeaseour anger with platitudes and pointless ‘resignations’;Enough of excuses from prime ministers and accusations from wannabe prime ministers;Enough of the empty rhetoric of governments that promise action but give us onlyinquiry commissions;Enough of the callous unconcern of the political class that has resulted in this country welove being subjected to constant attacks from external forces.We have left this country in your hands for all these years, hoping that you will do whatwe elected you to do. You have failed us – miserably, and on every front.We have had enough. And we are, from this moment on, taking the country back into ourown hands.
:1.That all political parties in India at the state and central level abandon theirnarrow concerns and come together immediately to formulate, and announce, aconsensual national policy on the subject of internal security; we demand furtherthat all parties pledge to uphold this national policy irrespective of who is inpower.2.We demand that the government of India, with the backing of all political parties,immediately announce the launching of a zero-tolerance war against terrorism,internal and external. In this connection we demand that you immediately andpublicly lay on the table all evidence relating to Pakistan’s involvement in thesecontinued attacks on Indian soil. We further demand that you employ the full forceof diplomacy to bring the nations of the world into a unified front to support anyand all appropriate action that needs to be taken on the basis of evidenceavailable. We pledge that we will boycott the goods of any country that refuses toside with India in the lawful defense of the integrity of its territory and the lives of its citizens.3.We demand the creation of one central agency to handle all intelligence gatheringand processing activities, in order to fix both responsibility and accountability.4.We demand the immediate creation of NSG units in all metropolitan and Acategory cities’5.We demand that the NSG and the police force be provided with state of the artprotective gear, equipment, dedicated aircrafts, artillery, arms, ammunition andall else that is required, in the judgment of security experts, to defend our livesand to combat terrorism.6.We demand the immediate adoption and implementation of police reforms as andordered by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. We demand that control of thepolice force be taken away from the political class, and that the police be madeaccountable to law, and to no other power. We further demand that the pay scalesof our police and paramilitary forces be immediately raised in order that they mayserve the cause of law and order without financial worry8.We demand that the political process, the bureaucracy, the police and judiciary bemade transparent, responsible, and accountable to the citizens of India through acomplete overhaul of the existing process.9.We demand the immediate strengthening of our borders by land and by sea.

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