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Published by Tommaso Galmacci

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Published by: Tommaso Galmacci on Mar 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Aquilonia - Flower of the West
Conan: Aquilonia - Flower of the West
is © 2005 Conan Properties International LLC. CONAN®, CONAN THEBARBARIAN® and related logos, character, names, and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of Conan PropertiesInternational LLC unless otherwise noted. All Rights Reserved. Mongoose Publishing Ltd Authorized User. Conanthe Roleplaying Game is released under version 1.0 of the Open Game License. Reproduction of non-Open GameContent of this work by any means without the written permission of the pulisher is expressly forbidden. See page200 for the text of this license. With the exception of the character creation rules detailing the mechanicsof assigning dice roll results to abilities and the advancement of character levels, all game mechanics andstatistics (including the game mechanics of all feats, skills, classes, creatures, spells and the combatchapter) are declared open content. Printed in China 
 Introduction 2 The Proudest Kingdom3 A Breed Apart29 Might & Majesty44Pomp & Pageantry52 Illnesses & Ungents56 Faith & Fervour 60 Governance & Law64Beyond the Gardens96 Ways & Means13 7Lords & Masters141 Foes & Fiends147Serfs & Sell-Swords15 6
 the Judgement Throne
187 Danger & Destiny 196License 200
 Vincent Darlage
 Editor and Line Developer 
Richard Neale
 Cover Art
Chris Quilliams
 Interior Artists
Storn C. Cook, Anthea Dilly, Stacy Drum, Sergio Villa Isaza, Chris Quilliams, Chad Sergesketter, Ronald Smith,Ursula Vernon & Alejandro Villen
Studio Manager 
Ian Barstow 
Production Director 
 Alexander Fennell
Eric Micheals
Special Thanks
Theodore Bergquist & Fredrik Malmberg at ConanProperties.
Continuing support for Conan the Roleplaying Game canbe found at www.conan.com, www.mongoosepublishing.com and in the pages of Signs and Portents magazine.
   i   n   t   r   o   d   u   c   t   i   o   n
Welcome to Aquilonia 
 Aquilonia, a land
rife with intrigue, murder,horror and the setting for untold campaigns. From thepalatial splendour of the capital, Tarantia, to the ruraltranquillity of the Tauran and the brooding nobles of Poitain, this sourcebook for
Conan the Roleplaying Game 
 details Hyboria’s greatest kingdom, Aquilonia, the Flowerof the West, destined to be ruled over by the mighty Conanhimself! Aquilonia is the wealthiest and most powerful of theHyborian kingdoms, peopled with a proud populationbetter off than most in that distant epoch. Its baronsand counts maintain ancient feuds from generation togeneration and the frontiers fight Picts, Cimmerians,Nemedians, Ophireans and each other. Throughout thechronicles of Conan, Aquilonia plays a dominant role inthe history of the Hyborian Age. From stories such as
Phoenix on the Sword 
The Scarlet Citadel 
where Conanis King to others like
Beyond the Black River 
Wolves Beyond the Borders 
, featuring Aquilonia’s struggles with thePicts, all draw their readers into the provinces and streets of  Aquilonia and the rule of its barbarian king.Unlike many of the other nations of the era, Aquiloniansis described as being comprised of many different racialtypes: Gundermen, Poitainians, Bossonians, Taurans andothers appear in the various tales of Conan, all of them Aquilonians. What characteristics do these races have incommon? What characteristics make these races different?How are these heterogeneous populations controlled by a single Aquilonian king? This volume attempts to answerthose questions and more.The early chapters of this book discuss what an Aquilonianis like, including details of appearance, the importance of honour, the function of allegiance, the role of women,love and marriage, how property is acquired andmanaged, the existence of slavery, the part occupationsand guilds play in society, how trade works, whattaxes are normally paid and who pays them andthe social strata of Aquilonians. Informationconcerning government and politics,feudalism and the manorial system, Aquilonian history, law, military,government as well asinformation on the inclusion of Aquilonia in your gamescan be found in the later chapters of this book.Throughout this text appear sample Non-PlayerCharacters appropriate to the section they are attachedto. More Non-Player Characters appear in the
Notables of   Aquilonia 
chapter. The Non-Player Characters used in thissourcebook are not given fate points or languages. Thereare several reasons for this omission. First, if Non-PlayerCharacters’ use fate points as much as Player Characters,no one would ever get killed and the Player Characters’ jobs will be that much harder. Fate Points exist primarily as an opportunity for players to influence the game in a favourable direction. Games Masters do not need thatparticular contrivance. Second, who knows what a Non-Player character has been through in his life? In both cases,the Games Master’s discretion is required. If the GamesMaster wants to give the Non-Player Characters describedthroughout this book Fate Points, he is at leave to do so.Languages function in a similar manner. If the GamesMaster wants a character to speak a given language ornot, then the character speaks or does not speak the givenlanguage. The needs of the game is paramount here, nota whimsical choice of mine. Thus, both Fate Points andLanguages are left off the statistic blocks of the charactersthroughout this text.The tantalisingly vague descriptions and hints given aboutthe various Hyborian nations serve as a springboard forthe imagination. As even a casual perusal of 
The Hyborian Age 
shows, these are not stagnant cultures, forever framedby a single phrase in a story. These cultures and kingdomsshould live and breathe. Borders should change andwaver. Every Game Master should not fear to put a bitof themselves into this world. Take these seeds and seewhat grows from your own imagination. Not everyone’s Aquilonia needs to be the same, with the same bordersand culture. If you want Aquilonia to wipe Nemedia off the map, then do it. If you want Tarantia to burn to theground, then let it burn. Just because some Nemedianscribe hyped up Conan to be the greatest hero of the age,do not let that stop your players from being greater.Let the Hyborian Age live and never let it stagnate. We arethe kings of the world tonight!

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