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Sid's day - script #GSJ12

Sid's day - script #GSJ12

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Published by Justin Souter
Our team's script relating to the output for Global Service Jam 2012
Our team's script relating to the output for Global Service Jam 2012

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: Justin Souter on Mar 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sid’s journey –
script v0.5
Phase 1
Narrator: This is the story of Sid, who represents lots of folks whose gifts remain
hidden for far too long, who may live their lives labeled “bad”, because they have not
discovered ways to use their hidden treasure
usefully in the place they live……
Sid may live his life in serviceland without ever engaging in a positive way… many
Sids do and they provide employment and career opportunities for lots of helpful andmostly well meaning people like: social workers, teachers, psychologists, police,
 prison officers, mental health support workers, addiction counselors … you get the picture….
 Our Sid is now 13, having survived an alcoholic mother, a father absent since he was
5 and unhelpful before then…
 During those 13 years he has not managed to engage with the opportunities presentedto him through Sure Start, school or various clubs that operate in his neighbourhood
… although he found a football coach from the local team and the ICT technician at
this school quite frien
 He has developed a little enterprise copying and selling films and games on dvd and
makes enough money to supplement the meagre income from his mother ….
We take up Sid‟s story at age 13, when other possibilities present themselves in a
small portion of linear time, presented here as:
“The Horizontal Line of Possibilities”
…. Which turns out to have up and down bits too … hmm
So, let
‟s take a trip along this timeline and see what you think ….
The power of 3 or rule of 3 ….
You know how messages take time to get through and
you need to hear them more than once to resonate….?
 During Assembly the School Head announces that a new community space has
opened on the High Street… it is called Spark…. It barely registers with Sid who
tends to check the
Head‟s words for potential danger more than opportunity …
Meanwhile, Sid‟s mum‟s drinking has once again brought her and Sid to the attention
of Social Services and addiction services for Mum and the possibility of taking Sid
into care are considered … ne
ither are taken up and opportunity to engage with thelocal charity offering an informal buddy scheme for kids missing positive adult role
models goes by …
Sid‟s ICT teacher catches him
selling his bootleg dvds in class and gives him a
And sees a raft of possibilities to engage Sid with what he can do and
maybe make it legal…. Wow! Will he engage this time? Does he care enough and is
he feeling safe enough to go for it?
Maybe … and let‟s go on ….
 Football is on a Wednesday night and Sid gets some caring adult attention from the
coach, which he likes …. Also his girlfriend Charlene likes to see him on a
Wednesday, when her Mum goes out and she can have Sid round for some caring
adolescent attention …
Charlene‟s best friend Danni tells her abou
t the sexual health clinic at the new
community space… Spark and they arrange to go along …
1 Script
[In School]
Sid: “sorry I‟m late” & grunt
Teacher: “that‟s the third time this week, Sid. What‟s the problem?”
Sid: “Me Mam‟s not been well, again”
h: “
Oh dear, Sid! What are we going to do with you?!
Sid: “Dunno” & grunt
Teach: “If you don‟t get cracking soon, I don‟t know what‟s going to happento you…
[In School
six months later]
Sid: “sorry I‟m late” & grunt
Teach: “Now then Sid, you
know that you‟ve got a talent for technology?
Sid: grunt
Teach: “Well, there‟s a new place opened up on the High Street, called„Spark‟. And they‟ve got lots of things that you might find interesting”
Sid: grunt
Phase 3
Reinforcement from trusted adult of validity of Spark community space
ICT technician: “Hey Sid, did you hear I‟ve got a job down at that new place – 
Sid: “oh aye?”
ITC tech: “So, are you going to come down – 
now that they‟ve got the big
data stuff 
getting sorted there”
“yeah, I might”
Phase 4
[Sid‟s walking down the High Street, and it starts to rain. He sights the Spark 
sign, and realizes he can go in to seek shelter]
ICT Tech: “Alreet kidda?”
Sid: “Aye, canny.Yous?”
ICT Tech: “Aye, buzzin. Loads g
annin on here. Wanna
cup of tea?”
Sid: “Aye, three sugars mate”
[ICT Tech fixes Sid a cuppa]
ICT Tech
: “This is the community café. Can you cook, Sid?”
Sid: “A bit”
ICT Tech
: “Wanna learn some more?”
Sid: “Mebbes”
ICT Tech: “Great, we‟ll get you signed up to „Larn yersel cook proper scran‟
Sid: “Ok”
ICT Tech
: “Come and check o
ot the big data stuff I was talking aboo
Sid: “Canny”
ICT Tech
: “Have you heard about our „Spark‟ credit system?”
Sid: “Nah”
ICT Tech
: “You can earn credits for volunteering and d
ICT Tech
: “Then you spend them in the café and buy other stuff like borrowing things. If you‟ve got a dose of the clap, you can pop into the
Sid: “Really? What, the sexual health clinic?”
ICT Tech
: “Yeah, you can pick up as many condoms as you like”
Sid: “Mint”
they‟ve got a Playstation competition”
He decides to go along, and finds the computers
Could also be walking past, “soft portal” – 
it‟s somewhere to go into in therain (it‟s just somewhere warm)
How does it look?
Very carefully designed
Quite a flexible space, you can walk around
Greeting script
When he walks in, is there someone to catch him when he walks in throughthe door
“oh, come on in – 
let me know if you‟d like some help with anything” – 
“Iknow you‟re here, I know you‟re not going to nick anything”
Does the person ask “what would you like to drink?”; then goes with Sid to
the coffee point to explain the set-up
Something quite special about being of teenage, and being offered a cup of tea
not just juice

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