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My Favorite Misogynists

My Favorite Misogynists

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Published by mary eng

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Published by: mary eng on Mar 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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my favorite misogynists: friedrich nietzsche and august strindberg it is possible to like their work, without liking their deep hatred and disparagement of women perhaps it is wrong to force young women to read misogynist literature as a part of their "education" similarly i worry about male dominated religions and parliaments: clearly these are child abuse. my raging crush on @jakereesmogg continues, despite my disdain for the 80% male UKParliament.why would he dare work for a sexist governement without trying to FIX it? will he listen and realize reifying the UKGender Imbalance without questioning his place in theman-o-sphere is less than i'd expect from a modern Scandinavian man. he may be england's creme de la creme, but men manufactured in misogynist hothouses easilybore me at which how do we explain to @zacgoldsmith and @jakereesmogg a nearly all MALE monkeyUKparliament carries no dignity------------------------------> could i get through???before i die in a lake like virginia woolf?how badly this makes us feel. an insult to the young women of the future:allowing this sexism to continue. and all the americans trying to litigate women's bodies like we are reproductive slave machines.the horror. at which point it seems absurd to keep reading words of hatred, when the brain yearns for something en-noblingi imagine finding a new cult:____________________. i find misogyny, emasculating so at which point male hatred and oppression of women, fails to confer status (marcello ferradade noli) a. said he might start writing about the secret all female shadow NWOaspropaganda v. male dominated culture and politics he spoke of the MTV aspects of Wikileaks as a Rock Band 

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