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House Energy Action Team - District Work Period Packet

House Energy Action Team - District Work Period Packet

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Published by majoritywhip

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Categories:Types, Letters
Published by: majoritywhip on Mar 27, 2012
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District Work Period Packet
Oce of House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy
House Energy Action Team
      #      H      E      A      T
Ofce of House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy 
The House Republican plan will leadto the
energy independence
economic security
our country sodeperately needs
Members of the House Energy Action Team,Since the beginning of the 112th Congress, HEAT has led the charge to raise awareness of Republican efforts to advance a true all-of-the-above approach to address the energy challengesfacing our country. As a coalition of committed and talented messengers, we’re asking you tohelp us make this upcoming district work period all about our energy agenda.This district work period will give us an opportunity to connect with our constituents and addressthe issues of greatest concern in our districts. The failed energy policies of this Administration
have placed a huge nancial burden on American families and small businesses and have
hampered our economy’s recovery. We have no doubt that your constituents, like ours, will beeager to discuss this with you and will have questions about what Republicans are doing toaddress this energy crisis.The President has perpetually abandoned the American people through his out-of-touch energyagenda. Time and time again, when faced with real energy solutions, he chooses to side withpolitical interests rather than with taxpayers. As a result, gas prices are at historically high levelsand are expected to climb higher.We challenge every HEAT Member to incorporate at least one energy-related activity into yourdistrict work period agenda. Suggested activities are included in this packet, such as writing anop-ed for a local or regional paper, hosting a round-table discussion with business leaders orholding a press conference at a local gas station. While this list is not exhaustive, we hope itinspires action that further encourages President Obama and Washington Democrats to embraceour plan for energy security, economic growth and job creation.The contents of this package will hopefully provide you with the necessary tools needed to
organize effective district events. As a result, we are condent that our efforts will leave no
doubt in the minds of the American people that the House Republican plan will lead to theenergy independence and economic security our country so desperately needs.As always, if there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.Best regards,Kevin McCarthy Peter RoskamHouse Majority Whip Chief Deputy Whip
House Energy Action Team
      #      H      E      A      T
Ofce of House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy 
Best Practices
for District Events
The American people should know that House Republicans are committed to addressing today’srising energy costs and advancing a comprehensive “all-of-the-above” energy policy.Below are suggestions for effective ways to advance the House GOP’s energy message.
Organize an energy-focused business roundtable/forum.
Bring together job creators in your district, both energy producers and consumers, to have aconversation about energy and what higher costs mean for their business.Include employers and employees from local companies, business groups, restaurants, manu-
facturing facilities, energy producers, non-prot/charitable organization (e.g. Meals on Wheels),
trucking companies, etc.Potential questions include:
What do higher gas prices mean for your business’ bottom line?
How has record-high energy costs forced you to cut back?
What are some of the issues or uncertainties that your business faces on a regularbasis?
How do higher energy prices affect the day-to-day and long-term operation of yourbusiness?
Gas station visit, or other energy-focused district event.
Meet with constituents to listen to their concerns and provide them an update on what HouseRepublicans are doing to combat rising energy prices.Included in this packet are statistics and a list of Republican legislative accomplishments onenergy, as well as a charge-and-response document to assist in answering questions.
Tour a plant, grocery store or other local business.
Rising energy prices don’t just affect Americans at the pump – they increase the overall cost of products and goods families consume every day.Suggested locations include venues where rising energy prices directly impact consumers andsmall businesses.Tour the facility and then meet with employers to discuss Republican solutions to the energy
crisis, and how they can alleviate the burden on families and small businesses (e.g. gas stations,grocery stores, restaurants, etc).

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