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From Digital Strategy to Brand Mastery: Strategizing for a post-digital age

From Digital Strategy to Brand Mastery: Strategizing for a post-digital age

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Published by Stephanie Lamy

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Published by: Stephanie Lamy on Mar 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From DigitalStrategy toBrand Mastery:
Stratizin or apost-diital a
Cratin and manainbrand val
w brath. Onlin and oin contnt,virtal and ral worlds ar all mrd nowinto a larr onoin xprinc. And thatxprinc – how adincs ncontryor brand – dtrmins th vitality o yor company.
Thr is no viabl diitalstraty that isn’t intratdinto yor larr brand andbsinss straty.
Many o s rmmbr a world whronlin was th plac w wnt to larn abotoin xprincs. Th rality is that yorcstomrs ar livin in a samlss hybridworld whr onlin and oin xprincsar ntwind and a continm o dvicsintract both with ach othr and with thsr’s “oin” daily world. Bcas this is thxprinc yor adincs ar havin withyor brand, this is th startin point or howto think abot diital. To bst driv choic,crat loyalty, and command a prmim inth marktplac, oranizations wold dowll to considr that thy ar nctionin ina post-diital ra.This is th latst rality chck in a tim o prptally acclratin chan. Bt inth thros o rat phaval it’s alwaysimportant to stay rondd in bsinssndamntals. Th ovrarchin prspctivon nds or an ctiv diital stratyis jst that: prspctiv. Th prspctiv tos that on’s oranization shold dnsccss by th tim-tstd masrmntso th bottom lin. Whn diital mtricssch as imprssions, click-throhs, andFacbook liks xist in a vacm, or binto nction as th tail that was th do,
Intrbrand| P. 
From Digital Strategyto Brand Mastery:
Stratizin or a post-diital a
 Interbrand believes that brands are undamentalto competitive business advantage in themarketplace. Businesses who leverage brandsmost efectively are better positioned to drivechoice, create loyalty, and command a premium.Our recent, broad-based survey o the digitalstrategies o 672 companies revealed that thereis much room or improvement when it comes tousing digital strategy as part o brand strategy,thus maximizing the value to the business andROI rom digital engagement.
For brands skin to mastr thirmarkts, th scond dcad o th stcntry promiss to b vn astr, morintrconnctd and mor transparntthan th rst. A scant tn yars ao, manycompanis wr only binnin to rapplwith diital channls as an lmnt o thir bsinss. Now diital straty is parto vryon’s arsnal, prtty mchbiqitos. Bt jst bcas yo hav adiital straty, and vn i yo allocattrmndos rsorcs to it, dos not manyo’r ttin ood ROI. In act, or rcntsrvy bor ot what or xprinc withclints was sstin: Not all diitalstraty is sond brand straty.
Beyond digital
Ask yorsl: Is yor oranization sindiital in a way that alins with yor larrpositionin? Many o thos w srvydoprat day to day in th rat dividbtwn th stats qo and th trmndosopportnitis that diital ors. Ironicallyth bst way to clos that ap and rap thrwards is to think byond diital. Whn itcoms to brand strnth, w ar no lonr ina diital ra bcas diital is as intratdinto th daily li o bsinss as th airthn yo may hav lapsd into a lack o prspctiv that can, at worst, convrt yordiital spnd into a stram o ill-spnt dollarsdown th virtal drain. Bt to th drthat sch mtrics ar rootd in bsinss andbrand, hlpin advanc yor larr cas,thn diital straty is bin appropriatlymarshald in srvic o bsinss straty.
Dening the challenge
