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College Drive Dental Spring 2012 Newsletter

College Drive Dental Spring 2012 Newsletter

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Published by Dave Hansen

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Published by: Dave Hansen on Mar 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dr. Joseph Uhrich, D.D.S.Dr. Jordan Kaplan, D.D.S.
From the office of  Jordan Kaplan, D.D.S.& Joseph Uhrich,D.D.S.
Spring 2012
  T  h  a  n  k  y  o  u  f  o  r  a  l  l  y  o  u  r  r  e  f  e  r  r  a  l  s .  W  e  a  p  p  r  e  c  i  a  t  e  t  h  e  m  !
In January, we at
College Drive Dental Associates
purchased new digital X-ray sensors.A digital X-ray sensor is the small, rectangular piece that is inserted into a patient’s mouth tocapture a dental image that is sent to the computer. The new sensors are the latest advancementin dental X-ray imaging. They provide a much higher-quality image on the computermonitor. The clearer, more diagnostic X-rays have been extremely helpful to
Dr. Kaplan
Dr. Uhrich
in diagnosing dental issues in their patients. Our patients have noticedthat the sensors are more comfortable, with rounded corners, and two sizes, one foradults and one for children. The new sensors also provide a quicker image on thecomputer screen, allowing the patient to hold the sensor in their mouth forless time. We are proud of this new technological addition to our practiceand know that it will benefit our patients.
New digital X-ray sensors
Being a patient at
College Drive Dental
has a bigadvantage. We are a “group practice,” which means thereis a group of people working together to meet yourdental needs. There is always a dentist availablewhen you need one. Either
Dr. Kaplan
Dr. Uhrich
is on call at all times in case of adental emergency. There is never a worry thatthey are on vacation and cannot be reached.If you need to get in for a dental appointmentand your particular dentist is unavailable, it isperfectly OK to schedule with the “other” dentist. Dr. Kaplanand Dr. Uhrich see each other’s patientsoccasionally and are completely willing to see you if it works outbest for your schedule. Sometimes one of the dentists is busierthan the other, and seeing the other dentist works out well foreveryone. We want to make your visits with us as convenient aspossible.We also believe that “another set of eyes” examining yourteeth is beneficial to our patients. If your 6-month exam happensto occur on a day when your dentist is not at the office, think of itas a positive. You will then have two dentists familiar with yourmouth, and they can confer on a particular issue you may behaving. Please do not feel like you are “betraying” your dentist if the “other” dentist does your dental work or examines your teeth.Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Uhrich will just be glad you are getting yourdental needs met in a timely manner.
Seeing the“other” dentist
When receiving a text confirmation…
If you are receiving your appointmentconfirmations by text message,please be aware that you
respond to thatmessage by a return text.If you have any questionsabout your appointment, orneed to speak to us, please callus on the phone at
(708) 361-4626.
Thank you for your understanding.
Hereat CollegeDrive Dental,there is always adentist availablewhen you needone.
Daniel Gubanski
welcomed their second child,a girl, on September 24, 2011, at 4:23 a.m.
Evelyn Ann
weighed 8 pounds2 ounces and was21 inches long. Herbig sister is 2-year-old
Congratulations,Lidia and Daniel!
Carrie Bregar
Christ Sirigas
have a new daughter.
Evangeline Lee Sirigas
was bornon May 5, 2011, at 1:20 a.m.She weighed 8 pounds 4 ounces.Evangeline is also welcomedby big brother
(10).Congratulations to all of you!
celebrated their 60thwedding anniversary on May19, 2011. A party was held intheir honor to celebrate theirmany years of love anddevotion to each other. TheReberskys’ closest family andfriends attended the party attheir son’s home. An amazingmilestone to reach!If you have an exciting event, such as a wedding, birth, orgraduation, that you would like included in an upcomingedition of the
College Drive Dental Newsletter,
please contact
(708) 361-4626.
Dental word search
Avery Rose Woolwine
was born to her proudparents,
Eric Woolwine,
on July 10, 2011.She arrived at 10:55 p.m., weighing 5 pounds 12 ouncesand measuring 18
inches long. Avery has a 3-year-oldsister,
. Congratulations to the Woolwine family!
Robert Naselli
have a new grandchild.
Avery Rae Daw
was born to their daughter and son-in-law,
Bobby Daw.
Avery was born onOctober 1, 2011, and joined big sister
Alli Rae
(2). TheNasellis now have five grandchildren. Congratulations!
Mary Jo
Richard Jansky
’s daughter,
Jillian Jansky,
graduated from the St. Xavier nursing program on December17, 2011. Jillian will be working as a nurse at Mercy Hospitalin Chicago. Her parents held a graduation party for her attheir home to celebrate the great accomplishment.Congratulations, Jillian!
