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Marketing Plan of Bata

Marketing Plan of Bata

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Published by majid_iccmrt10

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Published by: majid_iccmrt10 on Mar 28, 2012
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Marketing Plan Of Bata
Marketing Plan Of Bata
Fluent speakers of English (whether it is their first language, or a language that they speak very well) often assume that if they can speak English competently then they can write competently in English too. However, these are two very differentskills. As children we acquire our native language through speaking and listening - skills that are learned naturally withoutbeing taught. Writing and reading are not acquired in the same way
they have to be specifically taught and only then arethey learned. Some people, in fact, never learn to read and, consequently, never learn to write either.Once we have learnt to read fluently, we can read almost anything that is not too technical in terms of our own skills. Inother words, we can, for example, read anything in a newspaper but we might find it difficult to understand an economicsresearch paper (unless we are economists) because of the technical language. In contrast, many people find that writingremains a challenge throughout their
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 lives. Many of us are faced with many different writing challenges throughout our lives as our priorities and our careerschange, and we take on more challenges. One of these, of course, is the challenge many under-graduates face when they areasked to write academic essays, but others include the need to write a good CV, to write reports as part of our job, or theneed to take minutes in a meeting.What other differences are there between the skills of writing and speaking? One of the main differences is that when we arespeaking we regularly produce grammatically incorrect expressions whereas when we are writing we are normally expectedto write grammatically, and not only that, we are expected to spell the words correctly too!If you listen carefully to an average speaker you will notice a number of mistakes and hesitations. A speaker may start asentence and then stop half way through and change direction; a speaker may pepper his/her speech with hesitation sounds
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Hr Manager
Hr Manager
2.0 Part Two: Analysis and Findings[pic]2.1 Background/History of Bata Shoe Co. Bd. Ltd.:[pic]The business that became the Bata Shoe Organization was established on August 24, 1894 in Zlin, Czechoslovakia byTomas Bata, and included his brother Antonin and sister Anna. Although this business was new, the Bata name had beenpart of a tradition of shoemaking for eight generations, spanning three hundred years. It was one of the first modern-day shoe'manufacturers', a team of stitchers and shoemakers creating footwear not just for the local town, but also for distant retailmerchants. This departure from the centuries-old tradition of the one-man cobbler's workshop was a brand new concept,creating an entirely new industry. The Bata enterprise revolutionized the treatment of employees and labor conditions.Tomas consistently maintained a human focus, creating opportunities for development and advancement, and addedcompensation for employees based on
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 achievement. As the enterprise prospered, so did the communities where it operated. Tomas believed that a focus on peopleand public service was critical for business success. The enterprise built housing, schools and a hospital near the shoemakingplant in Zlin. It provided food and inexpensive rent during very difficult times. Bata companies later provided rail services,construction, insurance, publishing and a tannery in Zlin."The Bata System" devised by the Zlin team, and later applied in other Bata Shoe Organization companies, organizedoperations into autonomous workshops and departments ("profit centre"), allowing employees to contribute ideas andstimulate production, and contributed significant breakthroughs in footwear technology. By 1938 Bata Shoe Organizationhad established a unique and widespread presence, designing, producing and marketing footwear in more than 30 countries.The Bata Shoe Organization regarded itself as a 'Multi-Domestic' rather than multinational enterprise, making...
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Toms Shoes Marketing Case Study
Toms Shoes Marketing Case Study
Executive summaryTOMS Shoes(TM) was found in 2006, the founder Tom Mycoskie aimed that for every single pair of shoes the companysells, they give away one pair of free shoes to the child that needed(Armstrong and Kolter,2011). This concept is highlysuited the current marketing environment, it built a strong market position by matched their customers view of self to theirbrand image. These strength has lead to the company's success in the shoe industry. However weakness of the company are,the company only uses the power of mouth, and refuses to advertising previously. On top of that,the fabric shoes they madeis mainly focuses on the colleague students and teenagers(Schectman,2010). Opportunity for the company might be toexpand their market overseas in order to achieve a larger economic scale, it should also design a marketing strategy that fitspecificity to the brand, so that other shoes company focus on the same market segment won't threat the growth of TM.Table of ContentsIntroduction 3Case issues 3Case analysis&Questions
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 4Recommendations for the Case 6Conclusion 8

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