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Nikon D4 DSLR Brochure

Nikon D4 DSLR Brochure

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Published by John Tan

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: John Tan on Mar 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The proessional world slows down or no one. In act, the pace only grows aster, and the pressureon photographers continues to rise. When advances in technology present new ways o workingin photography and video, you can expect one proessional digital SLR to give you a winningedge. Get ready or the D4, Nikon’s newest agship camera and a tangible symbol o the quest orinnovation. Built upon a oundation o industry frsts, the D4 shatters many barriers that today’sproessionals ace, delivering new levels o quality, speed and precision or both still imagesand broadcast quality video. The world’s ultimate imaging machine and its 16.2-megapixel FX-ormat sensor oer you uncompromised perormance in some o the most demanding ambientlighting and environmental conditions imaginable. Take advantage o this newound power, andutilize the incredibly ast AF acquisition and Nikon’s next-generation EXPEED 3 image-processingengine’s speeds. Freeze an action sequence at approx. 10 rames per second thanks to advances inbuer speed. Expect ull AF and AE perormance throughout, even in FX ormat, and experienceincomparably accurate shutter control, autoocus detection and motion tracking.The D4 makes these advantages a reality, all while raising its eective pixel count by 33 percentover its predecessor, the D3S. Despite the additional 4 megapixels o image data to process, youcan expect zero trade-o when it comes to speed and accuracy due to tremendous technologicalimprovements in image processing and sensor design. The incredible Advanced Scene RecognitionSystem pushes perormance even urther with its 91K-pixel RGB sensor. The revolutionaryautoocus helps you shoot accurately in lower light than ever. For multimedia demands, thereis multi-area mode Full HD D-Movie that oers three imaging ormats or movies — or thefrst time in the world — and an optimized image-processing system that excels in extremelydifcult conditions, making the D4 one o the most powerul broadcasting tools on the planet.With durability, precision and reliability like this, and the extensive Nikon System o lenses andSpeedlights at your disposal, it’s time to truly push the limits o your crat. The proessional worldmay be speeding up, but with the D4, you set the pace.
What a Pro Wants Most 
Some battle rapid-fre deadlines at a breakneck pace. Otherslie in wait or hours or even days, waiting or one precious,eeting moment. They are proessional photographers, andno matter whether they work solely in stills or in the growingfeld o multimedia, their livelihood hinges on anticipating,capturing and delivering winning images. The world’s leadingphotographers have never pushed their boundaries urther oraster than today, striving to accomplish more, while carryingless. As the proessional landscape evolves, Nikon adaptsto the changes and delivers a camera that excels whereproessionals need it most. Nikon called on fve o the world’stop photographers and asked them to push the D4 to the limit,relentlessly testing fve areas essential to today’s proessionals:image quality, reliability, speed, workow uidity andbroadcast quality video. Here is how they responded.
I tell stories in some o the most extreme environmentson the planet: rain, snow, dust, wind, alling rock —this is my oce. Much o what I shoot happens onlyonce, so there is no going back or a second take.Every piece o equipment I use must perorm underthe harshest conditions, and the D4 lives up to myhighest standards. It oers the durability, reliabilityand versatility I need or incredibly challengingassignments, whether they require stills, video, audioor all three. The D4 does it all. Never do I need toquestion the camera's ability to perorm. With trustlike this, I can ocus on being creative.For my type o assignments, 100% reliability isessential, with ast and accurate ocusing consideredpriority number one. The D4 has a aster initial AFdetection speed and an improved dynamic AF system,both o which help me concentrate on being creativewithout worrying about ocusing perormance. Iregularly shoot ne JPEGs together with uncompressedRAW, so I am really happy that the D4 has such animpressive buer, which allows high-speed continuousshooting or longer periods o time. The D4 also oersthe possibility o IPTC data recording, which makes mywork much easier or an editor to handle during post-production.In order to realize my creative vision, it is critical thatI be one with my camera. I must rely on it to transermy ideas into physical maniestations that I can shareacross multiple platorms. It must be easy to use,quick to respond, rugged, consistent and oer everyimaging option I desire. The D4 is all o this and much,much more — all while oering me unettered accessto the over 65 million F-mount lenses that Nikon hasproduced since 1959. The world needs photojournaliststorytellers now more than ever, and this is the toolthat I have been waiting or. Capable o capturingaudio, high-resolution stills and HD video in one pieceo equipment, the D4 is the complete imaging machine.On assignments or
Magazine, Sports Illustrated 
National Geographic,
I have encounteredall manner o shooting conditions: rom locationportraiture to heavy production work; rom stylizedstudio sessions to “run-and-gun” journalism. The D4can handle them all. It's ast and responsive, withtechnical options that conorm to virtually any need Ihave in the eld. The les and skin tones are exactlythe quality I need, and with the fick o a switch, I canseamlessly go rom detailed stills to shooting ull-rame, 1080p high-de video. Advancements in thecamera's meter make the already ormidable NikonCreative Lighting System even stronger, and coupledwith Nikon’s legendary optics, the D4 is the completepackage or every assignment, o any kind.As a wildlie photographer, I requently wait ordays in remote areas or a single shot. Durable anddependable gear is essential. For this assignment,the Tibetan plateau remained near -35˚C/-31˚F withstrong, dusty wind. Days rom the nearest camerarepair, my team slept in tents alongside the indigenousnomadic people, with little time or opportunity orgear maintenance. Despite such extreme conditions,the D4 proved its reliability daily. Its AF accuracy wasastounding, especially in low light: there were timeswhen a hal-moon provided enough illumination orsharp ocus. The ability to use AF at /8 has also beenextremely helpul, giving me extra reach. I look orwardto bringing the D4 back into the eld. It is the perectinstrument to help me witness the natural world.
Joe McNally
Photojournalism/Commercial (stills and video) 
Vincent Munier
Nature/Wildlife (stills and video) 
Corey Rich
Action/Extreme Sports (stills and video) 
Bill Frakes
Photojournalism/Sports (stills and video) 
Matthias Hangst
Sports (stills) 

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