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Complilation of Kemptah 1-2

Complilation of Kemptah 1-2



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Compilation 1 and 2 will deal with the very basic concepts.
Compilation 1 and 2 will deal with the very basic concepts.

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Published by: Kumwaga Ra-Nu Kiganga KemPtah on Mar 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ComPilation of 1-2: Elementary KemPtahMathematics: Matriarchal Black God Supreme MathThe Pamphlet 1 of KemPtah Mathematics: Black GodSupreme Mathematics
By Kumwaga Ra-Nu Kiganja KemPtah
Table of Contents:
I am Because We are One Mind: The Paradox andSynergy Of Sides
KemPtah MathematicsA: Mathematical BrutalityB: The Genetic Dominance of KemPtahC: Basics in KemPtah DerivativesD: The Mechanics of KemPtah DerivationsE: The 4 Most basic Addition and their KemPtah CoreIntroduction to the concept of -0 and+0F: Counting KemPtahy versus CountingConventionaly (Eurocentric)
It is only the beginning…
OOnnhheehhuummaanniissttiicc,,eecchhnnoollooggiiccaall,,aannddSScciieennttiiffiicc RReeaalliissttnnoottee
1:) Introduction:
The point of this book is to show you that all parts of the culture we live in is fracture and
Black people have the responsibility to do what the Europeans hate’s, synergize sides into one of 
kind, into Triple Blackness. I say Triple Blackness because first is (
, 2
, 3
is (
2) wisdom
and and 4
3) understanding
under denotes thelocation of the root, hence we stand with the root as the root
). We get our information fromthe cipher, reality, origin, so we want to zero in. Objective reality is primary or supreme, thisreality is a multiform of entities and energies as one of kind but still exchanging, one verse. SoBlack Supreme Knowledge starts from cipher which makes Understanding the peek of TripleBlackness. When we count we start with zero which is a place value then we continue our countto 9 after that is the combination of the nine digits, for example ten is
. In research of coupleof Eurocentric psychologist in relation to mathematics, they have found that children sees
things/energies as larger if it is more of it cover space or “zero on“. That is why I call numbers
 bearer because a number ain’t sh1t without value and zero is the only number that places
value on itself and others. The term Nun in acient Kemetic kulture means chaotic waters orPerfect Disorder. Water represent perfection. And chaotic is Disorder. So the child reallylearning place value when they choose three large grapefruit over
grapes as “more“. The
white scientist was half right. This comes from the fact that the law of identity crisis at Best canonly see half of entity and objects correctly, so technically they are still wrong when you look attheir complete picture or take on reality. I corrected what was half wrong by pointing out thatchildren not only they learn value of potential for creation, space, they know so called abstractspace too. This means the child develops early concepts of synergy of sides in mathematics. Tothe child
grapefruits is like
30(or more)
to the
grapes even though in Eurocentricconcepts of math, it is illogical. Eurocentric sees this as illogical according to their limits. They(Eurocentric mathematicians) are more blatant about their limits when they go into the subject of 
calculus which centralize limits or “arbitrary” (
chance, subjective, random, illogical
)distances. Listen to them Eurocentric scientist talking about arbitrary all the time as if it is therule, hence identity crisis. Real Talk. Also children has a hard time at early ages of identifyingequality (
“look a likes” or generics
) of magnitudes, numbers or patterns, hence learning A=Aas the main piece is artificial to a child. Counting is hard to teach to children if the counting istaught based on sameness (
), and not in synergy to actual measurements of real things. Theymay memorized how to say or pick the correct number but lack the understanding of theunderlying law behind the math and sciences, because they need the root math first which isKEMPTAH (
). This is because the whitenationalist education insist directly or indirectly that the law of identity crisis is natural which isa blatant lie. There is a fine line between imitating and internalizing math and science. Justcopying things is like someone giving you a fish and learning the inside laws (
relations orrelatives. Family centric paradigm
) is like learning how to fish. The child always try tozero in on what she/he wants to learn and master.Since we are the oldest people on the planet this means naturally our core has the highestdensity, potentially infinite with technology (
extended techniques
). Extended techniques? Then
I say, isn’t technology a tool which is an extension of sk 
ill or technique or maybe method? Thelanguage I wrote it in may seem too personal but hey science been too impersonal and cold-facist
 put it in isolation or a lab. We don’t need no one that is joyous about how the white man is
marching with military machi
nes made of metal, plastic ceramic , cotan…can’t forget the metal
that cut off little Afrikan babies hands and legs. The point of the pamphlets is to expose you to a

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