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Friendship Cube Journal

Friendship Cube Journal

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Published by Graeme Kilshaw
Journal entry on the friendship cube community and our future, by Graeme Kilshaw.
Journal entry on the friendship cube community and our future, by Graeme Kilshaw.

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Graeme Kilshaw on Mar 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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March 26, 2012Graeme Kilshaw
People keep asking me the same question, and I am getting better at answering it. People ask me,
“Graeme, what is the friendship cube?” I answer this question.
What is our Friendship Cube
our friendship cube is a tool used by our community, forcommunication. There is more to answering this question than just a few words. You will learn more of the deeper aspects of what and why
as you take more of your own time to investigate and learn. Ourcommunity encourages this search and investigation. We expect that with time, you will be able tocome to the same conclusions regarding our friendship cube. We know what our friendship cube is. Wealso know why we are using it for communication. You will begin to learn, and understand more as youlisten carefully and continue to investigate and learn about our friendship cube, our code, and ourcommunity. We are not a religion or a political party, but we are a community that can meet yourneeds. We have a strong common purpose. We aim to use our code to create peace on earth.The way I see it, most of our major problems here on Earth, can be solved if enough people shift to anew pattern of being - a new operating system for conscious life. The good news is that the newoperating system is more enjoyable, more capable, more creative, and more fun than the old. If you'relike me, you have probably wondered what it's going to take for humanity to make that upgrade. Whatwill it take for us to unite with a new operating system and awaken to something more vast and more joyous and beautiful? What will it take for us to wake up and realize our inner unity? What will it takefor us to wake up to a way of thinking that manifests as a healthy, sustainable, peaceful, and prosperoussociety? What will it take for us to make this shift?Well, it will involve each of us consciously planting seeds within ourselves to help manifest our brightestpotential. It will involve each of us planting seeds in others to do the same, thus forming a peacefulnetwork that will accelerate the dawn of this new era. The great news is that we already haveeverything we need. What we want to do with the help of our friends, is to make our friendship cubeprograms and courses so irresistib
le, so attractive, and so fun… that doing anything else would seem
outdated or less important. Our friendship cube community programs are the new great thing, thelatest trend and fashion. Our work is more important than other priorities. Our friendship cube work isour top priority. Our work as a community is important. We are planting seeds for seven generations of peaceful and sustainable development.
We haven’t just earned money… we have earned a trusted place in a vast network. We have earned a
 reputation and a place in society based upon our unique skills, talents, gifts, and abilities. We work withwhat works. That is how we work. We work together with a much larger network that is calling uscollectively to our highest potential. Together we solve problems, and serve the deepest needs of society.We are always making our teamwork more open and our co-creativity more positive and practical. Our
vision involves building from… and building into …one global communications
network. Our goal is tofoster the interconnectivity between the people, ideas, and resources that makes this shift inconsciousness possible.
The global shift is powered by global values… like peace, unity, respect,
sustainability, and justice. Through our existing global communications networks, we have the ability toteach and create a better world. I believe that it is time for humanity to move beyond the world of separate little egos fighting for their slice of the pie, and into a bigger brighter world, based on our deep
2heart conn
ections… and infused with devotion
and grace. Let's build
together. Let’s build together so
that our great work reflects the best and brightest within us.We already have within us the ingredients for a great alliance and a worthwhile enterprise. The profitalone makes it worthwhile for anyone that is seriously involved. We are not a religion or a politicalparty. But we do function as a sustainable, burgeoning business. We have agreed upon standards, andwe broadcast based upon our unique shared standards. We embody sacred principles at every level of our organization, and we all diligently serve our calling. We call this process our great work. In ourgreat work, every responsibility is an honor, and every honor is a responsibility. We affirm that you willbe compensated with a Masters Wages, as long as you think and act like a true Master.We are sharing more than just our stone of destiny. We are sharing our friendship cube mission and ourmovement via our media dispensations and our movies. Our mission and movement are unique andempowering to our evolving community. Your search has brought you here now. Now we introduceand share the friendship cube with you. We are focused on combining innovation with inclusion. Fromhere, we will continue to empower you to learn, network, and earn. Our team teaches friendship cubecode and presents valuable lessons. Our hearts guide us forward with compassion for humanity. Weprovide our community with heart inspiration for all involved. Our intuition and our hearts, guide us toshare information and to unite. Today,
my heart is guiding me, to give gifts to you… to give the gift of 
our friendship cube, and to ask recipients to pay it forward. Paying it forwards means that those whoreceive a cube will continue with more similar good deeds, usually of giving friendship cubes and
valuable lessons… as
gifts that will echo across the world and create unity. My heart is telling me to helpothers and to share. My heart is set on teaching good, efficient code. I hope to teach something simpleand beneficial. I hope you will be inspired by the same warm wishes
the same benevolent will… the
