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Servant Packet

Servant Packet

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Published by Michael Lodge

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Published by: Michael Lodge on Mar 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cascade Community ChurchStudent ministriesServant guide and application
 Welcome Letter
Dear Interested Servant Leader,I am pumped that you are interested in the Servant Leadership Team here at CascadeCommunity Church Student Ministry (CCCSM). We are always looking for servantleaders to jump into the ministry God has here. We believe that a solid ministry isbuilt on relationships between students and adults, each living life together to reachthis generation for Christ. Both relationships and service are key to understanding
God’s love in practical ways. When these two elements come together, real spiritual
growth takes place in our lives.The purpose of this team is to mentor, develop, and equip students to find atransformational relationship with Christ; and to discover how their passions andpurpose can bring Jesus into their world.We are looking for men and women who have a growing commitment to Christ anddesire to care for students. We are not looking for perfect people, but people whoknow their brokenness and
have submitted to God’s healing and restoration.
We arenot looking for people who view student ministry as an extension of their social lifeor just a thing to check off on your list of good deeds. With prayer and consideration,please read the enclosed material. Because we place a high value on this ministry, weplace great value in those who serve on this team. My hope is that you will read thisand become so familiar with our ministry that you can make a prayerful decision.Once I have received your application, I will call you to schedule a time to talkthrough your area of calling. All information will be kept completely confidential.The questions here are not to see if you are suitable for ministry. Instead they are ameans for me to better know you and how you can best mentor students.
Student ministry is a great place to see God’s impact in His Kingdom. I can’t wait to
sit and chat about how He might use you to change the life of generations of hurtingpeople. If you have any questions please feel free to email or call.In His Grace,Michael LodgeStudent Pastor at Cascade Community Church404-788-9527email:Michael.lodge@cascadechurch.org 
If god is leading you to work with us . . .
Express Interest:
You may have an interest to serve God by loving people, butare unsure as to where you can help make a difference. We will help you withthis. Talk with another leader or with Michael to find out more information.
Most of the time the most “common” people make the greatest servant
leaders, so take the next step and prayerfully consider this ministry.2.
Receive Youth Ministry Material:
Read over all the pages and information inthis packet. This will give you all the basic information that you will need inorder to make a decision about your involvement.3.
Our student ministry isnot limited only to weekly meetings and periodic events. We want toempower students to use their passions and purpose to create ministry ideas.4.
Prayerfully Consider You Commitment:
We want you to take time to prayand think through your commitment. We encourage you to seek the counselof family and/or friends regarding your decision.5.
Complete the Consideration Packet:
This packet was developed to obtaininformation for our screening process. Not just to see what passions you havebut to know how to connect you with them within the student ministry. Oncecompleted please drop it off at the church office so Michael can read throughit.6.
Sit and Chat with Michael:
This is an opportunity for you to share yourobservations, describe your spiritual journey, and communicate your gifts anddesires for working with the youth leadership team. We also will discuss yourapplication and specific areas of involvement. Someone will contact you toset up a time to talk.7.
Observe Programs:
If it looks like you are passionate and ready to lead in thestudent ministry, then Michael will plug you in to an area of ministry for two orthree weeks. This is the time to get in and see if you were meant for this. Youwill meet other servant leaders and students. It may be natural for you to feel
uncomfortable while observing (student’s don’t always go out of their way to
make you feel welcome until you get to know them), so keep that in mind.8.
Criminal Background Check:
Your consideration doesn’t go a
ny further untilwe have completed a background check. All information will be kept securelyunder strict confidence.9.
Meet with Michael:
We will set up a time to sit and debrief your experiencewith Michael. After a time of prayer we will plug you into the ministry that isright for you. Sign the commitment sheet and we will jump in.10.
Evaluation Meeting:
At your two month mark, we will meet to evaluate yourfeelings and perceptions regarding your involvement with the team so far.

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