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Blessing for Dead and the Living

Blessing for Dead and the Living



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Published by m.akheel

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Published by: m.akheel on Dec 10, 2007
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Importance to Say and Learn :- La-e-lahaa ill-lal-lah ( Read 70,000- La-e-lahaa ill-lal-lah)Blessing for dead and the Living with Thawab-reward of 70,000 la-e-laha ill-lal-lahWhoever says La-e-lahaa ill-lal-lah and lengthens his pronounciation intendingthereby to magnify God, Four thousand of his sinsNice article on ReflectionForty Hadiths on the Merit of Saying la-e-laha ill-lal-lahIhda' - Donating the reward of Qur'an
The Importance to Learn and Say:-La-e-lahaa ill-lal-lah [Shahada : Testimony to the Unity]Meaning:- Thereis no divinity But(Except) God
First will I explain from the past books, to make any sense for the presentstatement, in Judaism you have "Hear O Israel, the Lord our Lord is ONELord", and in Christianity you have "…I believe in ONE God"[john 17.3] Thusone can see the affirmation of Unity made from the past.
la-e-lahaa ill-lal-lah
:- The formula is called (shahada) - a Witness of Unification, a Testimony of Unity – (a contract)
the witness (the saying of itwitness-bearing). The
shahada –
or Testimony of Unity is a covenant inwhich Gods part will be to give salvation in the next life, or it is deposit, laidup with god, to be repaid with the interest of a reward in the next life. It (theShahada) will accompany its utterer on the Resurrection Day, and God mostHigh will say. "I have a covenant with this servant of Mine and I am true tothe fulfilment of covenants. Let My servant enter Paradise".The Testimony of Unity has two halves; its first a Negation (-) of any divinityapart from God that is; ‘There is no divinity(Gods)’ -
’and thesecond is an Affirmation, a Positive (+) of divinity of God that is; ‘but God’
ill- lal-lah
.When a Negative and Positive are joined they make a spark, a spark thatturns to a light, a light that becomes a flame, a flame burning and illuminatingyour heart with Faith–
in arabic, God Willing.Who ever reflects deeply will find all creatures affirm the Oneness of GodMost High, for example I work with computers, and I was thinking about thesimple language a computer is programmed in, and its called Binary, Binaryis actuallyZeros and ones or Plus’s (0) and Negatives (1) or you can say - +,Negationand Affirmation.When negation followed by the affirmation is uttered by someone who putsno other Divinity (God-head, Creator worthy of Worshipping to) except God –[
 Allah in arabic His proper name
] this means that he has denied and refusedthe illusion of polytheists (believing in more than one God [
Shirk in Arabic 
and also means that the essence of Unification that his heart contains will bereinforced.For it is actively strengthened by the repetition of this noble Formula of –Oneness. As in the saying "Renew you faith [Imaan] by
la-e-lahaa ill-lal-lah
." we will explain this more in terms as an Invocation (prayer) Later on.As means of Protection God Most High says:-
la-e-lahaa ill-lal-lah
is Myfortress, and he who enters my fortress is safe from My Chastisement.Thou hast banished from me the evil of Wanderers of night and day bymeans of:-
la-e-lahaa ill-lal-lah
.I am protected from haunting spirits and demons and magic and (demonic)mates of evil and all the hosts of Iblis - [arabic name for Satan] by means of ;
la-e-lahaa ill-lal-lah
.When Moses Asked God for the Best Invocation (prayer) to Remember himcontinually, he was given
la-e-lahaa ill-lal-lah
, every prophet of God wasgiven this Formula to remember God with and By.As a means of Forgiveness when a worshipper says ‘
la-e-lahaa ill-lal-lah’
,a pillar of light goes up from his mouth and stands before God Most High.And God Most High says to the light, "Go to My Throne"; and it says, "Nay,by Thy might I will not go till Thou hast forgiven the one who uttered me."Then God says, "By My Might and Majesty, it was I who moved his tongue tosay thee, have I not already forgiven his sins?".The Testimony of Unity:- ‘
la-e-lahaa ill-lal-lah
’ when recited Continually for example 100 times, it is called in arabic (Dhikr/Zikr) - Remembrance of God
Because what you are doing is making you tongue busy with thisremembrance of God. As God says ‘if you remember Me I will Remember you’. This is the practice of the Prophets of God. as mentioned above. TheMethod one Conducts the Invocation (prayer) of 
la-e-lahaa ill-lal-lah
. Willbe explained.Remembrance of God is a fire which does not stay or spread – so if it entersa house saying, "Me and nothing other than me," which is one of themeanings of ‘
la-e-lahaa ill-lal-lah’
(There is no god [divinity] but [God]Allah), and there is firewood in the house, it burns it up and it becomes fire. If there is darkness in the house, it becomes light. If there is light in the house,it becomes 'light upon light'.Remembrance of God expels from the body impure substances produced byexcess in eating or from the consumption of unlawful food. As for food whichis lawful, it does not touch it. So the harmful components are burned up andthe good components remain.
And Whosoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it and Whosoever does an evil atom’s weight will see it.Actions produce effects on the heart. Just as the effect of an atoms weight of food or drink or medicine is not lost on the body, so too the effect of anatom’s weight of goodness or evil is not lost either drawing near to Godsdoor or in separation from Him. But what is the way to come close to Godyou may be asking, we will now explain.
If your searching for Islam/or finding out is Islam is for you, the n thefollowing practice May help you, Or you want to Strength your Faith inGod.On the rules of Conduct for the invocation (prayer):- la-e-lahaa ill-lal-lah Testimony of Unity
Among the rules of conduct are wearing of proper, Clean ( i.e. clothes notstained with urine or its like) sweet-smelling clothes and maintaining purity of body (Cleanliness is next to Godliness ) also you need to clean the Outside[body] (by have a bath and one MUST Make an Intention to coming close toGod) before one can to attempt to Clean the inside [Heart].Thus Ritual (Purity (bathing) implies the Negation of uncleanness and theAffirmation of Ritual Purity. In Almsgiving, there is negation of love of moneyand affirmation of love of God.And purity of stomach by eating lawful food. Although the invocation of :-
la-e-lahaa ill-lal-lah,
expels the parts arising from unlawful good, nevertheless,when the stomach is empty of unlawful food or whatever is doubtful, thebenefit of the invocation is in a greater or more lasting illumination of theheart. When there is unlawful food in the stomach, the invocation washes itout and purifies the stomach. Consequently, at such times its benefit inilluminating the heart is weaker.Do you not see that if you wash solid things in water, it removes the dirt, butthey are not very clean? For that reason, it is preferable to wash them asecond or a third time. However, if an area to be washed is already free of dirt, it increases in beauty and radiance from the first laundering. When theinvocation descends into the heart, if there is darkness within, it illuminates it;and if there is already light, the invocation increase the light and intensifies it.The rules of conduct associated with the invocation are sincerity, perfumingthe place of invoking with sweet fragrance for sake of the angels, sittingcross-legged facing the direction of prayer (that’s east). Close one’s eyes

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