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Three Signs of Error in Astrology

Three Signs of Error in Astrology

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Published by Academic_Zodiac
Modern superstition has reached three signs of error in your astrology horoscope natal chart.
Modern superstition has reached three signs of error in your astrology horoscope natal chart.

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Published by: Academic_Zodiac on Dec 05, 2008
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 First published by Klaudio Zic Publications,2008,www.lulu.com/astrology.
Copyright ©2008 by Klaudio Zic
All Rights Reserved.
 No part of this abstract may be reproduced or transmitted in anyform or by any means, electronic or otherwise, for commercial purposes or otherwise, without the written permission of the author, except when permitted by law.
 Academy for RTRRT and Scientific Astrology
The Academy of Scientific Astrology is based on astronomic principles confirming to the IAU convention.The calculations are performed on the HORIZONS integrator by Jon Giorgini of NASA JPL, Pasadena CA.
Subject headings
: solar system – Academic Zodiac, astronomy – precession, religion – planetary exorcism
Online material:
www.lulu.com/astrology http://youtube.com/astrology2012 http://youtube.com/RTRRTV
 Astrology was first allowed one sign of error, then two and now we are approaching three signs of error.
1. MOTIVATIONIn our previous works, we have pointed towardstwo signs of error in daily horoscopes as basedon popular superstition that goes under the nameof astrology. In this abstract, we amplify thiserror towards three constellations (sic). As threeconstellations roughly converge towards onequarter of the sky; we assume that the topic will be taken into consideration even by a formallydisinterested reader. It is in the interest of thehealthy future of the family to be identified byour proper natal signs. Already one sign of difference between the real sky and popular superstition creates disharmony. Three signs arean outstanding exposure of an error hauntinghumankind for perhaps over 5000 years. In thatrespect, establishing the proper zodiac is ameasure in planetary safety, as we simply cannot go on pretending that we do not see theerrors of the past. Our purpose is to strengthenVedic astrology with due astronomic purport, aswell as introduce the Academic Zodiac intoschools and media. The IAU has astrology as oneof its topics, thus reintegration of astronomy withastrology must be done from the side of theastronomers. It is peculiar that the astronomershave abandoned zodiacal inspection long ago.Today is would be virtually impossible to find anastronomer as interested in the zodiac.Sometimes even an astronomer will take thatthere are only 13 zodiacal constellations, whilethey are clearly 22 in number. This, the abstractis primarily dedicated to applied astronomy inthe fields of psychology and science in general.2. PROBLEM STATEMENTThe real skies remarkably differ from whatever  popular belief. In illustrating this thesis, we present an ephemeris strip by NASA on whichfurther zodiacal judgement is accordingly based.The ephemeris is laid for the winter sun.2008-Nov-22 00:00 Lib2008-Nov-23 00:00 Lib2008-Nov-24 00:00 Sco2008-Nov-25 00:00 Sco2008-Nov-26 00:00 Sco2008-Nov-27 00:00 Sco2008-Nov-28 00:00 Sco2008-Nov-29 00:00 Sco2008-Nov-30 00:00 Oph2008-Dec-01 00:00 OphWe see that the sun is in Libra on November 23
. If we count the constellations, weunderstand that between Libra and Sagittariusthere are two zodiacal constellations laying onthe path of the sun, namely Scorpius andOphiuchus. The sun does not enter Sagittariusafter Libra. The sun spends a week in the tiny

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