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Is the Bible the Sole Authority of Christian Teaching?

Is the Bible the Sole Authority of Christian Teaching?



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Published by philpenguin
Letters and responses from my friend and I on this topic
Letters and responses from my friend and I on this topic

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Published by: philpenguin on Dec 07, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Is the Bible the Sole Authority of Christian Teaching?
By: Phil Friedl
Dear Friend,I would like to stick to one point at a time while discussing these topics on theology. It is very easytendency for me to get off topic. You say that the Bible is the sole authority. I am going to ask you thisquestion.Where in the Bible does it say that the Bible is the sole authority?It will help me very much.Phil FriedlPhil.Yes.In short. One who accepts Jesus Christ as his saviour. from death (the second death) brought on by our sins.I know and believe God is creator of all, and Jesus, God's only begotten Son, the Word made fleshwho took on the sins of man and died on the cross and was resurrected from the dead and lives forever seated at the right hand of God. He saved me from the death (eternal death, hell) that I truly deserve.He coveres my sin with his cloth of righteouness dipped in HIs blood which He shed for me and allwho turn to him. This does not mean I have atained perfection. By no means. As Paul teaches inscripture, I do not do what I should and I do what I should not do...wretched man that I am. The civilwar rages within all Christians. The carnal struggels agains the Spirit, but once having accepted JesusChrist as my Savior he along with the Holy Spirit, prays and works unceassingly to keep me saved. Achristian must be "born again" in spirit as Jesus instructed to Nicodemus. This makes us heirs to thekingdom of heaven and brothers in Christ. Thus we go as sons of God not as servants or slaves whichcan be fired or sold off. And in case anyone wonders all this is due to God who loves us even when wewere sinners. By his grace we are saved through faith. God has gloriously provided the grace and thefaith and the desire to accept him and the ability to reject him. Read about King Asa 2 Chron 14. Washe saved? or was he paying lip service and not really one who beleived in God? Or did he feel hisworks should be paid in an earthly way? let me know what you think. Compare to David who did Godswill but then later in life had an affair with a married woman and then killed her husband but...later admitted his sins and repented. With Jesus Christ it is different. God saves us. He knows what he didand what we will do in the future. He didn't make a mistake and is not capable of doing so. Our salvation, because of the great sacrafice by Jesus on the cross is forever once we accept it. We cannot be like Asa. We are convicted by the Holy Spirit each time we sin so we do repent and acknowledgeour sin. Christians are part of the body of Christ, no ranking no segregation no special favors. We areall of one body. Paul taught that we are of one body no matter who we baptised by, on Baptism oneLord, one church. Read abotut he seven Churches in Revelations. Can the problems in those churchs berelated to churchs today? Sure they can. As Christians we must always seek to walk in the Lord, LikePeter we sometimes take our eyes off of Jesus (look to ourselves, or mankind or worldly ways andimmediately begin to sink. When we turn back to Jesus he pulls us out of the water, out of of theworldly ways out of sin. All that I have said here is found in scripture and has become a living part of my heart and my life. And this is just the beginning. There is so much more to say. Scripture is nolonger simply a written word, a book , a story. It is not empty and plain. Scripture is the word of God,2
writted and recorded the way He wants. for our learning of who God is, not in a scholarly way but in inliving way, not the law written on stone but like grace written in our hearts to be lived in the Joy of Godour Creator! The bible is the sole authority. There are many books that help us navigate differentdoctrines found in the bible. There are many persons who teach from the bible with authority that Godgives them through the Holy Spirit. There are many people who give testimonies of miracles done byGod in their lives. Scripture teaches us that anyone who even anangel that teaches different fromscripture is not truthful. There are some who teach from scripture but then add their own newdimensions, not supported by scripture some intentionally some being deceived by satan. We must praycontinuously for wisdom, Gods wisdom to know the truth and the difference. By the way, praying iscommunication with God. God wants us to pray. He wants to hear from us. Scripure teaches us to prayhumbly, alone, like Daniel did, not to make a big show or be repetitive as if that helps. God hears our  prayers the first time. He knows what is in our hearts. If prayer becomes rote or simply a requiredroutine what good is it. If while praying our minds drift away and we allow this are we really praying?What spirit teaches different from scripture? If anyone or any spirit teaches different from scripture testit. Do not follow it. Is scripture important? Jesus thaought so. Three time when being tempted by satanJesus said "it is written..." and he referred to scripture. Satan then said it is written and referred toscripture also. But Jesus Christ saw his ploy and rebuked him! Some thing I read the other dayregarding man. After Adam and Eve sinned they knew right from wrong. They had a conscious.Thefirst age of man up to the great flood man was allowed to go about the earth with the knowledge of right and wrong in im. But he greww exceedingly sinful. God found Noe to be righteous and saved himand his family and wiped out the rest of the world. The next age of man God gave the written law to, both commandments and civil law. Again man fell away from God and sometimes the chosen peoplefell even further into sin than the gentiles. God sent his son as the perfect sacrifice the final attonementfor our sins. All need to Accept Jesus Christ as Saviour, repent from sins and be saved by the grace of God. In the next age Jesus will return to the world and rule it from here for a 1000 years. After that hewill release satan one more time and will then throw satan and the antichrist and all who reject him intohell. All this can be found in scripture in much greater detail. What ever christian church a person may belong to he needs to make Jesus the focus for salvation. Jusus intercedes for us. He did not do anincomplete job. He is the only one who is pure enough to be the sacrafice. Paul teaches we are saved bygrace through faith. James teaches that once saved our works should show or reflect our faith. ANd our works will be tested in heaven and worthless works will be burned up. I think I am preaching to thechoir. Phil I pray for you often. I pray God sheds great wisdom on you and that your eyes are on Christour Saviour and that you are able to walk in His way and discern the truth and give glory to God andresist satan and flee from lust ful temtations. I pray you a His salt, His light in a dark in sinful world.Pray for me also. Everyday I fall short.FriendDear Phil,Show me where in the bible it says that there are other authorities independandt and contrary toscripture.Friend3

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