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Technological Organism - James W. Jesso

Technological Organism - James W. Jesso

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Published by James W. Jesso
An investigation into the vital role the technology of the Internet is playing in our psychosocial and neurological evolution.

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An investigation into the vital role the technology of the Internet is playing in our psychosocial and neurological evolution.

Help support me and my work by purchasing a printed zine edition of this essay.
Check here for details: http://www.jameswjesso.com/printed-editions/

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Published by: James W. Jesso on Mar 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial No-derivs


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March 2012
Technological Organism
(Photo copyright: Phillip Vernon)
An investigation into the vital role that the technology of the Internet isplaying in our psychosocial and neurological evolution.
 James W. Jesso
 A Living Technology
The Internet is a living system of human connection and ideas augmented throughtechnology. Like trees communicating through the mycelium network in the forest floor,our symbiotic relationship with the Internet is helping to expand our abilities to shareessential information, transcend the boundaries that once divided us and enable us tothrive as a mutual collective. The new paradigm of human interaction that is evolvingout of our relationship with the Internet will help us to heal our world and ourselves fromthe ignorance that has plagued our history. The Internet is more vast then most of us canfathom and it is still growing, expanding beyond the digital and through the neurologicalinto our daily lives and almost every facet of contemporary human culture.As we build more technological hubs and ingrain interaction with the net more deeplyinto our personal lives, we are building a brain to house the culminating expression of mankind. This is a
 brain whose best ideas will rise to the top as a result of us openlysharing the information that inspires us most. This exposure to the cream of humanthought through digital sharing platforms is building coherence between once dividedcultures. It is building a common ground to connect in ways that are no longer divided bygeographical coincidence. Our sharing through the Internet is amplifying our  psychosocial and spiritual evolution as a species towards self-realization: an evolutionary jump in life that will mark dawn on the day after a new age of life begins. But, all of thismight be lost if we let the Internet be chopped down by the powers that be.
Communication Through Biomimicry
The evolution of the Internet has been an organic evolution. Its growth is not foundedmerely on the expanse of technology, just like the development of an idea in our mind isnot founded merely on the growth of our synaptic pathways. Just as synaptic pathwaysgrow as a result of an interest and effort in expanding our knowledge and understanding,the technology of the Internet has grown as a result of our drive to participate in it, to participate in interacting with each other. The evolution of the Internet is organic becauseit is the capability of human connection that has been growing. Its growth is the growthof human communication. The technology we have created is only the means for thatcommunication and the connection with each other we desire and require.The forests that still thrive; the forests that have yet to be compromised by humanignorance, are a dynamic living system that communicates information effectively. The primary means of its communication is the mycelium network in the forest floor. The
information being shared is the
of the forest, exchanged in the languageof nutrients. Mycelium is the root structure of the fungi kingdom. The mushrooms thatwe see sprouting on the surface of the soil are the fruiting body of the mycelium. The roleof the mycelium in the forest is to communicate nutrients between different flora andfauna from where those nutrients are abundant to where they are lacking, communicatingnutrients as needed to ensure the mutual thriving of the entire forest as a whole. For example, if one tree in the forest is lacking nutrients of a certain type and another tree hassurplus, those nutrients are communicated via the mycelium across the forest floor to thetree that is in need. Through creating a symbiotic relationship with the mycelium, thetrees thrive as a mutual collective beyond what they would be capable of on their own.The mycelium is the network by which the trees and the whole forest thrive.The Internet is a digital recreation of an organic system the planet uses tocommunicate the information necessary for it’s mutual thriving; it is a technologicalmycelium network. Like the trees in the forest that thrive when they work together insymbioses with the mycelium, so can we thrive as a species and a civilization when welearn to work symbiotically with the internet in the same regard: working towards acommon goal, a goal of thriving as a collective, in harmony with each other and the planet.
 I believe the invention of the Internet is the enviable consequence of a previous proven biologically successful model -Paul Stamets
Thriving in Symbiosis with the Internet 
As a person in a small community of people sharing
ideas, I am able to achievemore then I would be capable of on my own, though I am still limited to the
ideas present in the cultural zeitgeist of my local geography. Through creating a symbioticrelationship with the Internet, I am able to connect to a global network and find acommunity of people with
ideas that transcends my geography. For example, let’ssay I like to write about a controversial topic like psychedelic drugs, but there aren’t verymany people in my local community that share in that interest. In this case, my ability tothrive intellectually and artistically, as a respected member of a community with
ideas is limited. Yet when I utilize the Internet as the means for me to connect with the psychedelic community at large, I transcend the lack of interest in my immediate

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