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Published by ginno18019048

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: ginno18019048 on Mar 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Modern supersonic fighter and attack aircraftattack a target automatically and accurately. Theseaircraft are designed and built as a completelyintegrated weapons system. The weapons subsystemsare interconnected and dependent on each other or onother aircraft systems. For example, the bomb releasesystem in some modes of operation depends on theaircraft's flight control system; the missile system isinterconnected with the aircraft's radar system formissile guidance. In addition to delivering weaponsmore accurately, computer-controlled weaponssystems provide a higher degree of safety by reducinghuman error.The Navy currently uses the F-14 and F/A-18fighter aircraft, the P-3 and S-3 aircraft, and the SH-3and SH-60 helicopter antisubmarine warfare weaponssystems. The F/A-18 is a dual-mission aircraft(fighter/attack), and is discussed under fighter aircraft.The weapons systems used in modern aircraft arecomplex. The information on fighter, attack, andantisubmarine warfare weapons systems in this chapteris basic. As you work in your rating, you will learnmore about specific systems, and you will be trained intheir operation.
Identify fighter aircraft weapons systems to include those used in the F-14 and F/A-18 aircraft 
.The following text discusses the F-14 and F/A-18aircraft. You will be introduced to information on theavailable aircraft armament systems and the basiccontrols and components common to these systems.
TheF-14aircraftisatwo-seat(in-line),supersonic,fighter aircraft. It has a servo air fitting and groundcooling air inlet fitting. The servo air fitting providesair to operate servo valves in the environmental controlsystem during built-in-test (BIT) checks and topressurize the AWG-9 wave guide and gun gas purgevalve operation during aircraft ground checks. Theground cooling air inlet fitting provides cooling air toelectronic equipment during ground operation.External power can be applied to all F-14 (series)aircraft. Youcanusemobileacpowerplants,carrier,orhangar ac power cables to apply electrical power to theaircraft when the engines are not operating.The aircraft armament system consists of a missilecontrol system, multiple weapons release system,M61A1 20-mm automatic gun fire control system,AN/AWW-4fuzefunctioncontrolsystem,AN/ALE-39decoy dispensing system, and jettison system. TheF-14 armament system consists of the following basiccontrols and components common to all systems:
Air combat maneuver (ACM) panel
Armament control indicator panel
Displays control panel
Control stick 
Master light control panel
Landing gear handle
Armament safety override switch15-1
Air Combat Maneuver (ACM) Panel
The ACM panel (fig. 15-1) is located on theforwardcockpitcenterconsole. Itcontainsswitchesformissile preparation, missile operating mode selection,and for arming the system. Indicators inform the pilotof weapon status, when the missile is locked on thetarget, and when the missile is ready to be launched.When the ACM encounter mode is selected, gunhigh-firing rate and the AIM-9 missile cooling areautomatically selected. The ACM panel switches arediscussed in the following paragraphs.
Armament Control Indicator Panel
The armament control indicator panel (fig. 15-2) islocated in the aft cockpit left vertical console. Itcontains the attack mode (ATTK MODE) selectorswitch, weapon-type (WEP TYPE) thumb-wheelswitch, electric fuze (ELECT FUZE) selector switch,delivery (DLVY MODE) switches, delivery options(DLVY OPTNS) switches, station set (STA SET)switches, missile option (MSL OPTION) switches,missile speed gate (MSL SPD GATE) selector switch,and select jettison (SEL JETT), tank jettison (TANK15-2
Figure 15-1.—F-14 control panels.
JETT), and jettison options (JETT OPTIONS)switches.
Displays Control Panel
The displays control panel (fig. 15-1) is located onthe forward cockpit's right vertical console. It containsthe air/ground mode (A/G MODE) push-button switchfor air-to-ground mode selection, the air/air mode (A/AMODE) push-button switch for air-to-air modeselection, and the all-weather landing/precision coursedirection (AWL/PCD) push-button switch for theall-weatherlandingorprecisioncoursedirectionmode.The AWL/PCD switch is used when bombs are to bereleased by using the data link system.15-3
Figure 15-2.—F-14 weapons control panels.

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