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Table Of Contents

1.1. What is this Handbook Offering?
1.2. Who is this Book relevant to?
1.3. General Information
1.4. The Aims of the Handbook
1.5. What is the Basis of this Approach?
1.6. How Effective is it?
1.7. Statements of Focused Intent - Getting Started
1.8. What are Energy Blueprints and how do they work?
1.9. Working with the Handbook on a Regular Basis
1.10. Some Symptoms that you may Experience
1.11. A Final Word
2.1. An Introduction
2.2. What is involved in Processing?
2.3. What is involved in Transformation?
2.4. The Transformation movement - From a range of Perspectives
2.5. The Different Commitments being made to Processing
2.6. Characteristics of moving closer to your DIVINE SELF
3.1. Parameters of your Current Reality
3.2. A Little Light on the Current state of Play
3.3. Transformation - Personal, Planetary and Beyond
3.4. Light Team Members Discussed
3.5. Characteristics of God Seeds and Light Workers
3.6. Unity Workers - Arrivals and Departures
3.7. Moving into UNITY Consciousness - Sensible Guidelines
4.5. Being and Doing
4.6. GOD SELF Presence or Phone Line - What do you want?
4.7. What are you aiming for?
4.8. Your DIVINE SELF Focus - Part time or Full time?
4.9. Why is a LARGER FOCUS Important?
4.10. Points of Paradox and Divine Contradictions
4.11. In Summary
5.1. True Feelings or False Feelings - How to Tell?
5.2. Positive Thoughts, Negative Thoughts
5.3. Perceptions, Information and Knowing
5.4. The Light Side and the Dark Side
5.5. Bad Vibes - Yours or Theirs?
5.6. What is Positive and what is Negative?
5.7. Honouring Yourself
5.8. Taking Responsibility for your Reality
5.9. Factors to be aware of when Creating a New Reality
5.10. In Summary
6.1. An Introduction
6.2. Soul Roles - Some Notes
6.3. Soul Skills and Gifts - What are they?
6.4. Soul Origins
6.5. Higher Aspects, Soul Self, Divine Self - Who are they?
7.1. An Introduction
7.2. Divine Hierarchies
7.3. Divine Guidance - True Lies?
7.4. Divine Spirit Stories - Pulp Fiction?
7.5. Divine Agendas or Political Posturing?
8.1. An Introduction
8.2. Members of your Spirit Support Team
8.3. Spirit Support Team Compositions Discussed
8.4. Attachments from Life Interactions - Some Notes
8.5. Non-attachment based Entity Interferences:
8.6. Final Notes on Spirit Associations
8.7. Some Notes on Protection
8.8. Protection Methods Discussed
9.1. An Introduction
9.2. A Good Starter Invocation
9.3. An Invocation that Invites Everyone
9.4. Embracing the DIVINE Journey
9.5. The Final Frontier
10.1. An Introduction
10.2. Keys that Define your Relationship with the DIVINE
10.3. Some Safety Keys
10.4. Making Things Easier
10.5. Other useful starting Keys
11.1. An Introduction
11.2. The UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS Foundation Keys Explained
11.3. Committing to a Direct Movement into UNITY
11.4. Introducing the Issues of Separation Keys
11.5. Committing to Resolve ALL Separation Issues
11.6. Committing to LETTING GO of ALL Attachments
11.7. Committing to LETTING GO of Control
11.8. The 'Issues of Separation' Keys Summarised
11.9. Where to go from Here?
12.1. An Introduction
12.2. Active Healing and Spiritual Evolution
12.3. Discussing the Origins of Recurring Life Patterns
12.4. Looking at Issues and their Resolution
12.5. The Issue and Trauma Release Cycle
12.6. A Closer look at Higher Dimensional or 'Original' Trauma
12.7. A New Understanding of Karma
12.8.1. Statement: Changing the Karmic Rules
12.9. Uncommon effects that you may Experience
12.10. The Different Phases of this Transformational Journey
13.3. Focusing on a Single Issue
13.4. Releasing Negativity
13.5. Clearing Negative Energies Efficiently
13.6. General Self Healing
13.7. Retrieving Lost and Discarded Soul Parts
13.8. General Integration
13.9. Balancing your Duality Aspects
13.10. Keeping Fully Grounded
13.11. Removing Obstructions from your Energy Field
13.12. Re-Aligning Ancestral and Cultural Influences and Conditioning
13.13. Releasing Conditioned Memory Imprints
13.14. Facing Your Dark Side
