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Vince Gironda - Gironda Gems

Vince Gironda - Gironda Gems

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Published by ArcanaArcanorum

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Published by: ArcanaArcanorum on Mar 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Gironda Gems
COMMON ERRORS IN BODYBUILDINGBy Vince GirondaNot all the experts will agree with this list of common errors inbodybuilding, but Mr. Gironda has not only proved the worth of hisknowledge on his own body, but is responsible for training manytitle winning bodybuilders spanning more than 30 years in whichhe has run his own gym in California.1. Over training! (Anything over 45 minutes is over training.)2. Working out too slowly.3. Full Sit Ups and Leg Raises.4. Working abdominals every workout.5. Working upper body and legs on the same day.6. Not touching chest to bar and calling it chinning.7. Not raising up on the big toe when doing Toe Raises (alsopulling heels together at counteraction.)8. Bench Presses for Pecs. (90% Front Deltoid.)9. Not touching all four bells together on dumbbell bench work.(90% Deltoid if not performed this way.)10. Deep Knee Bends.11. Leg Presses.12. Under working and over working a muscle by performing toowide a variety of exercises on a given muscle.13. Cheating exercises.14. Presses for deltoid.15. One arm exercises.16. Mixing carbohydrates and protein.17. Behind neck Chins on Pull-down Machine (Rounded Back.)18. Not working Hyperextensions and forearms on every upperbody day.19. Skipping breakfast.20. Side Bends.21. Not ingesting enzymes at every meal.22. Not arching back on lat work.23. Leg Extensions.24. Leg Curls on extension table.
25. Not selecting the proper exercise for deficient muscle areas.26. Not keeping chin on chest, feet under face and elbows wide onparallel dips for pecs.27. No knowledge of combining exercises.28. Not changing program often enough.29. No knowledge of breaking a rut.30. Not specializing on slow growing areas.31. Not taking supplements.32. Lack of concentration during workouts.33. Not having an expert to answer your questions.34. Unwillingness to accept new or different concepts.35. Jogging.DEVELOPING MUSCLEby Vince GirondaThis consists of two parts – developing more capillaries and morenerve pathways, or better and stronger nerve impulses to themuscle. Also, to acquire larger muscles, you must increase theintensity of work done within a given time. This means minimumrest between sets. (Push yourself.) I feel workouts should be timed,and constantly strive to shorten the time it takes to get through yourroutine. (This is a form of Progressive Resistance.) It does notmatter how much work you do. What counts is how fast you do it.This is known as the “overload principle”. The overload principleexplains why sprinters have larger leg development thanlongdistance runners. It is more work to run a mile than 100 yards,but the sprinter is doing more work per second.I have found that the maximum amount of sets that can beperformed to create a maximum pump to a muscle, is 12 sets.Clancy Ross and Bill Pearl both claim that if you can’t get aworkout in 15 sets, you are not concentrating properly. Anythingabove or beyond this is overwork and causes the muscle to contractand lose its blood supply. I have seen this happen to top physiquestars, as well as myself. This is not theory, but fact!!! (This is amajor fault I find with most beginners.)I would like to point out here that maximum pump at everyworkout does not build tissue. It only keeps it pumped up andbloated, but you cannot grow on this much work. Maximum pumpworkouts should not be employed more often than once a week.
Remember, it takes 72 hours to rebuild tissue after this type of workout. Again, I repeat. There is a fine dividing line betweenenough work and too much work. If you decide to employ thisroutine, it is best performed by working with a weight that is about60% of your maximum. Overenthusiastic workouts producebloated muscle tissue, but no gains.Top physique stars take maximum workouts every workout. Butthey work each muscle only twice a week. Even with their superiormetabolism, they still need 72 hours recuperation. Take heed – thatworkouts tear down tissue – rest builds it. Talk to any champion.Because of his wide horizon of instinctive knowledge, he cannotand will not give you pat answers. Without consciously knowingthe reason for his success, he is unable to guide you. Champions,you must understand, are not necessarily teachers. But they areobservers. Watch any champion train, and you will recognize thefact that they appear to be doing something extra, even though theyare doing the same exercises as you. That something extra isconcentration and an absolute singleness of purpose. I findpersonally that I can get in top condition by deciding to do so.While my workout partners never seem to consider themselves tobe in shape, they also say I am doing the same exercises as you andI am using the same amount of weight; that I am working out at thesame speed; but I cannot seem to feel the exercise. The answer tothis statement is, think about every part of the movement as you doit. Don’t turn your mind off. In short, concentrate.A New RealityBy Vince GirondaRecently I have had the opportunity to visit several gyms becausethey were recommended by people who informed me that theseplaces were making a great deal of money and that they representthe new trend in gyms. So I went. What did I find? More gymequipment in one place than any gym equipment showroom. Why?Is it because of lack of understanding related to instruction? Thisquestion was answered by the fact that in each gym I visited I wassurrounded by gym members seeking one thing only, information!(From IronMan, January 1982)

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