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O Level Chemistry Practice Questions

O Level Chemistry Practice Questions

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Published by chong56
o level chemistry practice questions, GCE, metals, chemistry, acids, bases
o level chemistry practice questions, GCE, metals, chemistry, acids, bases

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Published by: chong56 on Mar 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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O Level Chemistry Practice Questions
Whadssup man? Chem practice? Oh yes, cool man! Chem practice questionscan be fun! The questions tickle your mind! Do you know, your whole body is fullof chemical molecules, such as DNA (polymer) molecules, sodium ions,potassium ions in the human cells.Let us have some fun! You may e-mail your answers to me atchemguide7@hotmail.com and I can suggest some ideas for you (aka mark youranswers! Dun worry, I am quite lenient!)1. The diagram below shows the volume of hydrogen produced over a periodof time when 4 g of calcium pellets are carefully added to an excess of dilutehy
drochloric acid at 25
C.Draw on the diagram the curve you would expect if the experiment was repeatedat the same temperature with[2](a) 4 g of calcium pellets but with excess acid of half the concentration of theoriginal acid. Label this curve A.(b) excess acid of the original concentration but with 4 g of powdered calcium.Label this curve B. [2](c) Calculate the volume of hydrogen gas evolved at 25
C for the experimentperformed in part (b). [3]2. Describe how iron can be manufactured from a named ore using coke andlimestone. Write equations for the decomposition of the limestone and forthe reduction of the ore. State the waste gases produced from the blastfurnace. [6]
3. Sodium, copper and magnesium are metals.(a) Place these metals in order of reactivity, most reactive first. [1](b) Suggest how sodium reacts with cold water. Write a balancedchemical equation for the reaction that takes place. [2](c) Copper reacts with concentrated nitric acid to form a salt, a browntoxic gas, water. State the name of the salt and the identity of thebrown gas. [3]4. Hexane belongs to the homologous series of alkanes. In a molecule ofhexane, there are 6 carbon atoms.(a) Write the molecular formula of hexane. [1](b) Write a balanced chemical equation when hexane reacts with excessoxygen. [2]5. Sketch the temperature versus time graph of heating an ice cube from -4
Cto 100
C. [2]6. State whether each of these substances is a compound or an element. Alsostate the bonding in each of these substances, whether it has ionic, simplemolecular, giant molecular or metallic bonding:
Substance Element or compound Bonding
Iron((II) oxideOxygen gasCarbon tetrachloride(CCl
)`Silicon (Si)Silicon Dioxide (SiO
)[6]7. Write the balanced chemical equation when calcium carbonate reacts withaqueous nitric acid. Also, describe the procedures of how do you test forcalcium ions in the resultant product mixture using two different reagents.State the observations expected. [2]

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