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How to Read Dashamansh or D10 by Astrologer Usha Saxena

How to Read Dashamansh or D10 by Astrologer Usha Saxena

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Astrologer Usha Saxena on Mar 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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l[A `a}Wt mh2i 
 f d{ an”fd Gffj d{ a,fq izig ofh”f uq}f l[A n”fd Gffj d{ aif{e_ wzl tlgal[A n”fd{”f `Mud Gffj d{ aii_ofh”f d{ a}fGf{”f daw} i{`fHf h@Hfu l[A id{ _”f uHff }fGf{”f `Mud Gffj d{ alf{t{`{J6fmfo `{}fGffhTju lf{t{i{`ai{ hd}u{l[ aA `Mud{”f sTnz*ftGffj d{
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`| hsu io olg l[ aA e` mzifo klq *ff nf{tf{ a mh2ifxf{ aif x*66t i lg `| stf n{uf l[A
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ig mh2if d{ ahrug6 *ftGffj d{ atjd{”f wq ? h@Hfu l[ ayf{yfhuif ig xmtg h”fvff rfof *ft}fGf ig `| stf n{ olf l[A 6l h”fhvfif l[ aA
yTdhuhHf $ 5;"38"1=84 `d6 $ 31 $93$ 33 @Hfft ( iftmq 
n”fdfa”f si
yTd mh2if d{a*ft{”f ,fq izR masd{”f `| 6_ uHff %f%E{”f kq *f ucug6 Gffj d{ah@Hfu  l[ aj tjd{Û wq ? *ft Õfj d{ ah@Íu l[xHff_u h”fvff i{vf{2 i{ df*6d `{tf[iog
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 ff n”fd{”f ,fht }fGf Gffj d{ a wq ? i{tvf2 d{ am| jf_Gffnzmn d{ al[A Gffjsizd{ an”fd{”f ,fht rfn”f Gffj d{ awq 
of 5 wq of 9 wq ; kq   q Ûq `| 948 da; da<7 i{=1311 Û15 sa4 `| 8 Û<7= kq 13  {Ûq 1115 sa 15

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