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Jesus Christ and the Spear of Destiny (Excerpt 2)

Jesus Christ and the Spear of Destiny (Excerpt 2)

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Published by tromadz

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Published by: tromadz on Mar 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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INT. LIVING ROOM -- DAYJosh pays bills at the living room table. Drew walks in andheads towards the front door.DREWAlright, hitting the store. Be backlater.JOSHCan you bring in the mail please?DREWWhen I come back.JOSH(sighs)Nevermind.I'll get it.Josh gets up and leaves the house with Drew.EXT. JOSH'S HOUSE -- DAYIt's a nice sunny day. Drew walks to his car, a blueconvertible, while Josh makes his way to the mailbox.JOSHWhen you go shopping, try and get more than -DREWJust beer. Yeah, I know. Jesus.Drew jumps in his car and drivesoff.Josh stands at the mailbox, going through the variousenvelopes and magazines.It's eerily silent as Josh flips through the mail. Joshsenses something is amiss and turns around. In the middle ofthe street are Leviathan and Warren.JOSHFound me.LEVIATHANDid you think you could hideforever, you weak worm?JOSHI wasn't hiding. Just avoidingreally.(looks at mail)(MORE)
Who was giving away my information,Reader's Digest? How'd you find me?LEVIATHANYou can't hide from the master.WARRENShould've known you'd come to thenew world.(laughs)You got fat.JOSHWarren, how are you?WARRENGood. About to be ruler of thishuman dimension.JOSHIs that right? When's thathappening?WARRENRight now.Warren walks toward's Josh. He takes his inverted cross from his neck. A knife EJECTS out of the end. Warren moves intowards Josh with his cross-knife.JOSHAre we really doing this? This isstupid.Warren continues in.JOSH (CONT’D)You really are your father's son.Warren closes the gap between them by sprinting at Josh.Warren cocks his arm back and thrusts the cross-knife DEEPinto Josh's heart.The mail falls to the ground. Warren twists the knife backand forth with an intense look on his face. He twists some more then looks at the face of Josh, who stands there lookingat him - annoyed.JOSH (CONT’D)Are you done?WARRENWha...2.JOSH (CONT'D)
JOSHYou didn't think it would be thateasy, did you? You know what myfavorite bit in the bible is? Thepart about an eye for an eye.Josh punches Warren in the heart, sending him flying acrossthe street and CRASHING into the neighbor's mailbox. Warrenis out. Leviathan goes to help Warren but stops and turns hisattention to Josh.JOSH (CONT’D)Levi, your turn or what? How are wegoing to do this?Leviathan looks angry but scared.JOSH (CONT’D)Tell ya what. Go back to Lucy andtell him I ran off after I taughtWarren a lesson his father shouldhave decades ago.LEVIATHANI don't take orders from you.JOSHNo, just Lucy, like an obedientlapdog. I always thought you'd do more with yourself, Levi.Levi just stands there.JOSH (CONT’D)You really should help him. Not anorder, just an opinion. I've got togo to work now...(looks at his bloodyshirt)...after I change my shirt. Thanksfor that. I loved this shirt.Josh mumbles to himself as he picks up the mail and walksback to the house. Leviathan stands over a knocked outWarren. He growls at the young demon then picks him up andthrows him over his shoulder.INT. HOSPITAL -- DAYJosh wears nurse scrubs. He sits at the nurse stationpunching something into one of the computers.3.

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