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From My Heart

From My Heart

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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Mar 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From My Heart 
I was going to write about on another topic, but the recent events (you know the recent events)caused me to write about the truth. The truth is stable, insurmountably accurate, and diligentlyreal. 2012 is a new era of the 21st century 2012 opened my eyes about a lot of political, social, andeconomic issues in the world. On the eve of me being 30 years old (I will be 30 in the year 2013 ornext year), I do subscribe to the belief that an alerted, progressive citizenry is a just bulwarkagainst tyranny. Being informed is vital for us to make the rightful decisions surrounding ourlives.
Tyranny is not just found in the degenerate actions of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. Tyranny exists now inthe prevailing puppets leadership of Libya (where innocent black Africans are being abused, assaulted,and lynched).
It’s found in the TSA agency that permits the molestation of folks.
It’s found in thetransnational corporations controlling the functions of our government (and using GMO poisons in ourland of America. This is where I live, but the struggle for alertness and tranquility is international too not just national). We realize the epidemic of police brutality. That’s transparent and ever present in ourshores. Yet, there are still vigilantes like Zimmerman killing an innocent young black male named TrayvonMartin recently. Trayvon was no threat to anyone. He made As and Bs in school. He was on his way intobecoming a young, strong black man. That all ended when Zimmerman killed him even when the 911operator told Zimmerman to not go after Trayvon Martin. He was convicted of assaulting a police officertoo, so Zimmerman was a criminal before being a murderer. Yet, the police in Sanford, Florida acceptedZimmerman’s story hook line and sinker. This man Zimmerman is hiding. This is a very strange case,because the local authorizes utilized disgraceful discretion in allowing a murderer to be out of jail. Theman should of been arrested period. Trayvon’s father and mother are doing all they can to fight for justice.We as men and woman have no other choice, but to fight for justice.It’s personal for me since I (and other that look like me) couldn’t been of murdered if I was in that samesituation. Like the President said, if I have a son in the future, he will look very similar to Trayvon Martin.There is always a black male code that every black man in America understands. It doesn’t matter if welive in the inner city, the suburbs, or in the rural area. That code (or the talk) pretty much says to be betterthan average (in your personal conduct, intellect, and attitude), don’t give police a reason to lock you up(yet, still maintain your strength and dignity), always oppose injustice, and always be careful of yoursurroundings (especially if you’re new to an affluent neighborhood). It’s an unwritten code that existed notonly among brothers, but among sisters too.
If you’re black, you know exactly what I’mtalking about. That is why in real life, when I speak with great diction and intellect,people ask me “Where I am from?” (if you’re a person of color, you know what Iam talking about. You know the questions). I answer to them that I am from the
ghetto and they become shocked. The reason is that some of them believe in theignorant, stupid stereotype of blacks having no intellectual strength (or lack adown to Earth personality) if they are from an urban environment (or from theghetto). I have got news for them: I am not ashamed of where I’m from and I amnot ashamed of showing intellectual strength. I am not ashamed of my blackheritage. I will continue forward in improving my life despite stereotypes andobstacles. I will never be punked by this society.No, sir.I am a grown black manperiod. The truth is the truth. These are some of the experiences of numerousblack men and black women in America. The truth is that a black man or a blackwoman shouldn’t be ashamed of who they are. They shouldn’t be ashamed if theyact in an eclectic fashion or possess unique tastes in their lives.
