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كتاب السياسة الخارجية الامريكية

كتاب السياسة الخارجية الامريكية



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Published by amonalexkorra5309

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Published by: amonalexkorra5309 on Dec 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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تفوركسو ينجرب لخاو قا هوأ
ةرما ةا ةسا م ح ثدم :عاو رمأ :ا ان.America And The "World: Conversations On The Future Of AmericanForeign Policy.ينجرب نجز :ؤا
Zbigniew Brzezinski تفوركس تربو
BrentScowcroftةرما ا ا هف ش تو يف ةرما ةسئرا با ءذنم ش  ةذ  ،ا ح يف ا ةعط ذكو ،ىظ  بدا دب يرشا رعا ى ا ا صاو دا را ءا يا ـ با ب ئرا يادإ ح م انس يث عف .با يفاةرما ا ا ها ـ يناو يسا ،دجا ظفا ي ءام ل يفو سوا قرشا ةنم يف س يا عصا ى ة ةسا ذكو ،ةبووا ا يف ئحو ،صاو سو ،ةا را ازام يف ارغا م معا ةك يف ذكو يمنا عا ج ةرما ةايخاا عصا ى ا مٍ ًلضف .يوا را ى ا ةعطوةرا ضك زمب ةخاد ضو ةا عسأ او ةنحط ةدصا ةمزأ ممبوأ اب دا يرما ئرا ى ر ذا رما و . ئارضاو ةصاارغاو ةنما ةا  م ا ا و ا ةعط ف ورجا ةوا.يف  ً ح  ك م ةرما ةا ةسا ا يا ا تك وةا ةسا م ح ثدم :عاو رمأ" ان ت ا اةرما
America And The "World: Conversations On The Future Of American Foreign Policy. سأ وأ وم عم ر( ثدم ض ك وتسب ناا ةصب د ك ادأََ ر َ  َ مُ)ةم
Washington Post دنإ
David Ignatius ةا ةساو ةا شا يف رخ بينجرب نجز ةرما
Zbigniew Brzezinski تفوركس تربو
BrentScowcroft ةعساو شنم تون دعم  شنا ما و ،يا براىو ،يوا ا ى ا ا ا يا ةجا ضا ح.ةا ةسا ع ى جا يرما ئرا هاس يا ةسسا انإ ك ةمم  ةئ صف ةث م ا و.قارعا رح ةعم يف قا
تا يف .قارعا ى ةرما را ةعم ى تفوركسو ينجربَاس يارعا ظن ةرمأ ةر ةبر ه  ا هف ص ذاادا خاد دجا ظفا  م ة ب ةا ادا إ نسا دعمتفوركسو ينجرب م ك  ،رس م رش دا احأ عب خوح مو أ يف.إ ،ب ةئعب ةثا هلع ؛ ً ع قارعا ى يرما وغ تفوركس دا ك ترس وو" ة يف ةم رش هأ
Wall Street Journal" " انعب
ا ا
Don't Attack Saddam"  أ م رشعاو يا يف2002رع ُ س قارعا ى ةرما را أ م تفوركس ذح ةا  يفو .م رش دا احأ عب ناو د يا ا ى ر ةرما دجاىإ را  دؤ  ح ،ةرما دجا  ى   إ ،ر رسرا  ب  ً نم أو .ا ى برح يف ناو م يوا وعا ودصا ى ةا ع  سو ،)ا ة رح( اًّ ةم  سيعاو يرما.را ئ أ م ينجرب ذح ،هم تفوركس هف رش ذا ها رشا يفورا  فر كو ،ةم ةنم يف س ةعم ر قارعا يف ةرما رارف يفو .ةص سأ ى دنس2003ةرما را م ر  أ –ر اًدرنم اًار ةرما ا ا ا ح يف هأ أ – قارعا ى ئو ءأ  يف ر ود  جس ف با يارعا ظنا ىب ا  ةاراو واعا ا  هح ًلضف ،را.يف يرما زا ى نإ م ح يف تفوركسو ينجرب ك اذوقرشا ةنب يارا نا زو تد را  أ ىإ رشم قارعاًلضف ،سوا قرشا ةنب يارا نا مأ ر رجح قارعا ك ح ،سواا ةارك ا جب ،إ ضن م دو ةبا جا  دز م يرما ا م يف  أ إ قا اذ و .ةنب اا ا أ تفوركس ر ح ،قارعا
