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(1925) Scientific Wrestling- Paul Prehn

(1925) Scientific Wrestling- Paul Prehn

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Published by chef_samurai

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Published by: chef_samurai on Mar 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Foreword:This document is an attempt at a faithful transcription of theoriginal document. Special effort has been made to ensurethat original spelling (including misspellings, of whichthere are several), line-breaks, and vocabulary are leftintact, and when possible, similar fonts have been used.However, it contains original formatting and image scans.All rights are reserved except those specifically grantedherein.You may distribute this document in whole, provided thatyou distribute the entire document including thisdisclaimer, attributions, transcriber forewords, etc., and also provided that you charge no money for the work exceptinga nominal fee to cover the costs of the media on or in whichit is distributed. You may not distribute this document inany for-pay or price-metered medium without permission.Dedication:
Special dedication to my beautiful and very understanding wifeMylinda, my enthusiastic, precociously “all boy,” sonChristopher, and my radiant daughter Allison.-Kirk Lawson
Introduction:Paul Prehn gives fairly extensive details of his biographyin the text of his manual but a few words are appropriatehere.Prehn met and wrestled with other top names of the day but, now, is little remembered except by the odd wrestlinghistorian.Prehn was one of the early 20
Century “Big Names.”A member of the Wrestling Hall of Fame, he participated innumerous well-billed wrestling matches, both as a G.I., andas a civilian. He dedicated a good portion of his life to promoting Wrestling and the manly arts including acting asa professional coach for collegiate wrestling with the Illini,successfully placing in top 10 matches such as the 1928 NCAA Collegiate Championship. As a G.I., Sergent Prehntaught Wrestling as an assistant coach at Camp Dodge in1917 and won the 1918 Middle Weight Inter-Allied Gameschampionship. He was, for a time, the Chairman of theIllinois Athletic Commission. Prehn was elected to theoffice of President of the National Boxing Association in1928 which was then induced to add professional wrestlingto the list of the organizations responsibilities.Among his other important contributions is thiswrestling manual. Being from 1925, it includes manytechniques and some advice which is now illegal or considered foul play, such as the use of arm-bars and neck-cranks. All par for the day, but forgotten by most and now, but with the ascendancy of MMA and grappling, is now being rediscovered by wrestling aficionados.Thus it was with great pleasure that I found an old copyof his, essentially unremembered, manual. Of the early“Scientific” “Catch-as-Catch-Can” manuals, it is easily oneof the best. ENJOY!-Kirk Lawson

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