13.15. Asking to be Released from all Karma
13.16. Resolving Guidance Restrictions
14.1. An Introduction
14.2. Releasing Past Life Emotions and Negative Energies
14.3. Breaking Attachments - An Explanation
14.4. Cutting Energy Based Attachments
14.5. Breaking Past Life Vows, Pacts and so on
14.6. Relinquishing Curses and Spells
14.7. Sending Energies to those Attached to YOU
14.8. General Release Procedure
14.9. Breaking Ties with a Recognised Individual
14.10. Negotiating an Entity Release - Easy
14.11. Negotiating an Entity Release - Tough
14.12. Hard Core Entity Attachments - More Ideas
15.1. An Introduction
15.2. Working Directly on Conditioning
15.3. Working on Bodily Memory
15.4. Releasing Stored, Unexpressed Emotions
15.5. Dealing with Trust and Doubt Issues
15.6. Releasing Sexual Blocks and Constraints
15.7. Erasing traumas and memories of a specific existence
15.8. Mothering and taking Responsibilities for Others
15.9. Variations on a Theme - Death and Dying
16.1. An Introduction
16.2. Holding more of your Divine Light
16.3. Releasing yourself from Human Design Limitations
16.4. Divine Energy Infusion and Cleansing
16.5. Re-Balancing and Re-Aligning on all Levels
16.6. Asking to have all Separations Resolved
16.7. Focusing on Ascension
16.8. Focusing on Descension
16.9. Manifesting your Divine Qualities
16.10. Making all your Connections
16.11. Letting go of the Self Image
16.12. Letting go of all Preconceptions and Expectations
16.13. Re-Focusing to achieve UNITY
16.14. Taking Self Responsibility and Re- claiming Free Will
17.1. An Introduction
17.2. Dealing with Sneaky Remote Controlled Interference
17.3. Removing Negative Energy Implants
17.4. Reclaiming all Memories within ALL THAT YOU ARE
17.5. Releasing yourself from Negative thought Influences
17.6. Letting go of Self Reminders
17.7. Letting go of Favourite Things
17.8. Letting go of Safety Restrictions
17.9. Presenting some unusual one off examples
18.1. An Introduction
18.2. Source, Soul Creations and Separation - An Overview
18.3. Soul Conception, Incubation and Birth
18.4. Your starting Invocation
18.5. Resolving Misalignments caused by Soul Parent Expectations
18.6. Letting go of YOUR Expectations as a Soul Parent
18.7. Dealing with Soul Incubation Traumas
18.8. Releasing yourself from Soul Level Conditioning
18.9. Releasing early Soul Traumas and Unexpressed Emotions
18.10. Resolving Soul Purpose Misalignments
18.11. Stripping out Negative thought form Imprints
19.1. An Introduction
19.2. Relinquishing Agendas and Affiliations
19.3. Letting go of Religious Beliefs, Cults, Sects and so on
19.4. Letting go of Gods, Master and Deity Influences
19.5. Collective Conditioning
19.6. From Personal to Collective Unity
20.1. An Introduction
20.2. Being able to BE WHO YOU ARE and BE Together
20.3. Exploring Hidden Agendas and Affiliations
20.4. Moving towards Equality
20.5. Creating Sacred Spaces within the Natural Environment
21.1. An Introduction
21.2. Getting Started - First Things First
22.2. Exploring Subtle Energies
22.3. Increasing Your Sensitivity to Energies
23.1. An Introduction
23.2. Energy Systems - A General Discussion
23.3. The Effectiveness of Energy Systems in Healing and Evolving
23.4. Exploring the Focus of Different Energy Systems
23.5. 'Energy' Healing
23.6. What can different Evolving and Healing Energies deal with?
23.7. The Divine Alignment or Otherwise of Energy Systems
23.8. Disconnecting yourself from Misaligned Energies
23.9. Energy Delivery Systems - A Discussion
23.10. Increasing your Effectiveness as an Energy Channel
23.11. Going Deeper - Exploring causes with a Client
23.12. Points to consider when working with a Client
23.13. Connecting to New Energies
23.14. Using Energies to Honour the Client
23.15. Increasing the Energy Flow
23.16. Integrating Different Energy Systems
23.17. A Final Word for Practitioners?
24.1. An Introduction
24.2. What are you to do next?
24.3. What's Coming?
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Self Healing Handbook

Self Healing Handbook

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