simply withdrawing حأ ع ُ حأ ع يرما دا ارسا أ ينجرب ر ح يف ،ح ىإ ا ئان يرما زاو ةارعا ةشا هوأ.سوا قرشب طش ركأ يرمأ ود ىإ ةا
با اشا ر ب ئرا يادب دجا ظفا أ  ىو ةئاعا وأ ةعا واو ا م اا أ يرما يما مأ رو ،ةرما ةا ةساو ةصا  ا اودا م ا رس م رش دا احأ عب ب ئرا ةغ2001ا  ءا عبأةرما ةس يعا ءسا م دازو ا.ىإ ا إ :و ،ةئارسا – ةنا لا ةع ةأ  ُ  اذوا ً مُس ذاو ةنا يف ةر ارغ س يئارسإ – ينف لسو ،ارإو سو ينا ها حو "ح" ةملسا ةموا ةكرح م معقارعا ةساد ةنج رر م ةوا را مٌ هإ ت م م   يفم -رب" رر وأ".درجب لا ةعب ءا دا يرما ئرا ى أ اكؤ نا اذ مو،ةد ر ةحرب سوا قرشا ةنم هب ر تو يف .با تا يإ هوك ذكو ةع ةئارسإ ةمح ن إ ح ،تفوركس ذ حاذ  عم ةبرًود ج رم وو" تفوركس ضو ،ع ينفدا ئرا ى ر ذا رما و  ًّ ح ةش ةنا أ ضو ."اسوا قرشا ةنم ض م ةرب معا.ةوا ا ةعاو ة
ةا ةسا يف ةكرم ض تفوركسو ينجرب ة ا ونو
،ةدصا ك ينصا دعصا - را او بووأ م لعا يو ةرمائرا يد  يف ةفا ةطارما جم دعسا يف يسورا او ركأ اكأو ارك ف ،- "فم رمد" ياو "ب ردلف" سا يسوراةسا  يا مجا ةعا م ا ا  ور ى رم مار َّ  ف نإ ف .رس م رش دا احأ ذنم ةرما ةارشعاو دا ر  و .يرما و ةا دإ يف   عا ك ىإ ص أ   ىظ  ا ا أ يفةا تو او وعاو سب و داو ةظب.ةعا ةسا صا ه  ب ينجرب ارب وب ر جا اذو. ًّ م  ًّ سس  ً ش ةا ه يف عا ىأ ا يف ىوا ر فى رجو ءساو رغاو اوا و رصا دو صعا رك صبأ هف جع تو يف – رم يشعم مو ةمارا  او .ساو مىإ ينجرب فد ،مشا ما ةسأ شا  ىإ – رف  ماى ا رف م سأ  م  ،ا " :لئ ةمش صب ةظحلار  مو رئاو رضا لم".ى ناو جا رش ى ع  ةعا أ تفوركسو ينجرب رواو ةورا ةج ءساو رصا د رش ى ض ً أ ت إو ساو ق ح و ،ءاس ح ى ءااو ءا م ا يف ةراونإ.ارب ا ا ا ةا ةسا يف يعاا جنم م  ً لاو ً ن و ،اذ نو يف يوا را ب ر يا ةعرا ارغا يف ءناةسمبا عا دا ح ض ًً أ و .ةوا ارغا  ج يفد  ٍ س  ح  نو ، ًّ  يرما ر ةسسا ةجارساوينجر يبا ءا لخا م را ىو .)نا ح( ينطا  ححا ى  أ إ ، ياو يطارد وا إ ح ،تفوركسوجا ةوا ةا م   د ناو.تفوركسو ينجرب  ذ
 رك هسا س و ،ةنماو ةسا شا يف رخ ،ينجرب نجزدف يعمجب
Harvard مكو
Columbia، ادإ يف ينجرب خ كم  ً ح و ،يرما يما م اًشم رك ي سا يرما ئراةجارساو ةوا ساا كرب ةا سا يعو شمCenter for Strategic and International Studies )CSIS( ار ً مو ،ناب نب  ةعمجب
 Johns Hopkins University، " هبك نم با مٌ هوح  ً عب ا ضفأ م ع ذا "عا د أ عا ى را :خا   ة
New York Times، ةرما ةعا يف  ً ح عوانب ام م و ،"ناو"
Poland.تفوركس ةجم ئ ف تفوركس ترب مأ
Scowcroft Group، ةكر يو،ةرما ةجا اب ارنجك هسا س و ،ةوا او ةا اشسلدف ار سا يرما ئرا م ك ادب يما م اًشم خ كسا يرما ئر  ًّ ر اًمو ،"با ب " يا ئراوا ب  سا يرما ئرا م شم ؤم و .

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