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NetPicks 2011 Market Outlook Part 4

NetPicks 2011 Market Outlook Part 4

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Published by Mark Soberman
Join NetPicks President Mark Soberman as he sits down with the NetPicks Coaching Staff to make their predictions on the market for 2011. Enjoy Part 4 of this transcript.
Join NetPicks President Mark Soberman as he sits down with the NetPicks Coaching Staff to make their predictions on the market for 2011. Enjoy Part 4 of this transcript.

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Published by: Mark Soberman on Mar 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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NetPicks Market Outlook 2011
Transcript Part 4 of 7
This webinar transcript is brought to you by NetPicks, day trading systems and strategiesdeveloper since 1996. For more free day trading articles, analysis, videos, webinars, andmore be sure to visit http://netpicks.com/trading-tips.  If you enjoyed reading about this webinar, be sure to get on our mailing list and sign upfor future webinars, as well as view all past webinar recordings athttp://www.netpicks.com/learning-center/training-webinars/  
 Next page. So right now what I’m looking at besides what I’m trading now, I’m really
interested in trading -- going back to the bonds
like and I’m looking at the 377 tick chart.
Starting at --
right now, I’m looking at the same time as crude oil around 8:50. Stilltrying to tweak that so I’m foretasting that then I know TJ is looking at something and we
can -- maybe we compare notes a
nd see how we’re doing. But the last couple of days,it’s over a grand in trading one of two contracts, one trail so it’s looking pretty good. I’m
also going to be looking at trading the Spyders and the Qs trading options by actuallyputting the options symbol on the chart. And you have to be a TradeStation platform
owner to do this and I don’t know if any of these guys out there have tried to do this or 
not.But what you do is you follow up 195-minute Q chart, default settings for the SST, andthen you follow up a TradeStation option analysis window and then you linked them.And then -- and also you want -- you want to have another two charts open, one with theactual Qs open and the 195-
minute, and then click on “in the money strike price”
the front month. I try to go maybe four weeks out and you’ll find that the “inthe money” option will trade almost identical to the 195
-minute underlying Q chart. And
I’m using that for actually just trading that symbol using the SST. And if you people
outthere that have a --
and I don’t have an example because I don’t
I didn’t take control but I could have but we’ll be maybe exploring that maybe in the trade room or but it’s
really an interesting way to trade an option symbol just like the underlying vehicle so
that’s something I’m looking at. The problem with that, though, is you can’t back test it.There’s no historical data. So I’m forward testing it now and seeing how that goes.And also, I’m looking at swing trading, the agriculturals. And that’s something I got onthe back burner but I’m liking what I see and that’s kind of what I’m doing. I don’t haveany big position except for I have one Super Bowl prediction. It’s going to be Green Bay
and New England with Super Bowl and Green Bay is going to upset them.Mark Soberman: You meant Green Bay and the Jets?Keith McKenzie: I mean no. No, New England.Mark Soberman: Okay.
 Keith McKenzie: Sorry bud.Mark Soberman: Yeah, right. Wishful thinking Mark but a couple of questions for you.
Anthony is asking, “Is it very difficult to keep to your plan?” So obviously, you got avariety of different things you’re doing here, is it really difficult to stay with it or stick to
it?Keith McKenzie: No.Mark Soberman:
Good enough. There’s a couple of questions
that’s the answer 
-- on
wheat, I want to know where the wheat plan is or was? I believe there’s
isn’t it in the
replay of our annual meeting? Is that right, Brian?
Brian Short: It’s also TJ has it posted in the owner’s club.
Mark Soberman: Okay, the SST owner’s club.
 Brian Short: Yes.Mark Soberman: Okay, great. Let me see what else we have here in the questions. Pete
says, “Keith, your wheat plan was up over 75%, why would you drop it to lo
ok at other
things or have you dropped it or what’s that?”
Keith McKenzie: I --
it’s in the bull pen of simplifying things. If you look at what
-- you
know, I’m a
I don’t want to brag or anything like that, but that silver and crude is just
just --
it’s giving me a large percent wins. And by 10:30 comes along I’ll just
I’mlooking to go on and do other things. So that’s just kind of a way I’ve
it’s more of just
keeping myself more simple and I think right now two markets. That wheat, it takes a lot
of concentration and I’m ready to just keep that in the back burner at the top
-- at thestock.
Mark Soberman: Yeah, it’s a good reminder, you know, because a lot of us keep talkingabout how we’re trying to finish this early as possible. It’s exactly how the way I look. Imean I’m just
-- I just want to be done. I want to be positive and when we look at peoplewho are struggling, they want to trade four or five or six hours a day so kind of think about that.Keith McKenzie: Right.
and it’s almost goes with Will’s minimalist approach.
Mark Soberman: Sure.Keith McKenzie: And I --
even though I’m
I have to admit, I’m addicted to tradingand here I am. I’m talking about but you probably see me in the room saying, “Yeah, Idid this. I did that,” and I guess it’s
there’s nothing wrong with that but because I do
have a plan, I can work it in many times.
 Mark Soberman: Great. What exchange -- I can remember wheats, soybeans or is thatSIMI or is that CBOT?Keith McKenzie: C --Mark Soberman: CBOT, right?Keith McKenzie: CBOT.Mark Soberman: Okay. The next question --
Keith McKenzie: Actually, it’s
I think it’s all in one now but you have to subscribe to
the CBOT. Yes, you do have to subscribe to the CBOT or you have to get all the --
the $61.Mark Soberman: Okay. That will cover the --Keith McKenzie: The data fee.Mark Soberman: Great.
Keith McKenzie: That’s
--Mark Soberman: Okay. I surely appreciate that, Keith. So Bob, you are next. Do youneed me to show your slides or do you want me to give you control.Bob Malinowski: Sure. Why do
n’t you go ahead and show mine, that’d be easier.
Mark Soberman: Okay. There you go.Bob Malinowski: Okay. Mark and Brian asked us to you know, make some predictions
and talk about what worked and what didn’t work. And so, I decided just to take a
look at CNBC had predicted for the last year because I find these predictions, often times,
don’t meet reality. But, you know, just very briefly here, with some of the financial
components for say in treasury yields at fall this year and they did. They did fall this yearbut they went back up again. So there is a prediction which you could say was a, youknow, you know, came an apparition
or maybe didn’t but, you know, the same treasury
yields for fall for the year 2010. They did. They want back up.
CNBC also predicted that the U.S. dollar would explode higher and it didn’t go up the
first half of the year but then it went back down during the second half of the year. FastMoney had predicted that gold prices would topple to $900 an ounce. That one just
didn’t happen at all as you see no gold is up around $1,400 an ounce. Stocks would drop
by 10% in the first half of 2010. Well, they did. They dropped by about 10.5%. That

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