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Keeping Chickens in SD (2)

Keeping Chickens in SD (2)

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Published by Benny Cartwright

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Published by: Benny Cartwright on Mar 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In Janary 2012 the City o San Diego amended itsMnicipa Code to aow residents o singe amiyhomes, commnity gardens, and retai arms to keepand maintain chickens. The specifc regationsare ocated in Section 42.0709 and can be ond bydownoading the oowing:Chap 04 Art 02 Div 07,Animas and Potry.The nmber o chickens that may be kept on yorproperty is based on how ar the chicken coop is romyor property ines (zone setback).Generay, most singe amiyhomes in the City o SanDiego wod be aowed pto fve chickens providedthe chicken coop wereocated in the rearyard, 5 eet rom sideproperty ines, and13 eet rom the rearproperty ine.For specifc inormationregarding the zone setbackor yor property go to theoowing ink and type in yoraddress:View yor property by address. Yo withen receive the zone name or yor property. Aink to ”More Ino” takes yo to another page thatdirects yo to the regations or yor zone. When viewing the regations go to the DeveopmentRegations Tabe or yor zone and ook p“Setback Reirements.” Yo can aso cathe Deveopment Services Department’sinormation ine at (619) 446-5000,provide yor address and reest thename o yor zone and the zoningsetback inormation. Yo wireceive a retrn ca withthe inormation.
There are many benefts that come with backyardchickens.
a year. Five hens wod sppy approximatey30 eggs a week which wod meet the needs o atypica amiy o or.
33 percent more vitamin A, and 75 percent morebeta carotene.
eggs rom arm/actory to store to home restingin a redction in carbon emissions and packagingmaterias.
are raised and ed in hmane conditions.
sed directy as a ertiizer when tied into the soi.
Heath risks that can rest rom handing chickensor anything in the areas they occpy. Yong chidrenand those with immne impairment are especiay atrisk. Chickens may have Samonea germs in theirdroppings and on their bodies even thogh theyappear heathy. Samonea can make peope sick withdiarrhea and ever, oten with vomiting and abdominacramps
hande or toch chickens withot spervision.
immediatey ater toching chickens or anythingin the area where they occpy. Avoid tochingyor moth beore washing yor hands. use handsanitizer i soap and water are not readiy avaiabe.
where ood or drink is prepared, served, or stored,sch as kitchens, pantries, or otdoor patios.
where they ive and roam is contaminated.
raising or caring or chickens sch as coops, eedcontainers, and water containers, otside thehose, not inside.
Chickens may be kept and maintainedwithin on property deveoped witha with a singe amiy residence,a commnity garden, or aretai arm in accordancewith the oowing:
may be kept when thecoop is ocated otsideo a reired setbacks.
may be kept when thecoop is ocated 15 eet rom aproperty ines and otside o a reired setbacks,whichever is greater.
are ocated at east 50 eet rom any biding sedas a residence.
predator proo, easiy ceaned, we vented andarge enogh to provide or the ree movement othe chickens.
easiy ceaned, enced to keep the chickens onthe property and a minimm o 10 sare eet perchicken.
 Are chickens dirty?
As with any anima, chickens can be “dirty” ithey are not propery cared or. A chicken that ispropery cared or is jst as cean as a we caredor dog or cat.
 Are chickens noisy?
Roosters are noisy and prohibited. A henwi cacke at times dring the day, and wioccasionay sawk, bt these, and most othersonds, are not very od, and are ieterthan most everything ese that occrs in thesrronding neighborhood. Hens seep once it isdark.

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