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Lord and Karaka _ Sri Jagannath Center

Lord and Karaka _ Sri Jagannath Center

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Published by musicmadsri

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Published by: musicmadsri on Mar 25, 2012
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In Vedic Astrology we are referring to Rāśis (signs) as the part of Kāla Puru
and Bhāvas are referring to our attitudes tocertain area. Every Bhāva in chart has Kāraka
and natural Lord. Natural lord of the Bhāva is the lord of Rāśi in KālaPuru
a. For example, natural Lord of the fourth house is Chandra, ruling over the Karka, which is fourth Rāśi in Kāla Puru
a.In classic work we often find given straight effects for Grahas in Bhāvas. For example, in B
hat Pārāśara Horā Śāstra inchapter 24 are given effects of the Lords in various Bhāvas. First Śloka of that chapter is telling us:
¡ÝQ\Þ@ Þ 
lagneśe lagnage dehasukhabhāg bhujavikramī |manasvī cañcalaścaiva dvibhāryo parago’pi va || 1||Should Lagna Lord be in Lagna itself the native will be endowed with physical happiness and prowess. He will be intelligent,fickle minded, will have two wives and will unite with other females.To find out why Mahā
i Pārāśara is giving these effects for the Lord of the first house, we first need to learn some importantprinciples of Vedic Astrology.
Bhāva Kāraka
Kāraka means Significator; it comes from the word Kri (to do). Root of the word Kāraka is the same as the word Karma.There are three types of Kāraka, Naisargika (Natural), Chara (Temporal) and Sthira karaka. There are also Bhāva Kāraka for each Bhāva. Signification of the Kāraka for Bhāva and that Bhāva are same, and Kāraka will never be against Bhāva which isKāraka for.BhāvaGraha1TanuSūrya2DhanaGuru3SahajaMa
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Lord and Kāraka | rī Jagannāth Centerhttp://srijagannath.org/2011/04/lord-and-karaka/1 of 524/03/2012 1:20 PM
11LābhaGuru12VyayaŚani So, Bhāva will always depend a lot on that how Kāraka of that Bhāva is placed. Kāraka has a final word related to any Bhāvaaffairs. If something is not approved by Kāraka for that, it cannot happen.
Natural lordship of Graha
Natural lordship of Graha is next thing that we need to know. In Kāla Puru
a, lordships are assigned among Navagraha (nineplanets) and every Bhāva will have similar qualities like the one in Natural Zodiac. When we say natural Zodiac, we arereferring on Zodiac with Aries (Me
a) as starting point and Pisces (Mīna) as ending point. Lordships are assigned like this:Rāśi (Sign)Graha (Planet)1.Me
a (Aries)Ma
abha (Taurus)Śukra (Venus)3.Mithuna (Gemini)Budha (Mercury)4.Karka (Cancer)Chandra (Moon)5.Si
ha (Leo)Sūrya (Sun)6.Kanyā (Virgo)Budha (Mercury)7.Tula (Libra)Śukra (Venus)8.V
ścika (Scorpio)Ma
gala (Mars) and Ketu9.Dhanu
(Sagittarius)Guru (Jupiter)10.Makara (Capricorn)Śani (Saturn)11.Ku
bha (Aquarius)Śani (Saturn) and Rāhu12.Mīna (Pisces)Guru (Jupiter) After we learn these things, we need to remember next:
Lord of some Bhāva will have inner characteristics of the Kāraka and outer characteristics of the Natural Lord.
Lord of the first house will have inner characteristics of Sūrya (which is Kāraka for first house) and outer characteristics of Ma
gala (Natural Lord of the first house in Kāla Puru
a). The reason why the person will be healthy is because of Sūrya inthe first house is akin to exaltation and Ma
gala is like in the Svarāśi . Ma
gala is the natural lord of the eighth house, that iswhy there will be problematic attitude related to marriage (Eighth house is Maraka for seventh). When it is said that the personwill be intelligent, that is explained by the fact that Sūrya is the one among the Dima Grahas. The most important thing is thatperson will have inner characteristics of the Sūrya (intelligence) and outer characteristics of Ma
gala (physical strength andproblems in relationships).Next example is Lagna Lord in the fifth house:
ÚQ @Ý×Ý
 A
lagneśe sutage janto
ca madhyamam |prathamāpatyanāśa
syānmānī krodhī n
|| 5||If Lagns Lord is in Putr Bhava, the native will have mediocre progenic happiness, will lose his first child, be honourable, givento anger and be dear to king.Here we see that Ma
gala is playing a big role because the outer characteristics will be related to Ma
gala in the fifth house.Fifth house is Chitta, that which is always on our mind. That is why the person will re prone to anger. Kalyama Verma inSārāvalī in 30thchapter gives these effects for Sūrya in the fifth house:6. If the Sun occupies the 5th, the native will be bereft of happiness, sons and wealth, will live by husbandry, will move in hillsand fortresses, be fickle-minded, scholarly, devoid of strength and be short-lived.Inner characteristics will be related to Sūrya, so person will be fickle minded, will be learned… and this is the way how we caninterpreted all the effect of different lords in different Bhāvas. For example, if we want to know how the Lord of the secondhouse will act in the chart, then for his inner characteristics we will take Guru (Kāraka of the second house) and for outer characteristics we will take Śukra (natural lord of the second house). For third house, we will take Ma
gala and Budha.
Lord and KārakaA
a Siddhi
Lord and Kāraka | rī Jagannāth Centerhttp://srijagannath.org/2011/04/lord-and-karaka/2 of 524/03/2012 1:20 PM
Example: In chart of Bhagavan Śrī K
a, Lagna Lord is in the third house and Pārāśara states:
lagneśe sahaje jāta
hatulyaparākramī |sarvasampadyuto mānī dvibhāryo matimān sukhī || 3||If Lagna Lord is in Sahaja Bhāva, the native will equal a lion in valour, be endowed with all kinds of wealth, be honorable, willhave two wives, be intelligent and happy.Now we will see what are the effects of the Sūrya in the third house to find inner characteristics of Lagna Lord:Sārāvalī states:4. Should the Sun be in 3rd, the native will be valorous, strong, will lose co-born, be dear to people, good-looking, verylearned and will conquer his enemies.28. If Mars be in 3rd, the native will be courageous, unconquerable, bereft of co-born, be delighted, will have all virtues and befamous.Eruditeness (Giving Bhagavad Gīta to Arjuna), valor and strength are inner characteristics that Śrī K
a undoubting has. Also, He was unconquerable from the young age, and not to talk about fame. He was bereft of co-born, because Kamsa haskilled all K
a’s brothers before Him, which was the reason that He took birth at Yasoda’s place.Example 2: 
Lord and Kāraka | rī Jagannāth Centerhttp://srijagannath.org/2011/04/lord-and-karaka/3 of 524/03/2012 1:20 PM

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