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We Deliver Dot Com First Five Rough Pages 032512

We Deliver Dot Com First Five Rough Pages 032512

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Published by Christie Taylor

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Published by: Christie Taylor on Mar 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WE DELIVER DOT COMWritten byChristie B. Taylor(First Five Rough PagesVersion 3/25/2012)Christietayloronline@gmail.com ChristieTaylorOnline.com 
INT. SPRAWLING ESTATE - BEDROOM - NIGHTMOONLIGHT falls upon HUNK OF A MAN fast asleep. A nearly nudeSTRIKING BEAUTY, in her thirties, slides out of bed.INT. SPRAWLING ESTATE - OFFICE - NIGHTStriking Beauty rummages office. She spots and retrieves aDVD labeled BLACK OPS: EXTRACTION. She freezes, glancestoward door then slides DVD back into place.INT. SPRAWLING ESTATE - KITCHEN - NIGHTStriking Beauty pours a glass of wine. From the shadowssteps, NAMELESS OPERATIVE, dressed in all black.STRIKING BEAUTYWhy are you here?NAMELESS OPERATIVEFor the program.Striking Beauty faces him.STRIKING BEAUTYI meet Beard tomorrow.NAMELESS OPERATIVE steps into moonlight.NAMELESS OPERATIVESorry, word is, he’s gone rogue.Striking Beauty studies him quickly.STRIKING BEAUTYAre they sure?NAMELESS OPERATIVE nods. Hunk of a Man enters, frowns.HUNK OF A MANWhat’s going on? Who’s this?A moment later, blood spatters the wall. Hunk of a Man falls.Nameless Operative, holding a gun, turns to Striking Beauty.In a split second, she lunges forward, disarming him. Theyfight. He sidekicks her into the wall. She recovers and grabsthe wine bottle. He lunges. She breaks the bottle and thrust.
EXT. CITY STREETS - DAYMessengers on bikes, skateboards, roller skates and inelectric cars dizzyingly crisscross city. A bike messengerdelivers a package. The messenger turns, waves and smiles. A logo swirls into view: WE DELIVER.COM. Scene freezes.INT. THE WENDLES - MARC’S ROOM - DAYMARC WENDLE, a twenty-something classic nerd with billionairedreams, wearing comic pajamas, peers at a large monitor.MARCSo?DOOZER “TWIX” HARTMANN, (20s) a ruddy gamer with swagger, andLAIA SPACEY, (20s) a brainy beauty, on -- video chat:TWIXNice.LAIA So who’ll do the voice-over?MARCI will, using a pitch adjuster.Twix raises eyebrows.TWIXUh, so not cool. Let Roxie do it.LAIA Roxie would sound good.MARCHmm. Okay.LAIA And the swirling logo is--MARCToo much?Laia nods.MARC (CONT’D)Okay, I’ll fade it in.TWIXWith our new ad campaign, we’ll hitour budget goal in two months.2.

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