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Collected short stories by Jay Huck

Collected short stories by Jay Huck



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Published by Jahanzaib Haque
revealing a wide variety of my writing styles, narratives and simply bizarre plots/dreams.
revealing a wide variety of my writing styles, narratives and simply bizarre plots/dreams.

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Published by: Jahanzaib Haque on May 28, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Familiar Tale (so this be short)
On the floor huddled in a corner, pressed up against cold cold tiles the little girl cries.She is gasping in short bursts, her body held in silent contortion, every ounce of energydevoted to overcoming the overwhelming sensation within her. Her tears are smallcomfort to a heart that is unable to feel anything but a slow burning pain. Her stomachchurns once more; she is a cocoon latched firmly to the cold cold tiles.Pity her? She doesn’t seem to seek it. Help her? She only asks for more cold tiles. Loveher? She asks for a moment of silence, a moment alone if you’d please. The tip of afinger breaks free of clenched knuckles and points toward the door; clearly, she needsno one.One wonders what is running through this girl’s mind as she slowly releases her cramped muscles and slides to the floor at dawn, lying in a crumpled mess a foot awayfrom the toilet, wrapped in the soft towel she managed to pull down – her single comfortfor the sleep that follows.Is she dreaming?Is she perhaps finally facing the invisible beast that held her in his arms? Face down onthe cold cold tiles...
The Metal head versus the Nine year old
Dear reader, a true account for your reading pleasure. Here I am on holiday at myuncle’s home, wasting my time as most people do – watching TV and avoiding theincessant chatter of my nine-year-old cousin who sits beside me. This girl-child has aparticular habit of criticizing my habits and tastes (in her imaginary world, I am a child;her equal despite our obvious eleven year age difference.). So here we were on a nightlike any other and I, finding nothing suitable to watch on the cable decide to take in a half hour of hard metal – Uranium was on; not a bad time to catch up on some new metalbands perhaps?Wrong...I forgot about the presence of the nine year old by my side.‘Ugh, Jay! Do we have to? This music is terrible...my god that guy is
ugly!’This being her comment against the current music video playing: Frantic by Metallica.Now ordinarily I just ignore her comments and nod my head (a tactic I learnt in highschool to deal with teachers) till she gets frustrated and leaves me alone – but this wasMetallica for Christ’s sake! I give her my best glare...‘You know who you remind me of?’She’s ecstatic that I’m actually responding to her for once.‘Who?’‘That girl; Daria’s sister...the really annoying empty-headed one...you just passed judgment on one of my favorite bands without even giving them a chance! You called thesinger ugly! Is that the way to judge music?’She looks at me as if I’m truly an oddity.
‘Well! I am
not like Daria’s sister; she’s ugly and stupid - and I don’t like this singer.He cant sing at all, and he’s screaming like a girl.’‘Hey! That’s a very masculine scream! You know what, you’re too young for thismusic...You’ll understand it when you’re older, if you’re lucky.’‘Well I wouldn’t want to...They’re ugly, their music is
annoying and why are they soangry anyway?’‘They are angry at all the things that are bad in this world. They get angry at things likeunnecessary pain. They’re good guys, really...’‘Well, they’re causing pain to me. I mean
! Their style, ugh and their music, so loud!You just like them because they have long hair like yours. I really don’t like this musicJay; c’mon, can we please change it?’‘Hair length has nothing to do with this! I like my hair long because it feels good when Ibrush it okay? Now tell me, what kind of music do you like?’Maybe if I listen to her side of it, I’ll be able to help this poor child appreciate the art of metal.‘I like Britney Spears and Lizzy McGuire’‘God those two suck! They’re all about the image don’t you understand! Their music ismanufactured. There is nothing real about it. They sing about things like love and crapwithout even having experienced any of it. Heavy metal artists such as these guys aretrying to show you real life. True it’s a narrow part of life; mostly they make music aboutstruggle, pain, strife and hate or the loss of love, but its real topics that touch their hearts. The music is loud, grim, heavy and fast to express all this and...well...listen to it!It’s got magnificent rhythms and just sheer energy! Now, can you really say this music isbad? Does the way they look
affect their song? I mean, tell me, would their musicsound different if you had your eyes closed? And beyond all this; what gives you theright to judge them so harshly?’

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