To bttr ndrstand this challn,Intrbrand condctd a srvy o 67companis across  sctors to t asnapshot o th stat o diital stratyin bsinss today. Som o th rsltswr xpctd – only 6 prcnt o thossrvyd ar diitally inactiv, a nmbr thatwill contin to shrink. Also nsrprisinwas th act that a ll 68 prcnt o rspondnts bliv thy ar ahad o th comptition whn it coms to diitalstraty. Bt thir rosy sl-assssmntdos not corrlat to th rst o th data,rvalin instad a crisis o ovr-condncand a sns that prhaps many o s havtrobl valatin orslvs.To ndrlin th vast room orimprovmnt, 56 prcnt o diitally activcompanis do not hav a social mdia policy.This is sinicant bcas 55 rspondntsar involvd with social mdia – maninthat 9 prcnt o companis involvd withsocial mdia (6) ar opratin withot asocial mdia policy. It’s akin to discovrinthat a statistically sinicant proportion o th drivin poplation has nvr larnd todriv and is oin on t instinct.
by J Mancini
From Diital Straty to Brand Mastry:Stratizin or a post-diital a
Intrbrand| P. 
Brand Strength as a measure o post-digital strategy
As w pointd ot, ocsin on thndamntals is critical. For Intrbrand,th most critical masrmnt o a brandis its val, and that can b ad bymasrin Brand Strnth. Ovr th yars,w hav dvlopd and rnd rom orxprinc a st o  ky componnts thatmasr Brand Strnth and hlp s cratBrand Val(s Fir ). Stron brandsstart with or intrnal actors, and thatstrnth is rctd in th six xtrnal brandstrnth actors. Takn tothr, thy hlptll s i an oranization is primdor sccss.W ltrd th rslts o or srvythroh th most rlvant Brand Strnthdimnsions to bttr ndrstand how wllcompanis ar dlivrin on th ssntialso a stron post-diital brand.W ond aps in
thatsst many companis ar allin short:Dspit a hih rat o social mdia activity,ssntially hal o th rspondin companis(9 prcnt) do not hav a ddicatdsocial mdia rop. Mor than on thirdo rspondnts l that an inadqatamont o rsorcs has bn ddicatd tothir company’s diital prsnc. And as orintrnal brand namnt, a ll 6 prcntl that thir company’s invstmnt inmploy dcation on thir diital stratyis inadqat – prhaps th most troblinlack o commitmnt o all in that it spaks toa ailr to imb prsonnl with what thynd to b ctiv rprsntativs o thiroranization. This is lik lavin mony onth tabl in th battl or cstomr hartsand minds. In sm, whil prorss is binmad on intrnal brand commitmnt,narly on third o rspondnt companisbliv thir diital straty to b ithrndrndd, or that thir mploys arndrdcatd on th objctivs.
is on o th most powrlattribts a brand can possss in th htor consmr attntion and loyalty. Whil65 prcnt o diitally activ rspondnts
FIguRe 1
Clarity internally about what the brand stands for interms of its values, positioning and proposition. Claritytoo about target audiences, customer insights and drivers.Because so much hinges on this, it is vital that these arearticulated internally.
Internal commitment to brand, and a belief internallyin the importance of brand. The extent to which thebrand receives support in terms of time, influence,and investment.
How secure the brand is across a number of dimensions:legal protection, proprietary ingredients or design, scaleor geographical spread.
The ability to respond to market changes, challenges andopportunities. The brand should have a sense of leadershipinternally and a desire and ability to constantly evolve andrenew itself.
The brand is soundly based on an internal truth andcapability. It has a defined heritage and a well groundedvalue set. It can deliver against the (high) expectationsthat customers have of it.
The fit with customer/consumer needs, desires, anddecision criteria across all relevant demographics andgeographies and shared across the organization
The degree to which customers/consumers perceivethe brand to have a dierentiated positioning distinctivefrom the competition.
The degree to which a brand is experienced withoutfail across all touchpoints or formats.
The degree to which a brand feels omnipresent andis talked about positively by consumers, customers andopinion formers in both traditional and social media.
The brand is not only recognized by customers,but thereis also an in-depth knowledge and understanding of itsdistinctive qualities and characteristics. [Where relevant,this will extend to consumer understanding of thecompany that owns the brand].
Internal External

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