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Mathematics 2011-2012 Xth (10th) - English Medium

Mathematics 2011-2012 Xth (10th) - English Medium

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Published by Vinod Bhaskar
Mathematics 2011-2012 Xth (10th) - English Medium
Mathematics 2011-2012 Xth (10th) - English Medium

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Published by: Vinod Bhaskar on Mar 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Model Examination -2011- 2012X A MATHEMATICS Marks 50Time : 1½ 
Find the number of negative numbers in the sequence -90, -83, -76. (2)2.
PQ is the diameter of a circle and R is a point on the circle. What is
PRQ ? If R isoutside circle what about
PRQ ? What about
PRQ if P is inside ? (3)3.
On which side of (-1, 4) is (-5, 4) ; Find two points at right of (-1, 4) on the line joiningthem. (2)4.
The first and seventh terms at an AP are 6 and 22. What is the 4
term. Find commondifference what is its algebra ? (3)5.
P is the centre of the circle.Prove that
XPZ = 2(
YXZ) (3)6.
One solution of quadratic equation 2x
+ Kx-6= 0 is 2. Find the value of K and thesolution. (3)7.
The longest side of a right angled triangle is 18m. The angle made by this side withanother side is 24
. Find the area of triangle. (3)8.
A sector of central angle 2160 is cut out from a circle of radius 25 cm and it is rolledup into a cone. What is the base radius and height of that cone? What is its volume?(3)9.
What are the co-ordinates of points A and B in the fig. (3)10.
A point was marked in the picture below without looking.What is the probability that it is within the circle ?What is the probability that it is outside the circle ? (3)11.
Find the values of K for which 4x2-5x + K= O gives two equal roots. (3)12.
The radius of the circle whose centre (-3, -2) is 4 units check whether the point (-2, 1)lies inside the circle or not. (3)13.
The table below classifies according to weight, the infants born during a week in ahospital.
Wt. in Kg No. of infants
2.500 42.600 62.750 82.800 103.000 123.150 103.250 83.300 73.500 5 Find median weight. (4)14.
The sum of 1
is terms of an AP is 2n
-n. Find the algebra form of the sequence. (4)
BAO 30

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