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Tutorial 13 - Revision

Tutorial 13 - Revision

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Published by NothingToKnow

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Published by: NothingToKnow on Dec 04, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AY0809 October Semester
IT Project Management
Tutorial 13: Revision
Test 2 possible questions: 9,11,12,13,17,18,29Objectives:1. Revision on initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controllingprocessesTest 2 possible questions: 9,11,12,13,17,18,29
Q1. A series of activities to create a unique product or service by aspecific date is best described as which one of the following?A.A programB.An operationC.A project
A portfolioAnswer:CQ2. Project managers use _____ to identify, evaluate and managechanges throughout the project life cycle
a change control board
integrated change control
a baseline
configuration managementAnswer:AQ3. Which of the following is not a suggestion for performingintegrated change control?
use good configuration management
minimise change
establish a formal change control system
view project management as a process of constantcommunication and negotiationAnswer:BQ4. Scope _____ is often achieved by a customer inspection and thensign-off on key deliverables.A.verificationB.validationC.completionD.close-out
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AY0809 October Semester
Answer:AQ5. What is the first process in planning a project schedule?A.milestone definitionB.activity definitionC.activity resource estimation
activity sequencingAnswer:BQ6. Which of the following is false?A.A resource breakdown structure is a hierarchical structurethat identifies the project’s resources by category and typeB.Duration and effort are synonymous termsC.A 3-point estimate is an estimate that includes anoptimistic, most likely, and pessimistic estimate
A Gantt chart is a common tool for displaying projectschedule informationAnswer:BQ7. If the actual cost for a WBS item is $1500 and its earned value was$2000, what is its cost variance, and is it under or over budget?A.the cost variance is -$500, which is over budgetB.the cost variance is -$500, which is under budgetC.the cost variance is $500, which is over budgetD.the cost variance is $500, which is under budgetAnswer:DQ8. If a project is halfway completed and its schedule performanceindex is 110% and its cost performance index is 95%, how is itprogressing?A.it is ahead of schedule and under budget
it is ahead of schedule and over budget
it is behind schedule and under budget
it is behind schedule and over budgetAnswer:BQ9. What is the purpose of project quality management?A.to produce the highest quality products and servicespossibleB.to ensure that appropriate quality standards are metC.to ensure that the project will satisfy the needs for which itwas undertakenD.all of the above
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AY0809 October Semester
Answer:CQ10. What of the following is not part of project human resourcemanagement?A.resource estimatingB.acquiring the project teamC.developing the project teamD.managing the project teamAnswer:AQ11. A _____ maps the work of a project as described in the WBS to thepeople responsible for performing the work.A.project organisation chartB.work definition and assignment processC.resource histogramD.responsibility assignment matrixAnswer:DQ12. Which of the following is not a tool or technique for managingproject teams?A.observation and conversationB.project performance appraisalsC.issue logsD.Social Styles ProfileAnswer:DQ13. Which of the following is not a process in project communicationsmanagement?A.information planningB.information distributionC.performance reportingD.managing stakeholdersAnswer:AQ14. If you add 3 more people to a project team of 5, how many morecommunication channels will you add?A.2B.12C.15D.18Answer:DQ15. A _____ report describes where the project stands at a specific pointin time
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