same purpose as I have set my course upon as a teacher with the friendship cube.There is one Spirit that makes our friendship cube business work. We function with win-win principles,
and our work benefits all. Before we get into the details, let’s just have a moment to breathe together
 and reflect from our Higher Selves. We have to realize that we are one. Oneness is everything. We all
breathe the same air. Let’s be inspired for
a moment, by our own inner silence… one moment of quietly
opening up to the light. Being conscious only of light and breath for the moment, brings us one stepcloser to that silent intuition, that understanding, that clarity, that organization, and that strength weare seeking. For just one moment, recognize the potential for the unity of all consciousness and all
energy. From this moment, you will begin to understand why… why is our friendship cube movement so
successful? Why? The answer is that we are successful because there is one global consciousness we
are a part of and that we serve. The saying is true… they profit most who serve best. The oneconsciousness is everywhere, omnipresent. Collectively, we have the power to become part of this…
ne part that understands and represents the whole. We understand how… because there have been
those before us, who have taught us to look within and find that inner realm. The many wisdomteachers have used many words over the ages to describe this. We must become conscious of what it
is… not just its outer label, but its true inner energetic nature within all conscious life.
We are learningevery day, more and more, to look inside ourselves and build ourselves up as individuals, via positivethinking and the power of attraction. We can look within and find the answers we seek. Right now inthis moment, we are capable of waking up and serving the
one global consciousness. Soon …we will be
given more tools to access, implement, and activate.Our frien
dship cube is an instrument… it is an instrument for the implementation of this one… global
consciousness. Our friendship cube is meant to be shared. Our cube is a three dimensional artifact that
3enables one from many, order from chaos, and the evolution of consciousness in society. Our friendshipcubes are crated to be dependable, durable, efficient, and effective instruments enabling systematic,detailed, precise communication. Our friendship cube has come to symbolize a growing, central systemof knowledge and friendship. With greater knowledge and friendships comes greater freedom. Ourfriendship cube is one freedom we defend. Evolutionary consciousness tends towards unity. Greatminds think alike. That rising in intelligence, converges. We defend our friendship cube because itempowers us individually and collectively.We can merge science with empowering spiritual practices. Someday, we may inherit the all the
knowledge of the universe… if we continue the peaceful path of unification from w
ithin. Many of us arealready familiar with scientific principles. I believe that there will be more knowledge to inherit asconsciousness evolves with every passing moment of time. New scientific breakthroughs are madeevery day. We are becoming more and more conscious and aware of our potential. Rather than usingscience to impose artificial limits or controls, we should use science to open the doors to greatness forhumanity. We continue to evolve and perfect our minds and our species, and to protect the diversity of species on our planet. There is plenty of common ground where wise sages and scientists coexistcomfortably. We must learn to appreciate the traditional ecological knowledge and spiritualconsciousness of the original inhabitants of this land we live upon today. I welcome the renewal and re-unification of the sciences of the soul. With our friendship cube code and community, we are alreadywalking the line that merges modern science with ancient wisdom. Some say our friendship cube wasdiscovered in ancient times and was hidden because of its power. The theory is that that the cube ismuch older than the Christianity. Others say that our cube is the core element of a brighter future forhumanity. It is an innovation in conscious communications, tending towards unity and cosmic order.Looking at all evidence, I tend to believe bits from both. I believe that our friendship cube sits in thecenter, in the present moment, uniting our ancient origins with our rendezvous with destiny.Our friendship cube helps teachers become more efficient and effective, making learning moreinteresting. Literacy begins at a very young age. We aim to reach children, and to start teaching early.We can introduce our friendship cube to students of any age. It is an empowering tool, and a safe, funtoy for kids. We inspire young imaginations. Young people gain from this first-
discovery toy… they gain
the power of visual tracking, recognizing patterns, and building words or geometric patterns bycombining cubes. Our teaching community enables the kind of communications that allow for greaterorganization and more connections. Students learn positively from other students as well as from
teachers. Teaching makes a difference in society… it empowers
the next generation. We must continueto feature useful education. What we do matters. Teachers are all one of a kind... we make a difference....We have within us the power to change the world.The friendship cube is an opportunity for new learning; n
ew ideas… a new world. Yes… our world isundergoing a transformation. Some people don’t seem to ever wake up and realize that lasting change
must come from within. Peace worldwide will start from inside. The lasting transformation will comethrough renewal of our minds. We communicate in a new language, so that the world will be a newworld. Our friendship cube community aims to harness collective intelligence, propel human potentials,and create a brighter, better world. Our friendship cube clarifies our one universal purpose at the heartat the heart of reasoning, intelligent, coherent life and consciousness. Everything is one, and oneness iseverything. We exist for and of a collective consciousness. We are all at least somewhat conscious of this greater collective being we exist inside. Many within our community seek the honor of serving this
our one conscious, Supreme Being … the being that many people call God.

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