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Newsletter 1st Qrtr 2012 - Web

Newsletter 1st Qrtr 2012 - Web

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Published by: The Warehouse Church on Mar 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 FindFindFindFind the Grapesthe Grapesthe Grapesthe Grapes
 Hidden somewhere in the newsletter is a clgrapes just like pictured and possibly a diffbut on a much smaller scale.If you find them and you’re thefirst to call the church office@ 365-2594 or email tovcfleesburg@embarqmail.com,you’ll win a free café item(coke/pepsi, starbuck’s coffee,or bottled water).Happy Hunting!!
w w w . v c f l e e
ffice: (3
averageaverageaverageaverage joe joe joe joe
Along with our com and house coffee th serve Coke/Pepsi,Keurig Starbuck's 
uster ofrent color,
US Hwy 441
Leesburg, FL 34748
s b u r g . c o m
mail: vcfleesburg@em
r q m a
52) 365
Fax: (352) 365
Café Café Café Café 
limentary donuts e Cafe will now ottled Water, &offee.The cost for these items will be $1.00 and exact change will be needed.
l . c o m
There are four basic commitments that come out of the book ofActs:1. To learn2. To care3. To fellowship4. To worshipTo learn: they devoted themselves to the Apostle's teaching. Whatwas the Apostle's teachings? They did not have the luxury of theNew Testament to use as a point of reference...they were writingthe New Testament! What they had was what they had witnessed.They devoted themselves to the Apostles testimonies of what theyhad observed Jesus doing on a day by day basis.Not only did the Apostles share what they had seen, they alsopassed on the mandate to their followers to carry on the mission ofChrist.To care: they were moved with compassion to care for those insideand outside the community of believers. They sold therepossessions and gave to those in need as just one example of thiscommitment to others.To fellowship: Adam was created for fellowship with God. Godwants us to be in relationship with Him and with the other believersand to share life with one another. Forsaking not to assembletogether is not a suggestion. God wants us to live in communitywith one another. They met daily in the Acts days...we surely cancommit to a regular schedule of getting His family together.To worship: worship is more than singing and playing music toGod. Worship is living our lives unto God with appreciation andgiving God our whole life worship in every act we do. Sundayworship in song is just one aspect of the worshipper’s life!Jesus sat with His disciples at the Last Supper table just before Hewould go to the cross. Somehow I imagine Him going overeverything one more time with his disciples, making sure theyunderstood they needed to carry on His mission once He ascendedto Heaven. He had come with a purpose that is revealed in theGospels and He was leaving that mission with those closest to Him.When He died on the cross and was resurrected His spirit wasreleased upon those He left behind. Immediately they were filledwith His spirit and began to carry on the work He had started.It is our responsibility to carry on the work that Jesus had started!Easter is around the corner. Take time to read the scripture aboutthe resurrection, the empowerment and look at the model Jesus leftus to learn and to follow in order for His work to be completed!
 Acts in Motion!
Missionaries to India and Nepal
ell, I’ve been home two weeks now and my sleepingschedule has returned to normal but my thoughts are still inNepal.We had a verysuccessful five daymedical camp in Kadrae.Kadrae is in the westcentral southern part ofNepal, in the foothillsbefore the snowmountains. This area,like most of Nepal is verypoor and the peoplestruggle for most basicnecessities. The foodthey eat is only what they grow; rice, daal (a watery bean soup) anda few vegetables. Meat is only for special occasions, like a medicalcamp. We had mutton one day and chicken one day. The otherdays were vegetarian. We left Orlando Saturday Feb 4
and landedin Kathmandu Nepal their Monday 11:30am . . . that’s 33 hourstravel time and 21 of that was in the air.As soon as we arrived we loaded in a 4wd Toyota truck andtraveled 15 hours on the roughest roads in the world. When wearrived we were greeted by the whole village with garlands; wewere covered! We stayed in the local believer’s house... mud walls,grass roofs. That next day while we were eating I noticed three menworking . . . they were making our toilet ready. I couldn’t believe it...a western toilet sitting on a hill of mud with a polyurethane tarparound it 30 ft away from our dining area. No plumbing, just abucket for flushing. It washilarious!The medical camp ranform Wednesday morning tillSunday evening and for thosefive days it was crowds ofdesperate people andhundreds of decisions tomake. We conducted thecamp in a school grounds:one building with six rooms forthe doctors and onebuilding for thepharmacy and prayerroom. After the peoplereceived their medicinethey were directed tothe prayer room.Each evening wehad programs aftersupper and they weregreat... cultural dancesand gospel preaching. Inever counted butmany were saved and healed. Fourteen hundred people weretreated and prayed for. Sheryl and I also tooka day with the school children and taught ahealth class and gave a gospel presentation.Kadrae has a church now and I havealready heard of many testimonies ofsalvation and healing. Kadrae, Nepal willnever be the same.Thank you Warehouse church for giving andpraying.Ron & Sheryl
Randy Gideons . Lead Pastor . Warehouse Church 
"What do you see when you v Cross?" 
Anu Tamang ~
"It was my death too." 
Lori Behr ~
“Personally I’ve never been one cross in high regards. What Jesus did on absolutely. But if Jesus had waited and ca years his death would have been by hanging,chair, or by lethal injection. I get that it’s a r the sacrifice, I just use a different reminder I g 
 Jeff Light ~
I see a symbol that has commercialized that even Christians lose the of what terrible, awful, gruesome, selfles actually occurred atop that mountain on that 
Lydia Beaudion ~
When I look at the cros road way to life and I feel the love that God through His Gift of His son Christ (Jesus' selflessness) and in so empo with yet another Gift of the Holy spirit.” 
Mary Cullinane ~
When I see the cross, I resurrected. If He had not come back from He would only have been a great prophet. from the dead and He is Lord. He suffered s pay for my sins and the sins of all others an all with love.I see the loneliness of the cross, his disciple He cried out 'My God, my God, why hast tho me?' He was so lonely! He was crying 'wh leaving me behind? Why are you deserting Psalm 22:6-8 The loneliness may have been more to bea physical suffering. Everything we ever go this life, Jesus has suffered. We are so know Him and can run to Him in every situati comforts our hearts.” 
ew the 
o hold the the cross,e in later or electric minder of uess.” been so realization act that ay.” 
I see the ave to us Jesus wering us see Jesus the grave t He rose terribly to He did it s fled and forsaken y are you e? Read r than the hrough in lessed to n and He 
Another Big Give-A-Way
Our Thanksgiving and Christ success and you were respon have a more enjoyable Thank they would have had otherwis 
April 1
, 2012We are gearing up for our bi
The Storehouse team will hav lobby. We are asking that as a bag of food to someone you hand. The bags will be filled soaps. We are showing God’ giving food to our neighbors.skyrocketing people are puttin and less food on their tables.continuing to donate and distri Thank you for all that you are Storehouse. Many lives are c participation.This month we are focusing o batteries. These are items th those who have no electricity.
“They sold property and powho had need.” Act 2:45
If you would like to be part of contact Sonia Shearer @ She church office. We are always 
Our next meeting will be Sat@ The Warehouse.
The Storehouse Team
as give-a-ways were a great ible for helping people to giving and Christmas than .
food give-a-way...
100 bags of food in the ou leave church that you take know who can use helping ith everything from soups to love in a practical way by ith gasoline prices g more money in their tanks We can help remedy this by bute.oing to contribute to The anged because of your peanut butter, jelly and t can go a long way and helps 
sessions to give to anyone
he Storehouse Team, please rerSonia@hotmail.com or the looking for volunteers.
urday, March 31
10:00 AM

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