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The Brotherhood of Darkness-Stanley Montieth

The Brotherhood of Darkness-Stanley Montieth

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Published by: ALBINOCYCLOPS on Mar 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter OneThe Dark ForcesAn understanding of the forces that have shaped the events of the twentieth century is predicated not on facts to belearned, but rather on secrets to be discovered.-Author UnknownThe invisible society is a secret and most august fraternity whose members are dedicated to the service of a mysteriousarcanum arcanorum.-Lectures on Ancient Philosophy[1]The story you are about to read is incredible but true. It will challenge everything you believe. It is about secretsocieties, how they have directed the course of civilization and how they influence your life today. Most people don'trealize they exist because their minds have been conditioned to reject any thought of such organizations. Manly P. Hallwas often cited as one of the foremost authorities on esoteric philosophy, and when he died The Scottish Rite Journalreferred to him as Masonry's Greatest Philosopher. [2] In his book, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, he traced thehistory of esoteric societies through the ages and revealed that they have left hidden clues to their existence in pictures,woodcuts, books, and architecture. You see their symbols every day, but don't recognize them. Whenever you look atthe back of a dollar bill you see their emblem, but you don't realize that it represents the Mystery Religions of antiquity.[3]I want to introduce you to three concepts and three poems that will help you understand the story you are about toread.The first concept is:An understanding of the forces that have shaped the events of the twentieth century is predicated not on facts to belearned, but rather on secrets to be discovered.-Author unknownI have studied history for over fifty years, and the longer I live the more convinced I have become that it is impossibleto grasp what is taking place today without an understanding of the secret societies. As you read this book, you willlearn about a number of them, and how they have fashioned the modern world.The second concept is:Men and women become accomplices to those evils they fail to oppose.-Author unknownOnce you recognize what is happening, you have a moral obligation to become involved. Perhaps all you can do is tellothers, write letters, or contribute financially to those who are working to expose what is taking place. If you choose todo nothing, you become an accomplice to evil, and one day will have to answer for your failure to act.The third concept is:The price that good people pay for their apathy and indifference to public affairs is that they are ruled by evil men.
-Author unknownOnly half of evangelical Christians are registered to vote, and only half of those registered actually do vote. We mustconvince everyone they have a moral obligation to become involved in the political process, ensure honest elections,and insist that elected representatives obey the Constitution. Unless enough people are willing to take action, we willsurely lose our freedom.Each of the following poems reflects an aspect of the spiritual struggle that is taking place.The first poem was written in 1842 by Alfred Lord Tennyson. It is often quoted by those who advocate worldfederation.The second poem was written in 1902 by Rudyard Kipling to honor the man who is responsible for many of our currentproblems.The third poem was written before the Civil War by James Russell Lowell.I will address each poem in turn.When I mention Alfred Lord Tennyson, most people remember his poem, The Charge of the Light Brigade.Half a league, half a league,Half a league onward,All in the valley of DeathRode the six hundred.Forward, the Light Brigade!Charge for the guns! he said:Into the valley of DeathRode the six hundred.Forward, the light Brigade!Was there a man dismayed?Not tho' the soldiers knewSomeone had blundered:Theirs not to make reply,Theirs not to reason why,Theirs but to do and die:
Into the valley of DeathRode the six hundred.Cannon to the right of them,Cannon to the left of them,Cannon in front of themVolley'd and thunder'd;Storm'd at with shot and shell,Boldly they rode and well,Into the jaws of Death,Into the mouth of hellRode the six hundred.Flash'd all their sabres bare,Flash'd as they turned in airSab'ring the gunners there,Charging an army, whileAll the world wondered.Plunged in the battery-smoke,Right through the line they broke;Cossack and RussianReel'd from the sabre-strokeShattered and sundered.Then they rode back, but not --Not the six hundred.Cannon to the right of them,Cannon to the left of them,Cannon behind them

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