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Term Paper Charamae

Term Paper Charamae

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Published by Eman Nolasco

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Published by: Eman Nolasco on Mar 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Impartial Fulfillment for This Course RequirementGeopolitics
CARASIG, Charamae Elisha L.
Professor Eman NolascoMarch 22, 2012
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Power. Influence. One-world government. The Few and the Chosen. Like anaction movie, only a group of people with excellent martial arts skills will end up havingtheir triumph. Like a chick flick movie, those girls who are rich and pretty are the
“popular” students in their school. That is how the way I see it nowadays. The
continents that has been divided of time, beliefs, culture, color and race will be ruledunder one government consists of the Elite statesman or group of people.The Elite- the few with the highest rank and most influential people in the worldand they came from the best nations. These people are members of a secret group orfraternity. Just imagine how the world would be if these people will take over us. TheBig, the Best and the Powerful is taking over almost the whole space of a newspaperdiscussing how they best their nation is, how good is their economy and how better theywill become in the future. But what is their agenda? And how come they want to keep ita secret?Secret society like Freemasonry and Illuminati, to name a few, became a
“trending topic” (as what a twitter addict will describe them). But there is more to it. Who
knows what these fraternities are capable of doing. And the people involved here arethe people we al
ways see on the news making headlines. What’s more shocking is that
sometimes the people we think will do less are the most powerful or has the highestrank in a specific secret organization.I am a Christian. I believe in God and that one day the world we came to knowwill be all gone. Light will defeat the darkness. What is the connection? I have been
listening to our preacher and he is talking about the “Last Days” and one of the hints or 
ues that we are near the “END” is the taking over of the power elites to the world.
Religion and Politics. And who are these allegedly power elites? Who could they be butthe members of these two powerhouse societies. They were never in the same pagebut the manifestations of the second coming of the King are clearly seen in the current
3 |
events. And the “taking
over” of these Elites is one of the hints. What I’m saying is that I
think the future of Geopolitics will be its end and will be the beginning of the end of theworld.
This paper will discuss on how this “secret” group of elite is slowly taking literally
over the world, their aims or agenda and why they should keep it a secret. If they arehidden but why is that the world know of them. They are in public now but what they areplanning or what they talked about on these secret meetings is still confidential.They will RUN THE WORLD. It happened before, it will happen again. It is notthe question of who (the current events show WHO these people are. It will bediscussed further) or when (for it is happening now as the world goes to sleep, these
ELITE GROUP never did) but…. HOW and WHY.

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