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Family History (Excerpt)

Family History (Excerpt)

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Published by tromadz

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Published by: tromadz on Mar 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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EXT. HIGHWAY - DAYClay’s car speeds down the highway with the other cars.INT. CLAY’S CAR - DAYBecky holds printed out pieces of paper with the directions.She takes a few whiffs of the air.BECKYIt smells like sex in here.Clay grabs the air freshener on his rear view mirror.CLAYNope, that’s pine.BECKYYou wouldn’t cheat on me, wouldyou?CLAYOf course not.BECKYGood. So are you excited about meeting your birth parents?CLAYNot really. I don’t care aboutthese people. They didn’t careabout me. I just need to know whatto look out for health-wise. Theycan at least give me that.BECKYDid you tell your parents you weredoing this?CLAYWhat do you think?BECKYI think they’d like to know.Suddenly, Frank pops up from the back seat of the car.FRANK FINLEYI had a feeling you were going todo this!CLAYDad?!
FRANK FINLEYI knew you were going to leave us!I told your mother!Mary pops ups from the back seat right next to Frank.MARY FINLEYIt’s true. He did.CLAYMom?! What the hell are you doingin my car?MARY FINLEYI’m trying to keep your father outof trouble.CLAYHow long have you been in my car?FRANK FINLEYThat’s not important.BECKYThat explains why the car smellslike sex.CLAYDamn it you guys! Not in my car.FRANK FINLEYWe’re going with ya, Clay. Wecan’t let you forget we’re yourparents no matter who crapped youout, and we love you.CLAYReal nice.MARY FINLEYThat’s as emotional as he gets,dear. Just take it.CLAYYou’re not coming with me, that’sinsane.EXT. CLAY’S CAR - DAYClay pulls over to the shoulder and hops out of the car. Heopens the back door, reaches in and tries to pull his fatherout.2.
FRANK FINLEYNo!CLAYOut of the car!Clay has his father’s leg and pulls as hard as he can but theold man is holding on tight to the seat belt. Clay givesFrank’s ankle another pull and ends up pulling his shoe off,sending Clay flying backwards into the dirt.FRANK FINLEYYou okay, son?Wiping the dirt off his pants, Clay gets to his feet andstands at the back door. He is fuming.CLAYOut. Now.Frank and Mary share a knowing look and get out of the carbefore Clay loses it.MARY FINLEYYou can’t just leave us on the sideof the road, Clay.Clay ignores her pleas, gets in the car, and peels out,sending dirty and pebbles into his parents.Mary and Frank stand there silently.MARY FINLEY (CONT’D)Did you bring your phone?Frank shakes his head.MARY FINLEY (CONT’D)Damn it.EXT. ROSE RESIDENCE - DAYClay’s car pulls up to a very large house. Clay and Beckyget out.BECKYEvery parent you have owns a reallynice house.CLAYYeah.Becky notices Clay is a little pale.3.

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