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03 26 2012 Crafterminds Transcript

03 26 2012 Crafterminds Transcript

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Published by Heather Mann
#crafterminds Twitter chat transcript 03/26/2012 - topic: Blog Content: Roundups & Features
#crafterminds Twitter chat transcript 03/26/2012 - topic: Blog Content: Roundups & Features

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Published by: Heather Mann on Mar 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HashTracking.com Report3/26/2012Topic: Features & Roundups in Blogging754 tweets generated
impressions, reaching an audience of 
followers within the past24 hoursCalculated from up to about 1500 tweets | Generated Mon Mar 26 2012 14:56:44 GMT-0700 (PacificDaylight Time)Top 10 by number of impressions1.crafterminds: 266,7722.modpodgerocks: 194,3103.brassyapple: 176,3104.ilovetocreate: 44,3875.thezenofmaking: 38,5586.cyngagen: 37,0267.momendeavors: 31,1848.debbieauma: 26,2009.shaunaoberg: 22,28710.condoblues: 21,600Top 10 by number of tweets1.crafterminds: 862.hilemanholdings: 513.whbsblog: 454.brassyapple: 455.cyngagen: 346.modpodgerocks: 347.thezenofmaking: 268.craftmoore: 259.debbieauma: 2510.roadhomequiltn: 23Top 10 by number of followers1.ilovetocreate: 6,3412.dollarcraft: 6,0823. jenjentrixie: 5,8644.modpodgerocks: 5,7155.glittershim: 4,4786.brassyapple: 3,9187.lish: 3,2448.crafterminds: 3,1029.condoblues: 2,70010.hchybinski: 2,593
about 1 minute agoRT@thezenofmaking: You also bring your blog to the attention of  other crafters by sending them traffic. It's win-win.#crafterminds
about 19 minutes agoQuick "?" for my#craftermindsgirls: Anyone interested in starting email chain to send quick ?s/ask eachother for feedback on nonchat days?
about 41 minutes agoGood idea! RT@crafterminds @thezenofmaking: a roundup of  your posts, ex Easter, is a great way to refresh older content#crafterminds
about 47 minutes ago @hilemanholdingsI know but it's not the same! I hate having to work. lol#crafterminds
about 47 minutes agoThank you!! xoxoxRT@ShaunaOberg: Good example of round ups I've seen is@jenjentrixie http://t.co/HU0Xi1Di #crafterminds
about 49 minutes agoSorry I missed you guys today - I've been swamped! Hope tocatch you next week!#CrafterMinds
about 49 minutes ago @madiganmade @serenitynowgirlevery series she does- she knocks 'em out of the park!#crafterminds
about 50 minutes agoThanks for chatting and hosting!#crafterminds
about 50 minutes agoNext week we're talking about "Putting Your Best PictureForward"#crafterminds
about 51 minutes ago @CraftingToDoYou can catch the transcript though! #crafterminds
about 51 minutes agoThanks all. Cant wait for next week!#crafterminds
about 51 minutes agoUGH I hate that I missed#craftermindsthis afternoon.
about 52 minutes agooff to spray paint a lamp, thanks for the chat and free pony!#crafterminds
about 52 minutes agolol - I just remembered - i'll read the recap#crafterminds
about 52 minutes agoThanks, as always, ladies!#crafterminds
about 52 minutes agoIt just started, I think. RT@HilemanHoldings:@madiganmade Do you have@serenitynowgirls links for that?#crafterminds
about 52 minutes agoRT@HilemanHoldings: TinEye is another good way to find your photos online.#crafterminds
about 52 minutes agoThanks for the chat! Hope to see you next week, ladies.#crafterminds
about 52 minutes agoRT@modpodgerocks:Yes - but I would rather not get asked, personally. I dont want any more e-mail :D#crafterminds
about 52 minutes ago @HilemanHoldingsshe announced it, but I don't believe it's started yet.#crafterminds
about 53 minutes agoOooh, whatcha learnin?RT@CynGagen: thanks for a great chat...have to run...Im learning a new craft tonight...SO EXCITED#crafterminds
about 53 minutes agoRT@whbsblog: RT@serenitynowgirlis doing a whole series on linky parties worth following that if you want tips, too.#crafterminds
about 53 minutes agoOkie dokie, that's about it! Look for a recap later oncrafterminds .com#crafterminds
about 53 minutes agowill check it out. Thanks! RT@HilemanHoldings: TinEye is another good way to find your photos online.#crafterminds
about 53 minutes agoYah there's that too! RT@modpodgerocks:Yes - but I would rather not get asked, personally. I don't want any more e-mail :D#crafterminds
about 53 minutes ago @BrassyApplethanks so much for the chat!#crafterminds
about 53 minutes agoFun!! RT@CynGagen: thanks for a great chat...have to run...Im actually learning a new craft tonight...SO EXCITED#crafterminds
about 53 minutes ago @CynGagenWhat are you learning?!#crafterminds

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