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Opalesque New Managers March 2012

Opalesque New Managers March 2012

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Published by Peter Urbani
Emerging Hedge Funds Monitor
Emerging Hedge Funds Monitor

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Published by: Peter Urbani on Mar 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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New Managers
| Opaleqe’ Eme Maae Moto
ISSUE 03 • March 2012
Opalesque’s Emerging Manager Monitor
ISSUE 01 • September 2011
ISSUE 03 • Ma 2012
 A eseae’s vie on at investos ant fom emeging
 A eapituation of maien aunes in ate Feuay aneay Ma
Sevea anaysts expain te enefits of investing in nemanages an itiise te ten of investing in e-knon
Opinions voie on emeging manages in te ast 30 ays.
Tee emeging ege fun manages speak to Opaesque
EMAnAgErs indicEs
Feuay 2012 pefomane of Opaesque’s inies of emegingmanage funs
EMErging MAnAgErs: sTATisTics
Pete Uani’s quantitative anaysis of emeging manages’pefomane
 A ook at funs of ege funs tat invest in emeging manages
New Managers
| Opaleqe’ Eme Maae Moto
ISSUE 03 • March 2012
weome to te Ma 2012 issue of
, Opaesque’s monty monitoof emeging ege fun manages.
Statistis, Pete Uani emonstatestat te OpaesqueEmanages Inex(Fe-uay esuts on page
 ) is igy suitaeas a enmak, eause it an e easiyepiate it a o taking eo. hegoes on to igigt some of te main ontiutos to te eeateInex’s isk an etun aateistis toug a isk eomposition.Te vie tat it migt e est to eave te emeging manage see-tion, eking an monitoing to a speiaist, su as a fun of funso a muti-manage pogamme fo exampe, ame to us fom iffeentones tis mont.lisa Fiman of PAAMcO an wiiam benjamin of hSbc, ot pat ofa FoF management team, tak to Opaesque aout tei pefeenesan poeues, ie e ook at te atest citi Finane epot oneay investos in etai inFous. hege fun esea expet Kat-eine hi tes Opaesque at investos eay ook fo in emeging
maae Q&A
. Sevea anaysts eommen uking te ten ofinvesting in e-knon names an instea investing in muti-managepogammes of emeging manages, as tee ae goo anes tatte atte migt povie outpefomane in tei eay yeas inTe Anaytia Vie
Pofies, meet te manages of Aaia’s ong/sot equity fun,coeene’s futue fixe inome ege fun, an Noesse Oige’sfoex manage aount.I ope you enjoy ou ti issue of
New Manages.
Pease, o ontat me if you ave any eate nes.
Benedicte Gravrand
Benedicte Gravrand
Opaesque New Manage is eite y 
Benedicte Gravrand.
base in Geneva, Switzean, beneite aso wites exusive stoies, speia epots,o-eits Opaesque’s aiy ege fun puiation Atenative Maket bief- ing (AMb) an oasionay moeates Opaesque rountaes. beneite is pefety iingua (Fen/Engis) an as ive in Pais, Geneva an lonon.Se otaine a bA (honous) in Piosopy fom te Univesity of lonon,woke in te puising seto, te ege fun inusty an ten joine Opa- esque in 2007.
Peter Urbani 
is te fome cIO of Infiniti capita, a now efunt hong Kong- ase Fun of Funs goup. Pio to tat, e was hea of Quantitative re- sea fo Infiniti, hea of Investment Stategy, hea of Potfoio Management,hea of resea an Senio Potfoio Manage fo nume of uy-sie fims.he state out in stok-oking as an open outy foo tae in te ate 1980’s.Some of is VbA oe was inue in Kevin dow’s Measuing Maket risk an e speiaises in risk Management an Potfoio constution.
New Managers
| Opaleqe’ Eme Maae Moto
ISSUE 03 • March 2012
Opaesque lt., a eaing povie of onine infomation sevies tote atenative investment inusty, toay announe te estimateFeuay 2012 an yea-to-ate esuts fo its seies of inies tak-ing emeging ege fun an manage futues fun manages. Inexauations ae ase on uenty 288 funs iste in Opaesque Sou-tions’ Emanages ataase, te inusty’s ony ataase eiateexusivey to fun management fims ess tan 48 monts o anit assets une management of ess tan $600 miion at te time ofte fim’s ineption.Te Emanages Tota Inex, taking ot ege funs an managefutues funs, gaine 1.66% in Feuay, esuting in a ompoune2012 etun of 3.64%. Sine ineption in Januay 2009, te inex geove 62% an outpefome ot te goa stok maket an itsege fun pees.Feuay pefomane as iven y ege fun stategies, many ofi pofite fom te equity maket ay in te fist to monts ofte yea. As a esut, te Tota Inex is ose to eoveing fom teosses expeiene in te seon af of 2011.Ove te ast teve monts, it gaine 0.70%, ompae to a 1 peentoss fo te Euekaege hege Fun Inex. Aoing to ou fist estimation, te Emanages hege Fun Inexgaine 2.34% in Feuay an 5.63% in te yea’s fist to monts. Onte ote an, manage futues funs take y te
Emaae cTA
Inex gaine ony 0.16% in Feuay an ave yet to eove fom teiJanuay oss (-0.64% YTd).
Emanagers Indices
Emanagers Total Index up 1.66% in February (+3.64% YTD)

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