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Notes on Public Policy Making

Notes on Public Policy Making

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notes covering Intro, Celtic Tiger (Market & State) Development, Public Policy Making, The Welfare State,Regulation, Decentralisation and Local Government
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notes covering Intro, Celtic Tiger (Market & State) Development, Public Policy Making, The Welfare State,Regulation, Decentralisation and Local Government
Related books for study at http://left.ie/books10/

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Published by: aindreas on Mar 27, 2012
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Public Policy Making 21-09-2011 Lesson 1
Eddie Lewis eddielewis@ireland.com  For the last 20 years economics has been dominant. Politics is now returning to the fore.Post WWII
America believed that prosperity relied on political and economic liberalisation.Different models are coming to the fore.See the prosperity of authoritarian regimes such as Singapore, China and RussiaWhat will be the effect on public policy making on a small open economy like Ireland?Krugman argued that Ireland could be seen as regional economy in a larger global economy. Irelandis insecure about its own capacity in determining policy.Global Competitiveness Report
Ireland is 29
. The main barriers to competitiveness cited bybusinessmen are:1.
inability to secure credit2.
Incompetence of the civil service bureaucracy3.
Restrictive labour regulationsPublic PolicyMembership of the E.U. has compromised Irish sovereignty
the traditional view of the price of theWestphalia modelWhere policy comes from
lobbyists, interest groups, public, and insiders.Does the political system understand what is expected of it? The New Right asserts that the powerof the state should be reduced to reduce the power of insiders.Public Policy Making is rarely a technocratic exercise.Who makes policy? Oireachtas, senior civil servants
Does the Oireachtas have a real role? Is information vetted by civil servants before reaching theminister? In many countries, the top civil servants are replaced with each new administration
thishappens in the U.S. an East European states.Does the Government make policy? Rather than the Oireachtas, is policy a function of the cabinet?How is policy made? Who has the power to influence people? How are decisions made in a system?
Requirements for policy
legitimacy, democracyImplemented
how the rules are implemented, governance is importantPerformance
has the intent of the policy been achieved, are there any unintended consequencesFeedback
Is further change in policy required?Ireland has problems with the implementation of policies
there are institutional constraintsThe Capacity of the Political System to deliver. This is a critical issue. What can the state do? The last4 or 5 years has seen the failure of the markets and Neo-Liberalism.
Public Policy Making 28-09-2011 Lesson 2
Part II
The Celtic TigerThemes
Risk and Uncertainty
Development ModelsWhy was Ireland so vulnerable to recession?Read Governance and Institutions
Sense:The exercise of government in a complex society.Complex society
specialisation of structures, many and competing interests, individuals are definedin a range of terms
overlapping allegiances2
Sense:Challenges to democracy
weaknesses and current concerns
representative system
citizens tendto be passive. Democracies are not necessarily about equality. There are elites. Democracy is a wayof providing government. People have become concerned about the performance of the state andthe democratic deficit. Accountability has become an issue. How are decisions accountable?
Committees? Ombudsman’s office? Ireland has a vast number of state bodies, some elected and
some appointed.3
Sense:Governance as network. Decision making within an administration is about the way different groupsnetwork with each other. How committees relate, leadership issues, game theory. Examining howdecisions are made, who has power.

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