Frank Hedrick
are nowgreat-grandparents. Welda’s grandson andhis wife,
Andrea Morgan,
delivered a little girl,
Ellery Annabelle.
Ellery arrived on November 28, 2011, at7:08 a.m., weighing 7 pounds 6 ouncesand measuring 20
inches long. TheMorgans live in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin,where the Hedricks traveled to meet theirnew great-granddaughter. Between them,Welda and Frank have 17 grandchildren.We’re so happy for all of you!
EvangelineLeeEvelyn AnnMildred & GeorgeRebersky
Find all the words in the puzzle and submit it toCollege Drive Dental by
April 20, 2012,
to win a prize.Winners will be drawn at random. Entries may bemailed to
College Drive Dental, 7550 College Drive,Palos Heights, IL 60463
or dropped off at the office.
Phone number 
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Ellery Annabelle
 By Marie Anich
Last summer, at the end of June and into the beginning of July, myhusband and I took a once-in-a-lifetime trip. We went whitewaterrafting and camping under the stars, on and along the Colorado Riverin the heart of the Grand Canyon. I say “once-in-a-lifetime” becausealthough I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything, it met withsome interesting challenges that I would be hard-pressed to repeat.We chose
Wilderness River Adventures
as the outfitter for our8-day adventure, which began at Lee’s Ferry, covered 188 miles, and ended upwith our being airlifted out of the canyon by helicopter to Bar 10 Ranch. We werepart of a group of 24, including four awesome guides, that ventured forth on twomotorized rafts. Not only did the guides take us through approximately 67 ratedrapids (rated 1–10 depending upon their technical difficulty), they did all thecooking (three wonderful meals a day); gave us fascinating facts of geology,canyon folklore, and historical information; and more than once calmed our fears.One of our guides, Steve, who is a poet and creative storyteller, both humbled andamused us with his campfire tales.There’s so much to tell about this fascinating trip. We marveled at the pristinewaterfalls and the turquoise blue water of the Little Colorado, which required quite a hike to enjoy. Weexperienced ancient Indian ruins and never-ending cliff walls rising almost a mile overhead. We saweagles, bighorn sheep, condors, bats, lizards, and heard the rattle of a snake that I’m glad I didn’t see!Each day the view and experience was different and spectacular. The challenges included daily heat in the canyon of 125+ degrees,48-degree water temperatures (although it felt pretty good at times with the daily temperature and sun), a rainstorm on the 4th of Julyand sleeping under a tarp, a sandstorm that made our prime rib dinner a little crunchy, and, of course, the challenge of “the facilities.”My favorite parts were rafting the rapids and the helicopter ride out of the canyon. I also can’t say enough about the new friends welived with for a week. Not many people experience the Canyon this way, and now Larry and I can officially say we are “river rats”—and we have our gold pins to prove it!
Some interesting travels….
The trip of a lifetime! 
Alexander Gale,
the 13-year-old son of 
Lorie Gale,
traveled to Fortaleza, Brazil, in August 2011 toparticipate in the
 Junior Pan American Karate Tournament 
.Alex was one of 80 children from across the United States(11 from Illinois) to participate in the three-day tournament.He is a 1st-degree black belt and a member of the IllinoisShotokan Karate Club and USA Karate. Alex qualified for theUSA Karate National Team and had the honor of representingthe United States at the international event.Alex and his teammates spent 10 days in Brazil trainingand competing against hundreds of participants from Northand South America. Alex competed in the -50 Kg. Kumite(sparring) division. His hard work and years of trainingcertainly paid off in the opportunity to compete at such a highlevel.Besides competing, the USA Karate National Team alongwith their families were able to do some sight-seeing inBrazil. Alex’s mother, Lorie, said the scenery was “beautiful,with sandy white beaches as far as the eye could see.” Shesaid the ocean was just outside their hotel, and the sights andsounds wereamazing. It was anexperience thatthey might nothave had withoutAlex’s involve-ment in karate.The Gales havetraveled quite a bit for karate competitions. The
 Junior Pan American Karate Tournament 
was in Montreal, Canada, theprevious year, where Alex received a bronze medal. Theyalso attend an annual meet in Las Vegas.The karate talent in the Gale family is not limited to Alex.His 12-year-old sister,
recently attained her brownbelt. Sandra holds a national title in sparring for her gold-medal performance at the
 National Karate Tournament 
heldin Arlington, Texas, this past July. Their parents are veryproud of both of them. We would like to wish Alex andSandra “good luck” in their future karate endeavors!
Alex Gale journeys to Brazil for karate tournament 

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