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Aspects of Dimensional Deconstruction and Neutrino Physics

Aspects of Dimensional Deconstruction and Neutrino Physics

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Published by vandyketim746

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Published by: vandyketim746 on Dec 04, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Doctoral Thesis
Aspects of Dimensional Deconstruction
and Neutrino Physics
Tomas H\u00a8

Theoretical Particle Physics, Department of Theoretical Physics
School of Engineering Sciences
Royal Institute of Technology
AlbaNova University Center, SE-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden 2007
Typeset in LATEX
Akademisk avhandling f\u00a8or avl\u00a8aggande av \ufb01loso\ufb01e doktorsexamen (\ufb01l.dr) inom
\u00a8amnesomr\u02daadet teoretisk fysik.
Scienti\ufb01c thesis for the degree of Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in the subject
area of Theoretical Physics.
Cover illustration:Spiderweb theory space for a deconstructed six-dimensional
model, where the two extra dimensions have been compacti\ufb01ed on a discretized
two-dimensional disk. Figure adopted from Ref. [1].c
\ue000SISSA/ISAS 2005
ISBN 978-91-7178-728-6

TRITA-FYS 2007:48
ISSN 0280-316X
ISRN KTH/FYS/--07:48--SE

\ue000Tomas H\u00a8
allgren, August 2007
Printed in Sweden by Universitetsservice US AB, Stockholm 2007

The existence of \ufb02at or curved extra spatial dimensions provides new insights into several of the problems which face the Standard Model of particle physics, including the gauge hierarchy problem, the smallness of neutrino masses, and the dark matter problem. However, higher-dimensional gauge theories are not renormalizable and can only be considered as low-energy e\ufb00ective theories, with limited applicability. Dimensional deconstruction provides a class of manifestly gauge invariant possi- ble ultraviolet completions of higher-dimensional gauge theories, formulated within conventional quantum \ufb01eld theory. In dimensional deconstruction, the fundamental theory is a four-dimensional quantum \ufb01eld theory and extra spatial dimensions are generated dynamically at low energies. In this thesis, we study di\ufb00erent applica- tions of dimensional deconstruction in the contexts of neutrino masses, mixing and oscillations, Kaluza\u2013Klein dark matter, and e\ufb00ective \ufb01eld theories for discretized higher-dimensional gravity.

A di\ufb00erent possibility to understand the smallness of neutrino masses is pro- vided by the see-saw mechanism. This is a genuinely four-dimensional mechanism, where the light neutrino masses are induced by the addition of heavy right-handed Majorana neutrinos or by other heavy degrees of freedom, such as scalarSU (2)L triplet \ufb01elds. It has the attractive feature of simultaneously providing a mechanism for generating the observed baryon asymmetry of the Universe. We study in this context a speci\ufb01c left-right symmetric see-saw model.

Key Words:Dimensional deconstruction, higher-dimensional gauge theories, dis-
cretized gravity, neutrino mass, neutrino mixing, neutrino oscillations, universal
extra dimensions, Arkani-Hamed\u2013Dvali\u2013Dimopolous (ADD) models,
Randall\u2013Sundrum (RS) models, Kaluza\u2013Klein (KK) dark matter, left-right sym-
metric models, see-saw mechanism, leptogenesis.

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