This code existed among us as brothers and sisters for generations. This is probably the first time manynon-blacks heard of this stuff. Well, this is what we talk about behind closed doors. My parents sufferedJim Crow. They tell stories about not going into certain places in Virginia and in the Deep South likeMississippi (when my father was in the military during the 1960’s). My mother went into an integratedschool back in late 1960’s. I didn’t suffer Jim Crow segregation, but throwbacks from Jim Crow plague oursociety presently. These throwbacks include the War on Drugs, other forms of bigotry against minoritygroups, racial profiling, the slavery mentality, and the disparities plus injustices found inside of the prisonindustrial complex. As human beings, we have the pristine right to expound on these issues and advocatechange in the world. It’s the same people that desire a radical budget amendment to harm the benefitsgiven to poor, while they support harsh, unfair 3 strike laws in America. These laws don’t work and thegrowth of the prison industrial complex has ruin lives and harmed our economy as well. Less people inthe workforce mixed with regressive acts by the corporate dominated state aren’t positive indicators of animproved standard of living.All of the evidence in the world can be easily found to lock up Zimmerman, but he wasn’t imprisoned. KurtNimmo is truly disgraceful by citing black on white stats (in downplaying the tragedy of Trayvon Martin. Allpeople have issues [I don't believe in assaulting white people indiscriminately], but
why doesn’tNimmo expose the federal statistics on the majority of pedophiles, serial killers, thoseaddicted to meth, the majority of the leaders of imperialists today, and the majority ofelite today in America
? The Maafa and white supremacy have harmed black people, but tons of blackpeople are fighting back). Nimmo lied and said that President Barack Obama exploited the death ofTrayvon Martin for political reasons. He didn’t. He said that if he had a son, it would look like Trayvon.The President didn't even talk explicitly about the issue of race during his comments about TrayvonMartin. I don’t agree with the President on every issue, but I will respect the man as a man. Nimmo, whydon’t you expose the crimes of white supremacy against people of color (like Africans, Asians, PacificIslanders, Indians, Australian Aboriginals, etc.) for centuries?
Also, regardless of what the pro-John Birch Society Alex Jones and Kurt Nimmo says (they want people of color to besubmissive to their views like a house slave), people like me have expose problems inthe black communities, the murders of children worldwide, the murder of innocent blackpeople in Libya, and other likeminded topics for years. Liars believe that social justice iscode for Communism when it isn’t. Some of the major people who funded Hitler, Stalin,Mao, and others were international bankers or cartel-capitalists. Communism like laissezfaire capitalism are advanced by the same people in order for society to be divided alongclass lines (and to prevent real revolution from taking place in the world). Personally, Ireject Communism for its ethical relativism and its metaphysical materialism, but I don’tagree with child labor, banning all welfare, or scapegoating the poor for the crimes of thesuper rich either. Those individuals slandering social justice as Communism are mostlypro-Republicans (since they are a part of the Left/Right Paradigm)
See, Nimmo is areactionary posing as a truthseeker. Nimmo follows the Rockefeller Foundation funded Movement ofAustrian economics. Radical libertarianism is just as much funded by the elite as communism is. I am a
man that will disagree with Nimmo and Walter Williams on their slander of the tragedy of Trayvon Martin.To minimize the death of an unarmed child in order for a person to support the reactionary lies from RonPaul is sickening on Kurt Nimmo's part. If a black man did the exact same thing to a white child of similarage, that black man would be in jail right now. As a brother, I have no choice but to support Trayvon'sfamily. People of every race feel the same way that I do (in that these events represent an obscene act ofbrutality against an innocent young person). The materialism in the USA, their fake gods, their wars, andtheir hypocritical culture can go into Hell in my eyes.
I wear a plain, red hoodie from time totime (It’s a Champs 2X red one) and
I will keep on wearing my redhoodie until I pass away
.Additionally, I have a gray and black IZODhoodies. Just because a person wear a certain type of clothing doesn't mean aperson is a total criminal. Bigots should end their stereotypes about people ofdifferent background. Zimmerman, like the coward that he is, is hiding like apunk.
Zimmerman pursued Martin so "Stand Your Ground" laws shouldn't apply.
Heisn’t a real man since a real man would publicly speak truth to power if he wasfalsely accused of being a cold blooded murderer. This murderer Zimmerman hasno respect from me. Even Geraldo Rivera is wrong to assume that a personwearing a hoodie would make a person more of a target (of a derangedindividual). Even Joe Oliver lied and said that the term goon is a term ofendearment and the C word can’t be a racial slur under certain circumstances.Even Geraldo’s son disagrees with Geraldo on this issue. Here are the ignorant,bigoted quotes from George Zimmerman:

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