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Genoenergy Particle Theory--By AMIT JOSHI

Genoenergy Particle Theory--By AMIT JOSHI

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Published by joshigauta

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Published by: joshigauta on Mar 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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{ big bang story is not new to Indians }{Indians know more than big bang but search right places in India}{WHERE ENERGY IS CONVERTING TO MATTER AS A REGULAR EXERCISE}By:-------AMIT JOSHIViolating laws during big bang leads to the situation, where all are trying to understand what particle
was present at that time 13 billion yrs ago…when universe is just a particle…we can say its an analogous
component to a creator cell or creator gene which carry information about how this universe will lookafter its explosion, what are the forces and laws of nature will be present in this universe, and how theseforces will decide the conversion of entities to first living cell after earth formation. I think better termwill be saying it god cell or god gene or god
genoenergy particle
.We know very well that at present strong force + weak force + electromagnetic forces are combinedwith increment in our understandings of quantum mechanics which deals with dynamic arrangement
inside sub atomic particles. That’s the fine particles inside the sub atomic ones are exchanging like it’s a
game of passing minute balls to lot of hands for creating intimacy between these sub atomic ones.But at the beginning this genoenergy particle have all forces combined and we yet lack gravitationalenegy to combine with the set of these above three sub atomic forces, as we all know that beforeexplosion or translation of this information of space-time formation and what forces and set of laws willdecide every thing in this fabric of space time , each and every of these four energies are interwoundand creating great dynamicity or greater fluctuations inside and outer membrane of this genoenergyparticle.
It’s the case where greater conversion of energy and mass reversibly occurring we don’t know what thetime and space inside it. It’s the similar situation as human cell containing long DNA molecule inside it.
But might be some internal signaling is needed to these genoenergy particle to promotes internalizedivision which creates explosion or translation of its internal information in to external formations of space time.If we are able to synthesize such an energy cell were lot of conversions of energy and mass reversibly
taking and so it can able to signalize itself than that cell will decide super living beings and that’s might
be futuristic selection in population.As we study in our purans and shastra that vishvamitra creating his
own universe that’s due to his ability
to convert his cell to perfect ones so that his cells were able to doexternal change of energy and mass conversions even far far away from its actual position. This is mightbe due to his cells have somewhat miniaturized analogy to genoenergy particle.
ENO-RP stands for
energy origin replication point
, that is the point from where initialization of complexenergy unwinding occurs like DNA have origin of replication and various proteins acts there{DNA-Protein interaction}, here energy
matter interaction helps in unwinding of energy complexes it meansenergy codes for space time formation and matter helps in expression and making copies of thatessential energy. It is having simple evidences as we know energy and matter is interconvert able {E=MC2} .That essential energy is source for coding various kinds of matters and
{forces are itself minutecomponents of energy and crucial for defining classical and modern laws of our physical studies}. Likewe know DNA can code for both either RNA or Protein ; and RNA is itself a nucleotide but singlestranded.
When there is nothing than also absorbing of one zero to another zero this can be explained by K
 constant. Energy can be equalizing to space and time , so E=S*T*K
. Where S= space, T=time,K
=absorbing+ adsorbing constant, E=energy of genoenergy particle.So there is equilibrio at initial stages of forming such a particle, means there is an absorption as well asadsorption of zero quantity, let say absorption as positive form and adsorption as negative form.
Example is very clear if one person “A” asks question to other guy “B”
than person B gives answer tohim, this answer accepted by person A is called absorption of nothingness as we know question was nota physical quantity. Similarly in nature we can hypothesized at beginning of universe there was such kindof absorptions in enormous level.
Which forms the physical quantities like if same above person “A” is sitting in examination he can wrote
that answer and now this answer is written in answer sheet ,so now question and answer both havephysical appearance. Similarly energy forms from nothingness as universe is huge so this phenomenonmight be yet running at some places or parts of this huge cosmos. May be there is something called
in universe which is yet involved in formation of energy, that can be Dark energy generation points.Various zero lines are present in universe which is involved in formation of energy, and this energy isinterconvert able to matter and various forms of forces at present. Because universe is still random andspontaneous, its have lot of diversity meaning it can have zero lines, like it have dark energy and darkmatter. This can be the concept in beginning there were only zero universe existence and afterdevelopment of genoenergy particle and its explosion yet there be one thing which determinesformation of universe that is there were some zero lines and zero patches left in universe which are yet
involved in formation of energy and particles and there explosions not like big bang but we cwn callthem
mini big bang type explosions{MBTE}
In physics,
Maxwell's equations in curved spacetime
govern the dynamics of theelectromagnetic field in curved spacetime (where the metric may not be the Minkowski metric)or where one uses an arbitrary (not necessarily Cartesian) coordinate system. These equationscan be viewed as a generalization of the vacuum Maxwell's equations which are normallyformulated in the local coordinates of flat spacetime. But because general relativity dictates thatthe presence of electromagnetic fields (or energy/matter in general) induce curvature inspacetime, Maxwell's equations in flat spacetime should be viewed as a convenientapproximation.When working in the presence of bulk matter, it is preferable to distinguish between free andbound electric charges. Without that distinction, the vacuum Maxwell's equations are called the"microscopic" Maxwell's equations. When the distinction is made, they are called themacroscopic Maxwell's equations.

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