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Published by Richard Washington

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Published by: Richard Washington on Mar 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Every successful company relies on a powerfulidentity system — but a memorable corporateidentity doesn't just happen. Building astrong brand is everyone’s responsibility. Itmust be carefully designed and consistentlyimplemented. Whenever you create materialsto communicate outside the company, askyourself these questions about the piece;Does it convey Versata — even when theVersata signature is covered? Are you usingthe signature properly? This guide covers thecore elements that make up the foundationof Versata’s brand identity program, alongwith examples of its application. The properuse of these elements is essential to Versata’sbrand strategy and ultimate success.
Think of the our corporate signature as the face of Versata.Show it off properly by adhering to the rules set in theseguidelines. The signature consists of the “versata” logotypethe “Running Man” icon (or “bug”), and the Trademark,™” symbol. The size of the “™” symbol should be adjustedproportionally to the size of the logotype. Generally, as thesignature becomes larger, the “™” symbol becomes smallerin proportion. Only use the Versata signature as a singlelock-up” unit. Never try to replace or incorporate typesetcopy within any part of the signature. Always follow theguidelines for breaking apart/extracting individual elementsfrom the Versata signature.
Running Man icon or “bug”TaglineLogotypeTrademark symbolbaseline
Clear SpaceMinimum SizeLogo Components
The signature should be allowed a clean and visualseparation from all other elements. The height of theVersata logo (from the baseline of the logotype to thetop of the running man‘s head) serves as a measurementfor minimum clear-space around the entire signature.This space indicated for the signature, should be flat incolor (preferably white when signature is full-color, asshown here) and unpatterned, clear of type or any otherelements. (For more information see Background Colorssection pg. 8)The minimum reduction of the Versata signature shouldbe no smaller than one-and-a-quarter inches (1.25") widefor any print-based application scenario.
1.25"X= height of logo
   5   0   %    X   5   0   %    X
Lock-upLock-up with tagline
The Versata signature, ”lock-up“, consists of the Versatalogotype which includes the Trademark symbol, “™“and the Running Man icon or “bug“. In some scenariosVersata‘s tagline, “Automating e-Businessmay alsoappear in the logo lock-up. (Please see section entitledThe Elements, on pg. 6 for further information regardingusage of the signature and its various components)
   5   0   %    X   5   0   %    X
50%X50%XX= height of logo
Logo with tagline
X= height of logotypeXXXX
X= height of running manMinimum Reduction85- 100% of icon remains in view
   2   5   %    X   2   5   %    X
The Elements
The Running Man
The Running Man icon or “bug” represents speed andagility. It may be extracted from the signature to be usedas an additional iconic element, but only where thecomplete Versata signature already appears somewhereon that given application. The Running Man should appearno smaller than one-quarter inch (.25") wide for any print-based applications.The Running Man icon can be enlarged, reduced orcropped, opening the possibilities for it to be used as amore interesting graphic or textural element. It is preferredthat the Running Man icon always be depicted facing orrunning to the right. When cropping, at least 85% of thecomplete icon must remain visible with the arms and headalways in full view.Regarding color application, it is important to maintainthe brand “look and feel” by utilizing the corporate palette.The Running Man may appear in one of the following colorscenarios; a.) in PMS 268 (violet) atop a white background,b.) as a white icon atop a PMS 268 (violet) background,c.) as a matte varnish atop a white (or given paper stock)background, or d.) as a matte varnish atop a PMS 268(violet) background.Regarding clear space, the signature lock-up withthe additional tagline element, is treated in theexact same fashion as the original lock-up. Theminimum size in horizontal width should be nosmaller than one-and-a-quarter (1.25") inches.The logotype is treated slightly different in regardto clear space. The height of the logotype, “X“,(from the baseline to the top of the letter “t“) servesas a measurement for minimum clear space aroundthe entire logotype. The minimum size in horizontalwidth should be no smaller than one-and-a-quarter(1.25") inches.

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