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John Todd

John Todd

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Published by: ALBINOCYCLOPS on Mar 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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John Todd the Illuminati and witchcraft, his talk in text and audio MP3 formathttp://www.kt70.com/~jamesjpn/articles/john_todd_and_the_illuminati.htm[8/4/2010 6:54:53 AM]
ohn Todd, the Illuminati and Witchcraft!
Image created during the Cold War!
Copyright 1980 © by Jacob Sailor
Another transcript of
. (Received July 2, 2010)
"All tyranny needs togain a foothold is forpeople of goodconscience to remainsilent."-Thomas Jefferson"Governments do notgovern, but merelycontrol the machineryof government, beingthemselves controlledby the hidden hand."- Benjamin Disraeli
John Todd the Illuminati and witchcraft, his talk in text and audio MP3 formathttp://www.kt70.com/~jamesjpn/articles/john_todd_and_the_illuminati.htm[8/4/2010 6:54:53 AM]
he following is a talk by John Todd to the
waspastor in Autumn of 1978.
ere is a quote from Todd's talk in this article thatmay interest you to read further!
Phillip Rothschild ordered one of hismistresses to write an 1100-page book thatwould describe to all witches how they wouldtake control of the World through theIlluminati: It's called
.(By Ayn Rand) One of the things in it ishappening on the front pages of thenewspapers across the United States rightnow. In fact she spent a third of the bookdescribing how they would raise the oilprices and then later destroy the oil fields& then they would also completely shut downthe coal.IT ALSO DESCRIBED HOW THEY WOULD BLOW UPGRAIN MILLS, how they would derail trains.Their sole purpose is to bankrupttheir owncompanies and
until they destroyed thecurrency of the whole World, and still be sofinancially strong they would withstand it!
ote: Send any comments about this page to:
. But before you ask about John Todd'swhereabouts or how to contact him, please read the
John Todd's testimonial of hisexperience in witchcraft and ofthe Illuminati
NE THING I'DLIKE TO SAY BEFORE IGET STARTED, it neverseems to fail that whenI'm done a few of mybrothers and sisters inthe Lord have fear intheir hearts. There is noreason to have fear inyour heart. It seems likeevery time we talk aboutthe Enemy, Christiansbecome afraid ratherthan stirred up andfighting mad! So I justask that if you have this
There is no such thingin America as anindependent press.You know it and Iknow it... The businessof the Journalist is todestroy truth; To lieoutright; To pervert; Tovilify; To fawn at thefeet of mammon, andto sell his county andhis race for his dailybread.- John Swinton,newsman and formereditor at The NewYork Times"If we understand themechanism andmotives of the groupmind, it is nowpossible to control andregiment the massesaccording to our willwithout their knowingit."-- Edward L. Bernays,the nephew ofSigmund Freud whostudied his uncle'swork. (Quote gleanedfrom "Flat Earth News"by Nick Davies"We must now facethe harsh truth that theobjectives ofcommunism are beingsteadily advancedbecause many of usdo not recognize themeans used toadvance them. ... Theindividual ishandicapped bycoming face to facewith a Conspiracy somonstrous he cannotbelieve it exists. TheAmerican mind simplyhas not come to arealization of the evilwhich has beenintroduced into ourmidst."-- J. Edgar Hoover(Elks Magazine,August 1956.)"A holy war will nowbegin on America, andwhen it is ended
John Todd the Illuminati and witchcraft, his talk in text and audio MP3 formathttp://www.kt70.com/~jamesjpn/articles/john_todd_and_the_illuminati.htm[8/4/2010 6:54:53 AM]
fear in your hearts when this is over, that you just simply getin your prayer chamber or up front or someplace alone withthe Lord and discuss the matter with Him.THERE IS NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF WHEN IT COMESTO THE DEVIL; HE WAS DEFEATED 2,000 YEARS AGO!And that's why I'm here; he was defeated 2,000 years ago! Ithink the thing that made me the most mad when I got savedwas that I'd served somebody since I was a child, for over 20years, that was defeated over 2,000 years ago! And I guessthe only reason why I served him was that I didn't realizewho he was until I got saved, it took that enlightenment.AS BROTHER BERRY PREACHED THIS MORNING ONTHE DEVIL BLINDING GOD'S PEOPLE'S EYES and THEWORLD'S EYES, take it for a fact, he can do it! For some 20years I served him as a priest and as a high priest, and lateras a Grand Druid and had many thousands of people servinghim under me, and never once did I even realize who I wasserving.THERE WERE MANY THINGS THAT I LEARNED INWITCHCRAFT, I'm not going to tell you what they were, butthere were many things that I learned and many things that Itaught as a standard teaching in Witchcraft. As you gothrough apprenticeship or as you go through what we call the"Outer Court," you are told to do things and you don't askwhy you do them. If you do ask why do them, they tell youthat you're being naughty and that you shouldn't ask, mainlybecause they don't know!I NEVER DID KNOW WHY I WAS DOING THE THINGS IWAS DOING OR WHY I WAS TEACHING THE THINGS IWAS TEACHING. They worked, so we did them. After I gotsaved, it took salvation for me to find out why they worked.And I guess after knowing that, there is no way you can goback to what you came out of. Very quickly tonight--well, Ican't be really quickly, but I'll try--I want to give my testimony,and then I want to turn it over for questions and answers.I'VE LEARNED THE HARD WAY, AFTER FIVE YEARS, andIT'S NORMAL FOR ME TO SAY THE THINGS THAT I SAY,but it's astounding for you to listen to them. And I realize thatwhen the meetings are over that many things I say arestrange to Christians. Most of you grew up in Christianhomes, or even if you were in the World, you were not veryclose to what I was into, so when I say things, to me they areeveryday things.
America will besupposedly the citadelof freedom, but hermillions willunknowingly be loyalsubjects to the Crown.Your churches will beused to teach theJew's religion and inless than two hundredyears the whole nationwill be working fordivine worldgovernment. Thatgovernment that theybelieve to be divinewill be the BritishEmpire. All religionswill be permeated withJudaism without evenbeing noticed by themasses, and they willall be under theinvisible all-seeing eyeof the Grand Architectof Freemasonry."-- British GeneralCharles Cornwallis toGeneral GeorgeWashington"The man who readsnothing at all is bettereducated than theman who readsnothing butnewspapers."-- Thomas Jefferson"It's not the votes thatcount, it's who countsthe votes."-- Josef Stalin --"There will be in thenext generation or soa pharmacologicalmethod of makingpeople love theirservitude andproducing dictatorshipwithout tears so tospeak. Producing akind of painlessconcentration camp forentire societies so thatpeople will in fact havetheir liberties takenaway from them, butwill rather enjoy it,because they will bedistracted from anydesire to rebel bypropaganda, orbrainwashing, or

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